How to Quit Your Job With Class

I once heard a story about some guys who quit their jobs only to accept an offer in a rival company. Employers in the previous company did not find this funny at all feeling a bit shortchanged having lost their employees to a bitter and up and coming rival. They decided to woo back the quitters by offering them higher salaries than they have been given in their current employment. Some of the guys who quit declined the offer while a few others accepted the offer to come back.

Months after the guys accepted and resumed work at their former place of employment they started noticing that they re being treated as betrayers. They were made redundant for months and hardly got a pay grade even when other employees where getting one.

Quitting your job and switching to another is a very common phase in our careers. Sometimes we quit jobs acrimoniously and sometimes we quit and are offered a send forth party. Knowing when to quit is one thing but how to is another.

Here are tips I culled from Forbes which I find very useful.

Start quitting before you quit.

Well before you resign, start preparing. Bring other people onto important projects with you, don’t volunteer to head up new initiatives, and wrap up any long-term work you’ve been handling.

Take stuff home in advance.

Some companies insist a worker leave the day she quits. For that reason it’s best to copy anything you’ll want to keep from your work computer onto a flash drive before you announce your resignation.

Set a time to talk to your boss.

Keep in mind that your resignation may be a tough piece of information to absorb. Don’t just blurt. Sit down at an appointed time, and close the door.

Keep it short and sweet.

Don’t prattle on about your plans. If you don’t want to say much of anything, here’s a simple line recommended by Ellis Chase, a career coach: “I got an offer I couldn’t refuse.”

Refuse a counter-offer.

Though this is a matter of debate, most coaches say it’s unwise to accept a counter-offer and best to make it clear from the start that you’re leaving no matter what.

Emphasize the positive.

Even if you hate your boss, when you impart her your news, pay her some compliments, and make them specific.

Make your boss look good.

Many companies put departing employees through exit interviews with the human resources department. Come up with something good to say about your boss. It could get back to her.

Offer to help with the transition.

Even if you’re staying only two weeks, pitch in and help your colleagues absorb your workload. Train your replacement, if someone is promoted or hired into your position before you leave.

Bring food.

On your last day in the office, bring in something sweet, like cupcakes, to share with your colleagues. They’ll remember it.

source: Forbes

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