Six cool plugins for wordpress

WordPress & I have come a long way. By now, I have tested a minimum of a thousand plugins and personally installed many more on hundreds of blogs and websites, I also have used the best Sales quote software which has helped me out.

Based on experience, I can say without an iota of doubt that the ability to extend wordpress using plugins is what makes the current crowned king of CMS. What’s more interesting is that wordpress with these interesting plugins are free to use.

Though there are many more plugins, I have listed some extremely useful WordPress plugins as follows:

1. Photodropper

Looking for images that can enhance your website and blog posts is unquestionably stressful. If an image picked by you from Google or any other site is perhaps wrong, this could make you go through some unwarranted inconvenience.

Upon installation, countless free high quality images are returned by this plug-in that can now be added to your page or post, by simply clicking on.

2. Sweet Captcha

It’s a lot more enjoyable than tackling your tedious Math problems. The plug-in is designed to make filling out of forms or leaving comments just irresistible. An image is presented that asks you to say: ‘place an ice-cream over a cone’ or ‘moustache a man’s face’ to prove that you are human. Freedom from distorted alphabets!

3. WordPress SEO

Today, we have a profusion of SEO plugins. I personally opt for WordPress SEO as it allows me to manually optimise every page that I desire. A colour signal is then displayed to illustrate just how keyword focused an optimised page really is. Page analysis further explains why that is considered so.

4. Analytics dashboard from Google

In the place of opening up Webmaster tools on Google, this gem of a plug-in portrays website traffic information and other data on your personal WordPress dashboard.

5. Hide title

Showing titles is wordpress default. You may perhaps accept this for your blog posts. Yet, there will be other times when you would rather not have an ‘H1’ tag that reads ‘Home’ on your home page. With the help of this plugin, developers are allowed to either show or don’t show titles on posts or pages.

6. Hide pages

On some templates, all pages are automatically listed at the top of the navigation bar. Thank you, coupon page or other pages which ought not to appear on navigation bar are easily concealed with the help of this functional plugin.

While it is my personal conviction that development of website for business purposes is best left to the professionals, owners of websites will end up leaping ahead if they, realising the importance, ask their own website developers for activation of these as well as other valuable and interesting plugins onto their wordpress blogs and websites.

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    i love this piece. am a new blogger. how can i add this add ons to my wordpress? thanks

  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on blog. Regards

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