Egypt court orders release of former ruler Mubarak

Former  Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak was ordered released from prison on Wednesday by a Cairo court and could be free within days.

A court reviewed a petition for the former leader’s release after corruption charges against him were thrown out on Monday, and the announcement on Wednesday means Mubarak, who was ousted amid Arab Spring protests in 2011, could walk out of prison by Sunday if not earlier, his lawyers said.

The country’s general prosecutor said on Wednesday that he will not appeal the Cairo court’s decision, meaning Mubarak will follow the basic release procedures and will be free within a maximum of 48 hours. A lawyer for Mubarak said that he could leave prison as early as Thursday after paperwork is filed.

Mubarak will remain on a travel ban list prohibiting him from leaving the country, and his assets are still frozen, according to a judicial source at Egypt’s general prosecutor’s office.

The authoritarian ex-ruler still faces other court cases, including a retrial on charges of complicity in the killing of protesters amidst the 2011 uprisings, but has already served the maximum amount of pretrial prison time allowed in the case

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