CAS-R Seeks Review Of New Aviation Policy

Despite the criticism that has trailed the new civil aviation policy introduced by the Aviation Ministry, the Centre for Aviation Safety and Research (CAS-R), has commended the aviation ministry for the review of the policy because it captured “modern aviation activities” but called for the review of the policy early next year.

CAS-R commendation was based on the fact that the capture of the modern activities in the industry in the new policy will help to move Nigeria in line with international best practices. CAS-R, however, called for the review of the document early next year, adding that the current policy as introduced should be regarded as a preparatory document.

Engineer Sheri Kyari, Founder/Executive Director of CAS-R said, contentious areas such as de-registration of foreign private jets should receive urgent attention, as such will help to boost the finances of aviation agencies. “The Minister should not be too rigid about this other than that, her attempt at the Nigerian Civil Aviation Policy, April 2013, is commendable. At least there is a document to guide the industry till all observations are attended to from practitioners”, said Kyari.

He said the document is facing much criticisms by stakeholders because most of them consider it to be mainly exclusive adding that, “The ministry should give stakeholders the benefit of contributing to its processes and have an inclusive review as early as next year. By then, most stakeholders would have laid their hands on it and bring their input to bear. This will then be a participatory document”.

The new civil aviation policy was criticised by industry stakeholders over some portions especially, the aspect that deals with private jet operations in the country.

Source: Leadership News

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