Hair business: Lucrative but capital intensive

It is now customary to see many women, old and young, on the streets of the country wearing long and glossy hairs. The fact, however, is that most of them are not carrying their natural hairs which are mostly the kinky African type.

The question is what have they done to their hairs to make them this long and glossy? The answer is simple: most of them carry hairs that are not theirs. Out of these hairs attached to their natural ones, some are fabricated while some are also human hair. Or they use every top highest quality product on the market. Just look through Fahrenheit Flat Iron review and you will understand what I am talking about.

Welcome to the world of human hair. But the business of selling this form of hair according to Deborah Okulaja which many consider lucrative can only be made as such with the right approach in order to get the results that can make one financially independent.

Okulaja popularly called Debby is a 300 level Marketing student of the University of Lagos and the Managing Director of Debby hair located in Shomolu area of Lagos.

She added that the majority of human hair is imported from countries like China India and Brazil while the Brazilian hair as it is popularly called in this part of the world is the most expensive depending on the length of the hair. Nonetheless, according to her, the human hair weaving industry has become a multi-million Naira business, and many investors are looking forward to getting into it.

Knowing exactly what you want to sell, hair types, colours, lengths, and place of hair origin is essential Debby insisted. “All human hair is different and categorized by brand and quality reputation. The hair you choose to sell will determine how much start-up money you will need.

It is a very capital intensive business. It is a business that requires millions of naira. “It is this passion for the world of beauty and style that led me into the business and it is a key factor in actualising your goals in the business. Speaking on who her prospective customers are, Debby said that every fashion conscious woman is a prospective customer.

“Every fashion conscious woman is a potential customer because human hair is meant for people of style and class. It is meant for those who care so much about their looks and are ready to do all they can to come out stunning at all times.” enthused Debby.

She also emphasised the need for getting quality products that are original as being a factor to making headway in human hair business. “If people patronise you and discover at the end of the day that your products are not original.

They will not come back. But if they get the worth for their money, they would always think first of you each time they want to buy. These days, there are several fake. So there’s need to really ensure that one’s products are original and authentic,” she stressed. Debby continued: “It is a lucrative business and it is one that sells round the clock.

Although the festive period is a peak sale period, it is a business that sells on ordinary days as well because ladies love to look good at all times.” She stated further that the business is thriving in the country because of the fact that most Nigerian ladies are not endowed with long hair. As such, they find alternative ways to look natural and yet elegant.

“The truth of the matter is that as Nigerians, we don’t really have long hair. It may sound funny but we don’t. That’s why I had to go all the way to Spain where they have long hair.

There, you will find Brazilian and Cambodian hair and the rest of them. I really looked around and finally decided on Spain because that was where I could get what I wanted: top notch human hair that would make its wearer more attractive” explained Debby.

These hairs come in various styles and form. She explained: “For instance we have so many styles. Curls, deep body waves, straight waves, body waves and many others they also come in different colours; there is the blue, red and a host of other colours.”

Talking of what a would-be investor should expect in that area of business, Debby noted that the products are not made in Nigeria and so would-be investors should be willing to move around the world to countries where the products are available.

“Again, the person must also be financially buoyant because it is capital intensive and the person must also have a wealth of contacts in the area of marketing because these products are not cheap. For instance a pack of human hair can cost as much as between N70, 000 and N100, 000 each depending on the type, length and colour.

“A good customer relation is also a very important factor in the business. You need to train your staff well to be well behaved and cultured towards customers because they have to get the worth for their money and they also need to be encouraged to enable continued patronage.”

Notes Debby. For one to start the business on a small scale, Debby says it will require at least N500, 000 while the large scale will cost as much as N1.5 million. “The business of selling human hair is not a cheap one. One will need at least N500, 000 to start on a small scale and about N1.5 million on a big note,” she concluded.

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