Writing a Cover Letter? Here are 5 Points to Note

If your CV is your salesman then your Cover letter is your attention grabber. With a powerful cover letter you draw the attention of the employer to take a look at your CV.

To write a cover letter that gets the desired effect here are a few short and direct tips you can use;

1. Avoid Social Media Induced Shorthand

With social media has come a new way of passing across information in abridged format. The use of Twitter and Facebook has created a whole new habit of typing and writing in ‘shorthand’. The problem however is that many young people and graduates forget that they are not engaging in a tweetchat when they use ‘social media acronyms’ in formal writing.

Always proof read your Cover letter to make sure you did not substitute ‘write’ with ‘ryt’

2. Don’t Rewrite Your CV

A cover letter is not meant to be a substitute for your CV so why write a long cover letter trying to cover everything in your CV. A cover letter should contain the key things that make you attractive for the job before the employer and nothing more. Details of your educational background, your hobbies etc should be left where they belong – in your CV.

3. Show You Know Something About the Company

If you can include a little information that shows you have done your background work about the company and that you understand what value you will be bringing to them your cover letter will be more effective.

4. Be Definite Instead of Vague

Be as specific as possible and avoid using high-sounding but ultimately vague expressions. Describe your experience for the job as briefly as possible and showcase your understanding of the job. If you have any stats that will wow the employer the cover letter is a good place to state such as directly as possible.

5. Always Try to Address Your Letter to a Specific Individual (especially if your application is unsolicited or you are making an enquiry)

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