An Adventurer Or a Careerist? Finding the Balance for Work and Adventure

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Being an Adventurer

You wake up in the morning, with the rays of the sun gently caress your face… You lie on the beach, drink cocktails. You meet a lot of different and interesting people every day. You travel everywhere you have ever wanted to go. You work a little but still just enough to cover the expenses to your next trip. You have wonderful moments and you don’t really regret that you are not spending enough time with your family. You live to the fullest every single day of your life and have memories that few people have. Okay, okay – I’ve got it. You are an adventurer!

I can only envy you and secretly dream of being in your shoes – to throw everything away and see the world. This, however, requires some courage that few people possess. Of course, going on an adventure alone is not a good idea, because company is always desirable when you are on the road. It is not necessary to travel with a boyfriend, or a friend or a member of your family. You may travel with a person whom you have met a month ago, for example. And you will find many interesting people and companions while you are travelling around the world, whom you will learn many new things from. And this is a great promise for an unforgettable journey.

I will not emphasize on all positive aspects of being an adventurer, because it is clear that everything beautiful is also kind of dangerous. Some of the not-so-pleasant things that may happen to you while being on an adventure are getting robbed, being caught as a hostage, catching some kind of a strange disease, etc. And still, you shouldn’t think of the disadvantages first. Being a total pessimist won’t help. After all, you may got struck by lightning and die while walking in the park, so put an end to the bad thoughts. No one really knows what his fate is, so the important thing is to live in the present. I truly believe that people who travel a lot are much happier than those who spend their days living in one city only.

Being a careerist

You wake up early in the morning, brush your teeth, drink your coffee, put your suit on, get in the car and rush to the office… After being stuck in a frustrating traffic jam, you finally make your way to your workplace. When you are finally there, you see your boss nervously waiting for you to appear just to give a great amount of work. You stay late, you never sleep, and you work even during the weekend.

Your day is a real meat grinder that devours you. You work tirelessly, you spend the whole weekend on the phone or checking your e-mail but no one ever praises you, all you get is more and more work. You have even quitted smoking because you haven’t got enough time for a cigarette. This is your daily routine just because you have chosen being a careerist. You wanted to be a self-sufficient and respected personality and you ended up being a ruin. You don’t have enough time for your family, you don’t have enough time for your friends, you don’t even have enough time to spend all the money you have earned. You broke up with your partner and you didn’t feel anything because work is the only thing you can think of?

Take it easy, people! Work is always there, waiting to be done. You have a great job, you earn enough money – that’s a good news. Now get a life. And what if your job becomes your life? That’s all right, of course, but when have you actually spend a whole weekend with your family, and when have you gone on a vacation for the last time? You don’t actually remember? I thought so.

The moral

Generally, the whole idea of being either an adventurer or a careerist doesn’t work. You always have to leave something behind if you choose one of these two lifestyles. If you are an adventurer, you won’t have much money but you will meet interesting people and will go to interesting places. Until you become 50 and you realize that you don’t have any money, you don’t have an actual home and all you are left with are the memories you have. On the other hand, being a careerist will give you a high social status and enough money for a living. But there will come a day when you will realize that you don’t have anyone whom you can share your success with.

Generally, both case scenarios suck.

So, what can I say? The golden mean is the key and still, it is way more difficult but will actually give you a life. An adventurer or a careerist – the choice is all yours.

Morgan Johnson is freelance blogger and writer. He is dedicated to his job as part of west London cleaners. She spends his time improving his blogger’s career and sharing different articles with his audience.

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