Follow the Job Application Instructions or Don’t Get Invited to Interviews

Another Reason Why Applicants Do not Get Invited to Interviews After Multiple Job Applications

It is important to apply to any job you feel you have the qualifications for. Casting the net wide is a smart thing to do if you are desperate for a job but it becomes very stupid when you keep making a mistake that keeps costing you a chance to show what you have at interviews.

No matter how good you might think you are if you don’t get invited to interviews then you don’t get a chance to show employers that you are actually good. To the recruiter and employer this then means that you are no good. Sounds funny? You bet! but that is the reality of the situation. So what is the most important a jobseeker should be trying to do?


Get Yourself Invited to Interviews!

How do You Do That?

…. that is aside from polishing your CV.

Follow the Application Instructions and Procedures

During a chat with a senior HR personnel in an international NGO he stated that for a particular job they advertised hundreds of otherwise qualified applicants were disqualified because they did not follow the application method which preferred candidates to visit a given url and upload their data as specified.

When an employer states a specific application procedure in their job detail they do so for a reason and nobody wants to undergo undue stress assessing job applications. If you do not follow the job application procedures the employer or recruiter concludes one thing; that you don’t pay attention and thus are probably not suited for the job.

Follow the steps outlined by the hiring company and don’t include information that is not requested of you during the application process.

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