Here’s Why You Should Never Allow Yourself Become Too Indispensable to Your Immediate Boss at Work

Most times we think it’s a good thing to be so much loved and needed by our direct supervisor, manager or boss. Think of it this way instead: Becoming so much useful and indispensable to your department head might cost in some other ways. The boss might be reluctant to let you move on to higher position because she would probably never get a replacement like you. During management meetings your direct manager could be the one preventing you from being promoted to the head office or away from his direct supervision.

Most career sites are filled with advice to make you indispensable in the office but the truth is becoming indispensable could mean something bad for your career progress.

The Danger of Not Being Promoted When Due

When your immediate superiors feel you can’t be done without in the department it may be a warning signal. This is more especially true in field related work. Some managers will be reluctant to move you from the field sales team to the sales management team if you are the star boy of sales. The reasoning could be that they can’t afford to lose your presence in the field.

There is a very real danger of being overlooked for promotion if the management thinks you are too useful in your current position and it would be difficult to find your replacement or an outright waste of human resources to push you up from that position

Being Passed Over for Training Programs

Opportunities for training programs are for employees who management might feel have the need for them. If you are a top performer and indispensable in your position they could decide not to waste precious weeks and months of your work period sending you on long training programs.

How to Ensure You Keep Alive Your Chances of Rising Beyond the Trappings of Your Department Head

Nothing in this article means or persuades you to lower your performance level in order not to be affected by indispensability.

To avoid getting affected by this you first need to acknowledge the subtle possibility. You will have to actively show interest in vacant positions that you are qualified for and let your superiors know you can transmit your top level performance to the higher position where you’ll potentially be more useful to the organisation.

Stop being busy doing every thing for your superior

Learn to indicate your interest to senior management

Learn to delegate: Don’t become the all-doer in your team. Let others learn what you know so you can be free to advance without anybody having reservations about being able to find your replacement.

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