5 Worst Degrees With Lowest Potential for Employment in Nigeria

Certainly there is no degree that guarantees one a job in and by itself however given the current economic situation and the fast pace of economic and technological shifts in the continent and Nigeria in particular there are degrees you would be better off not investing your time and resources to acquire as opportunities afforded in those areas are increasingly getting eroded. If however you have a degree in any of them and finding it tough to make career headway it’s time to put on your thinking cap.

Not all degrees are created equal before employers; some are actually becoming obsolete and have less competitive advantage in the labour market of today.

1. General Arts

General arts cover anything from art history to painting/sculpture. In the western world and developed countries having a degree in the arts could fetch one decent job opportunities several years ago. After the depression however and with many European economies still struggling to recover it’s becoming increasingly tough to find opportunities for majors in such areas like archeology, painting/fine art, history etc.

Over here in Nigeria the harsh economic conditions mean that if you invest your time in any of these fields you may have to try out setting up on your own and even that is not easy given the conditions of doing business in Nigeria. The opportunities for these sort of degrees are shrinking and people with the academic credentials thinking to get themselves a job in related field would have to do a lot of innovative and proactive thinking. Career Counsellors advise those who want to study such things as art, dance, and music to have a specific strategy. Sometimes a way out could be getting a higher degree (such as Masters) and going into teaching.

2. Humanities and Liberal Arts

If you love sitting, thinking about the intricacies of life and expounding on theories of existence or analysing political theories and events there may not be enough opportunities to do that in real life with your philosophy or political science degree and earn good money.

Humanities and Liberal Art degree courses like Anthropology, Political Science, Philosophy and many more do not give the graduates who possess them specific in-road into the employment market. Unlike professional courses like Engineering, and the Business fields having a degree in any of the Humanities may not really point one to a specific career direction. The opportunities are equally not clear-cut which is why many holders of Humanities degrees find their way into the academia. Making a career headway with these degrees with require a better strategy from the person concerned.

3. Education

Unless you are willing to take higher degrees and pursue teaching opportunities at higher levels of the education ladder having an education degree is hardly going to get you the best jobs. A survey of the pay for education degree holders who teach in secondary schools across the country show it is hardly worth the expenses incurred in acquiring the degree. When you remember that non-education degree holders also battle for teaching jobs with those who hold education majors the reality of the situation gets clearer.

The only way a graduate degree holder in Education will do better is either to go for higher qualifications and try to break into higher level teaching or do a career switch entirely and go for higher qualifications in a different field that has more career prospects.

4. Religious Studies

Given the way churches and self styled pastors are springing up in every nook and cranny it should appear that splurging money on a religious studies degree will present the holder with bright prospects. However nothing can be further from the truth. Except you are willing to plunge in and open your own church down the street, become a quran clutching preacher etc there are hardly any existing opportunities for you to explore if you have a religious studies degree and wish to exploit opportunities therein. The only ones that come to mind is becoming a Religious Educator, working in religious establishments (if those even exist in the formal way) as Chaplain, Instructors, in Administration, Fundraising etc. The picture is not at all appetizing

5. Mass Communication

In considering Mass Communication we had a struggle with choosing a few other courses ahead of mass communication but at the end the argument was too much against mass communication degree.

The sheer volume and number of mass communication students and graduates in manay higher institutions across the country mean that anyone holding a mass communication degree and hoping to pursue a related career with it had better pray and look for a superior strategy.

The increasing introduction of media technology is eating away at the former strongholds of mass communication graduates. Reporters and Journalists find the rug being gradually pulled of their feet as bloggers and writers who hitherto knew nothing about mass communication take over the business of news discovery and sharing. Newspapers and Television are no longer holding the baton in exclusive control of the media business. For mass communication majors who wish to find and pursue the right careers they need to understand the change in mass media and communication tools and acquire the right skills.

Are there any degrees you feel do not have good prospects in the Nigerian Labour market and should be in the above list? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. precious says:

    Thank U̶̲̥̅̊ ngcareers

  2. Mayor says:

    This is very right. Thanks to my father for helping me to choose a wise career path. I wanted to study International relations and my father asked me how many people who did that today are working with the certificates so i changed my career to Law. Thanks to Daddy

    • Itunuoluwa says:

      Friends please I need your advise, I want to read mass communication in school but my father disagree he said they don’t get job easily, is it true? Now, tell me should I take mass communication or office technology management? Please this is my number 08142706161 I need your advise today or tomorrow, I can pay for the money you use to call me. Please.

  3. Olumide says:

    Did you remember the days when Medicine & Surgery was the sure bet to a better life in this country? Today the story is changing. Our medical doctors now rival ASU when it comes to downing tools due to poor remuneration. There is a glut in that field alongside the engineering, business administration, and law. Their graduates now go for two a penny. Simple economics tells us ‘the higher the supply the lesser the price’.

    Curiously, the arts & humanities you derided, downgraded and discouraged power the informal sector of our economy. You only need to look at our music, fashion, and movie industries to see that they fuelled not by law, medicine, or engineering but by the creativity, imagination, and dynamism of our creative artists.

    Time and space would not allow me do adequate justice your prejudiced and hollow submission. But suffice it to say that no course is inferior to the other. Let us all find our professional callings and fulfil them.

  4. YINKA SAMUEL says:

    To some extent i agreed with the writer that the chances of some discipline in this country to get good job had been eroded, sincerely one need to consider economic situation of the country now before you or any of your kid danble into any course of study, in the name of other are graduate, i have stay too long at home,any course they give me i will accept, to discover later after graduation that all effort to get degree to fetch good work end in futility. parents and education counselling should put new technological trend and economic situation in the country into consideration before choosing a career for their wards.
    This urgly situation and high rate of unemployment growth in Nigeria has opened door for brain drain and cheap labour. Finally all student need to brase up to acquire quality knowledge that can stand the test of time, not granduate with empty scull, because if you are sound in your field it can assist you to get job in other field through amptitude test, for example banking industry today where you can see other field like engineering, educationist, agriculturist, law,estate management graduate excelling because they have the knowledge to pass the exam. God favour factor should not be consider irrelevant, because no matter the congestion in the labour market, God favourite are still getting good job, i pray that God will give Nigeria a visionary leader that will utilise our natural resources to create wealth for aboundant employment opportunity.

  5. zurry says:

    Thanks for the eye opening mail to young admission seeker to enable them choose their course of study in the university carefully and wisely but can’t the university commission see to the problem by not approving or allowing schools offer course that will stream line the possibility of students getting a job after spending so much money to acquire the degree…..na wa o!

  6. Paultu says:

    I take exception to your argument. If you distinquish your self in academic work, there is every opportunity to excel to the top. Its all about your creativity. The course of study is not a problem. Afterall, engineers work in our banks.

  7. Emeka says:

    Lovely write-up, especially concerning mass communication. Everyone should learn to combine whichever CV they possess with an MBa. Or some form of business degree. The future will always favour business admin, economics, financials, enterpreneurs and the likes. Someday even doctors will be extinct when a geek builds a robot. Oil n Gas engineers would all be gone if our oil somehow finishes. Businesses would exist forever.

  8. john says:

    For me there is no profession that doesn’t have its own back log of poor and frustrated people. Everyone shld discover his place in life. I have seen O’level degree holders holding key positions in key sectors, so let’s forget the course intent stuff. Liberal arts, education are not sectors u downplay. I can pove u wrong on these.

  9. Ever-young says:

    I am a proud educationist. Am glad I made it and with my degree, I will excel even in this country. I don’t know why people who did not study education still apply for jobs meant for educationists. Is it not because they are lacking jobs in their fields? Come to think of the salary, there are places where educationists are paid very well in this country. Just like every other fields, not everybody in the field earn thesame amount. All medical doctors don’t earn thesame amount. Na God dey do everything. Make una leave am

  10. Ogunboyowa Samuel says:

    I’m in the middle of the ‘ocean’ i’ll say, Because i am to make a choice of course too real soon. Well, This write up is a great help. Thanks a lot. I’ll really appreciate any advise. Thanks!

  11. samuel ebuka says:

    Everybody has right to err his or her o9inion as a 9hiloso9her. Dat I am which is d mother of all disci*ine I believe dat u degree in a 9articular course does not matter wat matters is you trying to make a difference in ur country bringing out d you in you to d world think of it chinua achebe, wole soyinka and d great african icon mandela are still 9holoso9hers cwat count is ur creativity, no knowledge is a waste. Thinking and reasoning makes u stand out among oders. w raree

  12. Aminat says:

    hello pls i am in need of a sound advice,currently i am undergoing a masters in industrial relation but intend to specialize in labor and employment relations law which can only be possible with a law degree which i dont have but can i have an access to admission with my first degree with d7 in olevel literature,pls what is the probability.

  13. emeka says:

    pls i am confusi i dnt knw wat to read sch,i wanted to study architectu bt i dnt hav technical drawing in my neco,i want to go 4 computer sci/engeerin,whic one is ok pls advis me.my num is09097591480.

  14. Dav says:

    I Studied political Science @ University of Ilorin Kwara State. i have worked with Nigerian Bottling Company PLC, 7UP Bottling Company and currently, i am working with globacom Nigeria. The critical issue is ability to distinguish your self in what ever career path you choose. There is no profession that is unsaturated in Nigeria but when you work hard you can always excel in any selection criteria that disqualify million of applicants. in my office, you see people that studied philosophy, History and even Theater Art excelling. It Is not uncommon to see a political science degree holder beating a Banking and Finance degree holder in an aptitude test for a Bank Job.

    It is wrong to deride any course of choice……. but continue in your good work of giving people tips on how to be successful in job search under keen competition.

  15. odogwu says:

    The author obviously does not understand the meaning and roles of education beyond feeding on good meals. However, philosophy is one of the best courses to read. If you truly develop the human mind over and above the rice and stew, evething good will surely come.

  16. Motunrayo says:

    Am in fce studying English/political science,i till want to go for a degree at any university,now i dont no which course i should go for at universty please advise by calling dis number09037883090 i promise to send card to anybody dat call me please i beg o

  17. Mustapha says:

    Pls, i need urgent advice as am about register 2016 Jamb….. Pls, between a degree in Estate management and Economics which has more job opportunities?…… (am a science student).

  18. ducil says:

    pls i want to knw my chances of getting a job after school with a degree from collage of education

  19. FAVOUR says:


  20. Emeka says:

    @ Olumide, I agree with you only partially. Yes graduates from arts are mainly the ones making it real big in show biz, however what percentage of all arts graduate actually are middle class and above? Probably less than 60 percent. What fraction of doctors can afford to put food on their table, pay their house rents n buy a decent car? Take care of their families etc.? Probably 100%

  21. adams chinda says:

    am studyin CRS in de deptmnt of philosophy and religions nd am tinkin of changin,,wats ur advice for me

  22. Oluwole says:

    To this wonderful writer,i so much love ur argueement,but be that as it may,there are still alot of mistake in your write up,particularlly under your assertion on Arts,it is however worthy of note for u to know that as a scholar u mustn’t view issues or situation from one mono causal perspective,and the reason been that,nigeria to be precise has no fixed qualification to any job base on the way the country is,but the only most important thing to them is your ability to influence and impact the job positively,and i will also like to tell u the throught of the matter is that for any body who studied either history,or history and diplomatic study or international relation,can at any time work in any place, be it at the embassy,seaport,infact they can work at any parastal,including those in political science,philosophy,english,religious studies and the likes.so therefore my writer there is no course that is not relivance,depending on how u can apply your self.while for the law you are advising the to go for,do you know the actual amount of student that do graduate as a law student with out nothing to write home about,thousands of them are outside there doing nothing with there law certificate,also did you know the process the often pass through before they may eventaully have there way out,pls sir always advice them and impact this our kids out side on there chosen career and please stop discouraging them that a course is better than the other.haden been u are in humanity you will be able to know that all there courses are always intertwined.pls sir stop the course discrimination.thanks

  23. Nemezedollar says:

    studying law would be nice and earning your masters after a few years of work. for me I study law and I also sing and produce songs
    am talented in sound making and rapping and I had passion for it.
    you can study anything just to prove that you have passed through the university.. but your talent can be a sure way of robust of ruling your destiny. while studying try to know the talent skill you have and then develop it and you can be putting your hand inside your mouth steady and big bucks left in you your pocket. for me if I become a lawyer I can work with record labels as an entertainment lawyer and also have my own mini firm . Don’t listen to things that people say about careers . God has the key ,always believe in God as you believe in your parents and try to abstain from evil. call me on 09023945053 or Email me @ [email protected] ..Thanks

  24. Timothy Eva says:

    A big thanks to the producers of dis cite ,am happy 4 d information u share 2 help us in paving our way in d field,I APRECIATE UR EFFORT ,THANKS..,..

  25. Margaret says:

    I wouldn’t have commented to be very honest, I would have just passed by. But I feel passing by without commenting, would be like letting a lot of people down. First i’ll like to ask you what degree you possess, that has empowered you enough to put up these things?
    Secondly, as a blogger, you should know you have the power to define and destroy, because you have information power. These things you put up here, are plain rubbish. What do you know about the employment sector? what portfolio do you hold in Nigeria that has enabled you pass the information that some courses are good or bad?
    Studying religion like I did, will enable you work in a multi-cultural organization and trust me we have them.
    You will also do well at the embassy because they believe you are educated enough to be tolerant with different people and their different cultural backgrounds which we know religion will never be left out.
    What about organization’s like UNESCO? The people there are people who have studied various religions and cultures. People who understand what another religion and culture feels like, and they are getting PAID!
    As for mass communication, my dear, you don’t have to just sit back and relax or get an organization to hire you, get on wordpress and open up yourself a blog. Unlike the person that blogged about the information above, you are better enlightened about mass communication, social media, etc.
    You know what to blog to bring traffic! Linda ikeji and her likes who are making money didn’t go to a school of blogging or anything like that, yet they make cool money out of it. Not to talk of you that read the ethics and rules of communication.
    And for the educationists out there, almost in every corner you step into, you see schools. As an educationist, you’ll never be hungry. Unlike many other professions where they have strict employment officers.
    Educationists in the house, you will understand my language better. And though you may not be getting paid the whole currencies in the world, you may not be getting as much as you want, BUT, you are getting enough to keep your stomach full, cloths on your back, a house to live in and enough money to further your education.
    Lavish lifestyle doesn’t come once, it takes a lot of effort.
    Don’t discourage people with your information power please.
    Lots of JAMB students will come here and see it, and go away with the mentality that if they are ever given any of the above courses, they’ll never be able to meet up with standards.
    You are what you believe you are, not what you see!

    • samuel virtue says:

      God bless you sister Margaret, I think this person came to discourage young people who are about to chose their desired career in life, he is a novis.

    • odis prince. says:

      sister u are bless morning and night. I like u. Add me on whatsapp. Please i need people like u to advise me.

    • aloyius says:

      I am greatful Margaret

    • mercy says:

      Margaret,love your comment…..
      love to get in contact with you.kindly forward your number or mine is 07062824265. love your good inspirational advice!!!

  26. Sanctus says:

    Thanks! magret…you are what you believe you are, not what people say about you….
    keep faith in God. work hard.

  27. samuel virtue says:

    what the writer said is 100% lie.

  28. bukola says:

    am currently studying biology education in university of Ilorin, tho i applied for biochem and i did remedial i met the cut off for both jamb and post utme but was still given bio edu …wah i think is God has a plan he has a reason for putting me here its apparent that what i want for myself is not what he has in store for me so let his will be done …am not bothered about the course am studying i just want to excel with good grades, do my masters become a lecturer if God says so,i dont picture myself as a secondary school teacher or anything lower i see myself above not below.

  29. ck says:

    pls am a history and archaeology scholar in unn, if i make first class or second class upper do i stand a chance to get good job.

  30. Ijeoma says:

    Oooh maggi,i really apprectiate wot u jst advice students to do,taking abt mass comm. Am always there and i really love to advice especially my course mate (mass comm.)dnt u ever listen to dis cos it isn’ makin sense.dnt b worry abt ur job after gradating cos u gat a job on d media sector,government affairs,pubic relation ,and advertising

  31. Eduregard says:

    Thank for this piece but what of sociology

  32. samson says:

    as far am concern education is the most pleasant an comfortable profession, their is no way you will read education an then you lack for something doing in your filed…… so my friend if you want to study education do that before it will be too late for you. I mean you. I’m a proud educationists.by profession….

  33. Davidoba says:

    Am happy with margaret words, and having the determination of believing in me self not what people say. Everyone on this earth have one or two thing to fulfill in life, study which course your mind choose but be yourself to prove people wrong. Am happy to be educationist. I wanna study LAW or political science.

  34. checks says:

    thanks margaret..your words gave life to many who had been discouraged by this write up..study hard in any field you want to and u will always come out a star..for the fact that you are educated means u can always create a way for yourself even when it seems there is no way..every field has its challenges and every field is needed in this life..the doctor cannot do without the educationist and likewise others..just work hard believe in yourself and God

  35. Pius says:

    In our country Nigeria.
    What the check during interviews is your qualifications and desire to do the job. secondly your degree level. Not your course.
    Please you don’t just open a site and type shits killing dreams of Jambites or graduates rather, with the list of courses you downgraded above, someone who is in school already might regret been in the department he chose.

    What about you, did you Supreme sucker course?
    who knows if your’re a graduate bro, damn!

  36. Princess Adonai says:

    His word of advice by his perception is not totally overruled judging on our present socio- economic trend. However, the most important thing is who and what you are, concerning your wealth of knowledge, power of creativity strenght of personality and how much focused and serious minded you are as a person to attain your goals in life by God’s Grace. Hard work/positive attitude minus been miopic reasoning.. equals to ALTITUDE

  37. EasyCare says:

    Margaret, thank you very much, you are a real educationist to the core. What one studies is not necessarily going be the function of what he or she gonna going to be in future. I have come across many medical doctors that hardly boast of three square meals a day talk more of living in affluence. But many drop out today are the living in afluence. That is God for us. I am an economist. B.Sc, Maiduguri, M.Sc, Ibadan but before thinking of PhD, I still want to and another M.Ed in Economic of Education. Guys, don’t say I don’t know what am doing. If u want to erect two structures, first a 50 storey and secondly just a bungalow, will both been given equal foundation? NO. Life is about competition but about self determination that comes within you.
    Education is not by acquiring certificates or certification, it is ability to put what you learn into different use that the product will add value to humanity. It is the process of shifting the frontier of knowledge to the next level.
    So, Mr blogger, the kind of course we study does not makes us rich or give us good future, it is by what, how, when and where to what we learn.

  38. favour says:

    what of psychology.. anytime psychology is brought up..It waved out frm the list of degree that would get you a good job

  39. soji says:

    The blogger is right, times are changing, gone are the days you could study any thing and easily get a job. If you don’t have a god father please study a good course. The county and world is drifting to practical skills like engineering, medical, financial, computer and legal. Be wise then leave the rest to God.

  40. mercy says:

    someone should kindly advice me.I love to study law,but some said is not easy to establish easily after graduating,please what should I go for.
    please I need your advice,kindly call or message me with this no(07062824265),I will really appreciate the call,you might save a soul.

  41. Dorcas says:

    I really want to ask anyone who is willing to answer, what about psychology? Is it really worth it to study psychology in Nigeria?

  42. Fidelis Chris says:

    I really appreciate all your comments and advising. Am to study biology in education, is it a write decision ??
    I do tell my friends is not all about studying law, engineering or doctor, don’t do things because other are doing it. Do things because is the right Thing to do.. choose a course u know is apart of ur life.
    Don’t say my dad said I should study law, doc or eng capital no. Do the right thing.

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