Top 50 Most Searched Jobs in Nigeria 2013

Job search/ career data in Nigeria is highly fragmented and improperly documented. Our aim in Ngcareers is to bridge this gap, hence today we bring you the list of most searched jobs in Nigeria between January 2013 and June 2013. The sample data used was from our database which we believe represent the overall job search pattern in Nigeria.Note:  Our analysis and checks has shown that most Nigeria internet users (including job seekers) prefer to click on links in a site rather than using the search box. Hence, our research focused only on actually job search (a user using the search box on our site).

We reviewed over 200,000 search terms of various variations from our database to arrive at this result.

From our analysis the most searched Jobs within the period in review was Accountant which had about 4% of total searches, followed by Engineering, Director of Research , Graduate Trainee with 4%, 3%,3% total searches.

Note that various variations of search are being conducted, most closely related but this research focused on unique keyword searches.

Here is the top 50 most search job titles/ keywords in Nigeria between January 2013 and June 2013.

1. Accountant
With over hundred vacancies listed for accountant position between January and June 2013. Accountant was the most search job title amongst our users within this period. This is a direct indication of large number of accountants looking for new or better job presently.

2. Engineering
Engineering was our second most search term. We published over 80 engineering related position in the last 6 months. Note that this doesn’t include engineer keyword search or job listing and it appeared in the list also.

3. Director Of Research
Completing the top three is Director of research. We published a vacancy for Director of research at Air Force Institute of Technology about four months ago. This job attracted much search and application during this period. Others comes below.

4. Graduate Trainee
5. Financial
6. Graduate Freelance Researcher
7. Teaching
8. Customer Service
9. Oil And Gas
10. Banking
11. Accounting
12. Financial Analyst/ Budgeter
13. Driver
14. Marketing
15. NGO
16. Research Associate
17. Secretary
18. Human Resources
19. Sales
20. Legal
21. Security
22. Bank
23. Customer Care
24. IT
25. Finance
26. Education
27. Administration
28. Project Manager
29. Diagnostic
30. Administrative
31. Admin
32. Marketing
33. Etisalat
34. Engineer
35. Account Officer
36. Sales Specialist
37. Nurse
38. Account
39. Procurement
40. Receptionist
41. Information Technology
42. Construction
43. Manager
44. MTN
45. Sales Manager
46. Chevron
47. Administrative Nursing Officer
48. Shell
49. Logistics
50. Graduate Mechanical Engineer
51. Others

Top 50 Job Search Keywords 2013

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