How to Get a Job After Running Your Business

Running your own business is no mean feat and something many dread which is why they prefer having to do a job while someone else calls the shot and takes the bigger risks. If you have gone the entrepreneurial way and finally want to go back to getting a paid job (for whatever reason) you must know that it will not be pretty straight forward.

While there are qualities an employer will certainly admire in a candidate who has been running his own show some employers will feel skeptical about your ability to report to someone else. This perception of independent mindedness and stubbornness are what most people will associate with you as an ex-business owner coming to look for a job.

To successfully land a good and prestigious job after running your own business there are several things you should do;

Get Your CV/Resume in Order

Chances are that when you were running your business and doing your hustle you never thought anything of having an up to date CV. Now you are seeking paid employment the first thing to do is to look at your CV. Tailor the work experience you garnered working for yourself to become useful in your CV.

Note that since many employers might see your former business owner position as a negative you will have to make sure you make your CV look reasonable. Instead of putting titles like ‘Owner’ ‘CEO’ etc in your CV replace with titles that mirror the experience you garnered without showcasing your ownership to the employer. For instance you could include titles like Vice President, Marketing & Operations if you oversaw marketing and operations in your former business.

Overcome the Challenge of Scaring Away Employers

A major challenge that you will have as a former business owner is that employers may likely not want to hire you if they feel that, having run your own business, you will not be good at taking orders and working under superiors. They will feel that you are more likely to stay a short time and then leave to start another business. That is a challenge that might put many of them off; you have to tackle that challenge by not emphasizing your previous status either in your CV or during interviews. Your focus should be in pushing forward your relevant experiences in the areas that an employer is interested in.

Talk About Your Relevant Experience and Your Eagerness to Work for Them

During interview you shouldn’t be mentioning your previous positions as CEO of this and Owner of that. Don’t talk about how you founded and ran your previous business. Dwell on what concerns the employer and that is your hands-on experience about the job you are applying for.

Talk about your eagerness to collaborate and work together with other elements to tackle business challenges that may face the company.

Make a List of Accomplishments You Made

While remembering to forget including the information that you were the Founder or Owner of your own company and also ignore mentioning same in interviews you should make a definite list of tangible achievements you recorded while running your own show. Those achievements should be relevant to the job you are targeting.

Quantify those achievements and include clear illustrations where possible.

Get in Terms With Reality

If you have stopped running your own business be it for positive or negative reasons and want to get a paid job you should be doing yourself a favour of coming to terms with the situation. Convince yourself to acknowledge that working under an organisation will never be the same as running your own business. So prepare your mind to concentrate on becoming comfortable with the change you are making. When you become comfortable looking for a job you will be in a better position to persuade prospective employers of your skills.

Take Professional Classes and Network

If you feel there is the need to upgrade your knowledge and skill set in any particular area for a successful job search go ahead and do so. Join relevant professional associations and groups in your areas of interest and starting working your network. Let former colleagues, customers and friends know you are open to a job offer.

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