How to Create a Resume and What to Do to Get a Part Time Student Job

Some students are apprehensive when they think of student part-time job search. Naturally, you will be nervous about approaching a casual acquaintance or a perfect stranger and asking him for a job and trying to convince him that you will be the best candidate for the job. Do not worry, you can do it. The most important and the foremost step towards finding a student part-time job is to write a good resume.

Why You Need a Resume You may think you do not have anything to put in a resume. Even though you may feel that you have to finish your studies to compose a professional resume, the truth is that a resume will convince the potential employer that you are serious about finding the job and that you have skills, talents and strengths which make you stand out in a crowd.

Locate Where Jobs are Available Find out in your local area where, “Help Wanted” signs are placed. Search your local papers, on the internet job sites and other sources for job availability. Actually you can just enter the shop/office where you find the ‘Help Wanted’ sign and ask for the job, eligibility etc; but think how impressive it will be to present your future employer your own printed resume and ask for an interview.

Tips for Writing a Resume for Student Part-time Job

Contact information: Give your name, contact details, phone number and your e-mail id in the header. This should be in the top left corner. You can put your campus address and your permanent home address one below the other.

Education details: What course you are presently pursuing should be given at the top; first the university name, place and state followed by what degree you are pursuing with the majoring/minor subjects etc. (you can give your GPA.) You should add any membership you have and the details (like Statistics Department Honor Society, English Debating Club etc). Give details of any internship you had done. Along with the details of any certificates, citations, and appreciative letters from where you did the internship can be mentioned.

Any work experience: any prior work done, helping in church fairs, in charity events or volunteering during summer camps can be given with all details. It will show that you are ready to take responsibilities.

Special skills: If you had been school captain or led your school team in any sports, etc., that shows leadership qualities should be put here. Even if not a captain, being part of team will show your team spirit. Computer skills, any foreign language proficiency should be mentioned then. Lastly you can mention your hobbies.

After creating a resume, be well-dressed and neatly groomed when attending the interview. Be polite and courteous while answering questions. Stand up for yourself, but always be respectful and well-behaved. Keep on trying until you find a job you like.

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