How to Write a Functional Resume!

Functional resume is the latest popular type of resume which details about the specific skill sets of the applicants who are fresher or do not have much experience in the industry. It is important to create a crisp functional resume to improve the chances of being hired. Read on the article to learn more about this resume type!

The resume plays a very important role while searching for new jobs. In any case, in the job announcement will specify if the company always require a traditional resume or CV. The concept of CV is also very common if you are applying for work in Europe, Asia, and parts of Latin America. A very popular type of resume is functional resume.

As the name suggests, the functional resume divides your professional experience according to the roles you played during your career. Although not as common as the chronological resume, it is recommended to use if you are ready to change careers or you have a very limited experience. Imagine you have 10 years working experience in the construction world and you want to get a job in sales. Obviously, the traditional resume format would lower your chances to be considered for the position, as it shows no experience in the world of sales. In addition, if you do not have experience, then opting for the chronological format will not help you get the desired position.

Therefore, in either of these cases, it is advisable to opt for the functional resume format. To effectively use this format, you need to go through the completed details of the desired job position. These ads will help you decipher the skills required for this position. Based on these skills demanded, you must focus to attempt to transfer the learned skills to be used in your new career.

When writing your first draft, include sections in order: name and personal contact information, professional summary, areas or features prominent, important achievements, companies where you worked, and education. If you have recently graduated from college and do not possess professional experience, place the academic section below the contact information to offer it more visibility.

The resume format to follow would be:


Contact Information

Professional Summary

Important functions: Make a list and do not write complete sentences. Example: sales, administrative, public relations, and others. The most important thing in this section is to include details which have to do with the requirements requested in the job in question.

Professional experience: Lists the name of the company you have previously worked, your job position, dates of employment, name of the city, state, and telephone number of the company. It is not necessary to include your work responsibilities.

Education: Write the name of the university, city, state, obtained score, and also mention courses which you think will be relevant to the job you apply for. If your experience is not very wide, you can choose to detail courses taken in college publications achieved during the job, and/or awards that you have received for your good grades.

Imagine that if you have been changing careers and have no experience in the new industry, it is almost impossible for your resume passes the first scrutiny since anything that appears will have no relevance. Therefore, focus all your efforts on finding skills acquired during your career, which can be transferred to the new industry. What if you want to give competition to someone who has experience in the industry and is applying for the same job? The answer lies in creating a resume that draws attention in a positive way by focusing on accomplishments and skills acquired!

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