Do You Make This Simple Mistake in Your Job Search?

Having you been applying for jobs for sometime now with no response or feedback from employers? Have you always wondered what could be wrong? Qualification? Yes you have the complete qualification, you met the requirements, why then have you not been called, even for an interview?

You might be making mistake of not reading instructions before applying.

Most times in your bid to apply for job quickly, you forget simple instruction on how to apply. From experience we noticed that many jobseekers fail to follow simple instructions on steps to apply for job. For example, a position might require you apply using job reference number as subject line of application, or attach you CV in Microsoft Word format only. Failing simple instructions like this could be costing a lot.

In exam setting, you are always asked to cross your I(s) and dot you T(s). The same applys to your job search. Make sure you crosscheck everything before submitting your application.

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