Career Opportunities for History and International Relations Graduates in Nigeria

International Relations, known in some places as International Affairs, is a liberal arts course of study that does not, like so many other liberal art courses, give a direct entry into a specific field but equips the graduate with a broad knowledge base that can be used to pursue excellent careers in a variety of related occupations.

Most universities in Nigeria that offer History and International Relations offer it as a 4 year course with course work including likely subjects such as political science, economics, sociology etc. This equips a graduate of History & International Relations with the tools to pursue careers in diverse fields.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of history and international relations in Nigeria generally can take up careers in three major areas;
– Public Sector (Government)
– Private Sector
– Non Profit/NGO

Public Sector

History and International Relations graduates can pursue meaningful careers in government institutions in various capacities. We list some careers one can take up in the public sector as an History and International Relations graduate. The list is by no means exhaustive.

– Research Assistants and Specialists (in National Assembly, government agencies etc)
– Legislator (local, state and federal houses)
– Constituency Officers (working in constituency offices of state and federal legislators)
– Congressional Staffers (work as part of administrative support personnel, public relations staff etc working in the legislative area, conducting research, preparing background reports, drafting bills, following legislation, and arranging for expert testimony.)
– Foreign Service/Diplomatic Corps (work in embassies, foreign affairs and diplomatic missions of the Federal government)
– Political Scientist (in agencies, parastatals etc)

Private Sector

– Management Consulting
– Investment Advisors (work with investment firms , advise on International related business, conduct international research etc)
– Journalist/Foreign Correspondent (work with news agencies and publications covering one or two international angles)
– Political Scientist/Risk Analyst (work for investment firms, insurance companies, conglomerates etc in collating and analysis of political risks in given countries or location prior to making investment and business decisions in such locations)
– Corporate Lobbyist (work for local and international businesses lobbying for favourable legislations and laws affecting your organisation’s line of business. This is a growing career opportunity)

Non Profit/NGO

– Relief Coordinator (work with local and international relief agencies)
– Fundraiser
– Risk Advisor
– International Educator
– Non Profit Management (run, or head key departments of non-profit institutions)
– Peace and Conflict Resolution (work in local and international agencies focused on resolving conflicts and promoting international peace)
– Think Tank/Scholars
– Law & Human Rights (pursue a career in international law and human rights)

There are some more careers any graduate of History and International Relations can pursue which may cut across the above mentioned three broad areas;

– Archivist
– Demographer
– Diplomat
– Foreign Affairs Analyst/Specialist (could work in NGOs, International and local media etc)
– Immigration Specialist
– Journalist
– Language Specialist
– Market Research Analyst
and so on.

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  1. Deetee says:

    Nice one. Very informative on careers in international relations in Nigeria

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  4. Rejoice says:

    Hi, please, i studied international relations in Obafemi Awolowo University and with experience as well….Can anyone help me with names of companies that need such? Thank you

  5. Ayinde Bolaji says:

    Well, Thanks for this update. I’m just seeking admission into The University Of Ilorin, This post would make aspiring students of HIS to focus more on our area of interest in the diverse aspects of the course. I prefer the Government aspect.

  6. phartees says:

    Encourage…… But please can i know the university and polytechnic that accept international relation as a course?

  7. sarah James says:

    Thanks for the info, but i need to know the names of private companies that i can work with.

  8. sarah James says:

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  9. Tobi says:

    Hi am in my final year in a private university and it is likely i finish with a second class lower division. please can i get a job in a big multi national company? Am studying History and International Relations. Thanks

  10. tobi says:

    sori, i wanna study history is it a gud cuz or nt becuz people say it hs no job opportunity

    • Stellamaris Obomanu says:

      Hello Tobi,
      There is no course that is not ‘good enough’to study. Follow your passion and people will pay you to do what you love.

  11. Sagacious says:

    Wer can one work Afta studying History and startagic studies

  12. Akindele says:

    Please help me out! I was given History and Diplomatic Studies in one of the Nigerian universities. What are the courses that one can do under the course in postgraduate? Likewise, how possible it is for someone to get employed?

  13. Adepoju adekunle says:

    Thanks for the new knowledge

  14. omos says:

    Pls am a graduate of ISD frm d University of Benin..I need a Job

  15. pauljimlas michael says:

    what are the waec and jamb subject combination for History and
    international relations

  16. abubakar says:

    Very intrestn

  17. Sir merit says:

    In jaemb i wrote math,eng,eco,govt so i want to ask,can i study international relation without history in uniben?

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  19. biszzywealth says:

    Pls am presently studying HIS In Eksu.pls which company in nig work outside d country with international relations course.

  20. victor says:

    hi. am in ss2 now wanting to study history and international relationship.what subjects should I write in my jamb and waec?

    • Bibian says:

      Victor . I believe these are humanitarian courses. Youd need to be in the Art class to study any of these , commercial maybe but no science courses required except MATHS,BIOLOGY,AGRIC MAYBE in WAEC ….. you need to go through your intended institutions brochure or website and check for the required subjects. Goodluck

  21. denaries says:

    is international studies and diplomacy recognized in nigeria and are they very much employed

  22. Kissdija says:

    Would u plz help me with career opportunities of HIS in Nigeria?….plz itz urgent u help

  23. nexy says:

    Thanks alot for this information. Am a graduate of Kogi State University. Studied History and International Studies. It’s bin difficult getting a job.Pls I need ur help.

  24. Evelyn says:

    It seems good here, because i’ve been looking for a forum that discus my course to always stop discouragement from my friends, fans, etc but now i’ve got one. This is a very good course and always try hard to achieve your passion and goal. Shun pride and be who you are.

  25. uche says:

    Pls can u help me research the federal universities that offer international relations and diplomacy in nigeria because I’ve searched d internet buy I’m not getting the info I need…..thank you

  26. angelina says:

    Please can a HIS graduate work outside nigeria

  27. Precious says:

    Very informative
    Please I’m in my third year
    History and international studies in delsu
    Is it possible for me to work in Canadian consulate

  28. atang izang says:

    I really want to thank the author for shedding more light into making a career in studying History and International Studies. This I found it very interesting as a professional Journalist who has had the rare privilege to cover Foreign/Diplomatic, Defence/Security and Parliamentary beats in my career of nearly 20 years. Right now I’m pursuing a degree in this field of study to widening my scope.

  29. Jibrin Abdul Mutalib says:

    the course is not selling in Nigeria… 7 year
    s out of the university,,, Read History and international study but yet…. I don’t sit idols,,I had apply almost all places,, school’s and the thing is just driving me insane…. maybe I need go for a second degree, see materials dey waist… and infact Nigerian government should introduced history class for primary schools and secondary in Nigeria… abi make I go lean mechanic at my age? advice please

  30. Promise Edafe says:

    Pls I need ur help…Were can someone that studied”History and International relation works?…Cos am confused o

  31. Promise Edafe says:

    Pls help me out!
    Were can someone that studied”History and International relations works in Nigeria? Help cos am confused!

  32. ALEXZANDRA says:

    HEllo frnds.. pls i just finished my jamb registration and the
    course am.going for is HISTORY AND INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS. pls am confused where can i work after studying this course(career opportunities) pls i sincerely need ur hlp

  33. dammy says:

    please admin i want to study history and international relation pls where can i work after studing the course

  34. patience inuwa says:

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  35. chidiebere says:

    please i need your help am in ss3 what are required subjects to study history and international relations in the university

  36. Gracious says:

    What are the course required to study history and international relation

  37. oludavid says:

    sir i hav my first degree in christian edu can go for history and international study’?

  38. jacy says:

    Pls what are the list of courses to study for masters after obtaining a degree in history and diplomatic studies….pls reply… thanks…

  39. maseko maurice says:

    wow;am the next one on line

  40. Ogbonna victor chinedu says:

    Pls, studying religion in unn but wants to go for pg in his/international studies.can that offer me a job.

  41. Nonye says:

    Prior to this time, i have been embarrassed severally with questions on where graduates of history and international studies could work.
    Thanks for the knowledge.

  42. Nonye says:

    As a history and international studies graduate, what course do I study for masters?

  43. deborah says:

    Tnx a lot am really enlightened

  44. lade says:

    hi, I just want to apply for the course because I love anything that deals with research and government I mean ( history and international studies)

  45. Joe says:

    Hi Admin.. Good day sir.. Pls sir, I studied History and Internaty Relations… And now, I want pursue my career further (MSC) in Peace and Conflict Resolutions…. I ASK; IS IT POSSIBLE PURSUE IT STRAIGHT?

  46. Yung Millz says:

    As a graduate of HIS
    were can someone work please need reply plz
    and how marketable is this courses
    is d course more marketable than public admin in Nigerian
    plz need your reply ….

  47. Endurance Ikoedem says:

    This is so amazing and educating.. I sincerely appreciate the admin for this information and awareness

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