How to Get a Top Job Through Blogging

To get a really juicy job offer on merit in Nigeria today you need to have a unique strategy that puts you in front of the decision makers and makes them desire to bring you on board. For some types of positions such as corporation communications, PR and marketing, customer relations management, Human resources, operations and strategy etc blogging when done right can be part of a winning strategy to land a well paid mid to top level job.

While it is well documented all over the web that there are various uses and aims of blogging (of which the chief ones are money making, self expression etc) it is often overlooked as a veritable tool for securing a job. Depending on how ambitious your job search is becoming an avid blogger in the specialisation or job niche of your interest can lead to getting really good job offers.

However landing a job with the help of blogging is never an easy task and definitely not for the faint hearted. It is a strategy for anyone who’s ambitious enough and wants to get the kind of job offers that are not seen or advertised everyday.

Before we look at how to use blogging as a stepping stone to securing a juicy job we will look at how blogging makes you a better and more prepared career individual.

Blogging Requires Discipline

Anyone who has tried blogging on a regular basis knows that blogging is not something you do whe you feel like. To grow a blog audience you need to regulalry put up quality, useful information. Most blogs take 6 months to 1 year to gain some sort of traction and often requires that the blogger keep at it. This is a trait most employers will be looking for and which you can project to your advantage.

You Acquire Research Skills

Depending on the niche you blog on you may always be required to dig around for relevant information to compose your posts. As a blogger you learn the value of research and acquire the skill of scoruing the web for information you need as well gaining the ability to seperate useful information and useless garbage. The research skills come in handy in the job you may be offered.

Blogging Teaches You to Outline Your Thoughts Clearly

Your ability to communicate effectivley will be greatly enhanced if you are a committed blogger. The drafting of posts and constant attempts to write in a way your audience will understand will equip you with increased communication skills that are required for most positions.

How Blogging Can Become a Powerful Job Search Tool

To use a blog effectively in your job search here are some steps to follow;

1. Have an Idea of the Sort of Job You Want

Your blogging should be shaped by the kind of career you are in or want to pursue. When you determine the kind of job you are seeking the tone and niche of your blog will then be focused on presenting you as a smart and intuitive individual in that field. You can then narrow your conversations to the particular niche and put up well researched and thought out insights targeting the players in that niche. For instance if your aim is to seek a good career position in human resources in a reputable company your blog should then focus on projecting you as someone knowledgeable and informed on Human Resources.

2. Set Up Your Blog and a Blogging Schedule

There are many tutorials and articles out there on how to set up a simple wordpress blog and even get a domain name for yourself to project professionalism so this article obviously cannot dwell on them. You can approach someone who knows how to setup a nice, neat blog for you (it should be nothing too fancy). When you have your blog niche figured and the blog set up you will need a blogging schedule to keep yourself on track and make sure you are able to put up useful content regularly. Depending on how much free time you have (you could be on a job already but looking for something higher) you can determine how much time you can or will give to blogging on a daily or weekly basis.

Your blogging time will be divided into developing blog topics, researching on topics and doing the actual writing and publishing. If you set a daily or weekly number of posts you should try and maintain it though you shouldn’t sacrifice quality for quantity. If you use wordpress you can actually save drafts of half written posts to work on them later and schedule your finished posts so they can go live even when your are not able to publish by yourself.

3. Share Your Posts to Your Target Audience

Blogging for job means that you do not have to follow what all other general bloggers do. You do not need a vast audience, you just need to get your content in front of a few thousands of people in your industry or intended industry. If you write a HR blog for instance you want mostly Human Resource Managers, Senior HR personnel etc to be aware of your content.

Getting your content in front of your target audience you can make use of some of the more useful social media sites such as Twitter and LinkedIn. Also soon on Ngcareers you would be able to share specialise content based on industry to people interested in such areas of specialisation.

4. Write Case Studies and Share

Well written case studies on certain areas of the niche your blog is focused on is a good way to draw attention to yourself and who knows what opportunities could come knocking.

5. Be Active on Social Platforms Where Your Target Audience Are

Maybe it’s time to use twitter more effectively, finding and engaging with the sort of people who could be impressed with your work and provide you the kind of opportunities you seek. Be active on LinkedIn as well.

6. Compile a List of Targets

When you have built up your blogging profile and are confident of your grasp of your industry you need to go for aggressive. Research and start compiling a list of decision makers in various organisations in your niche industry where you would love to get offered a position. Find their contact details, twitter handles and email addresses etc.

7. Craft an Irresistible CV and Cover Letter

To take your offensive strategy up you need to craft a powerful CV and Cover Letter and then include your blog link as proof to your passion for your career. You can take a peep here for tips on creating the CV and Cover Letter with pulling effect.

Make initial contact with the people in your Industry Target list and then send them your nice cut Cover Letter with the CV attached. Make your letter personable and be sure to include honest statements about your work and your blog asking them to check it out (include the full url of course).

All these while make sure your blog has regularly fresh and quality content.

Keep connecting and repeating the process and you’ll be surprised when the offer for further discussions start coming in.

It is certainly a road less travelled but with the right attitude you have a possibility of standing out and having a real chance at getting that dream job offer.

Note: Don’t do it if you obviously don’t enjoy writing, blogging and pitching people. On the other hand if you do enjoy these things you may have a ball and still end up getting yourself a more fulfilling job.

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