Is Someone Making Job Applications On Your Behalf? Here are Pitfalls to Avoid

A good number of job seeking persons have had applications for jobs made on their behalf sometimes even without notice to the beneficiaries. While it may not be an entirely bad thing to have a brother or a friend looking out for suitable vacancies for you there are precautions to take if the applications made on your behalf are to result in successful job offers.

While on the job search lane you may not have the time and resources to learn of all the vacancies you may e interested in and so sometimes you might rely on a friend or relative to send in applications on your behalf. When a friend or relative makes a job application on your behalf to better enhance your chances of getting a job offer be sure to avoid the following;

Outdated CV

Be sure that friend helping you out with your job application has a copy of your current CV with your most recent qualifications, skills and experience. Asking your frein to send in just any CV of yours they have will amount to mostly timewasting if your CV does not show up to date information.

Irrelevant CV and Cover Letters

In many situations a graduate job seeker relies on a friend or brother to make applications for them with a single custom made CV and Cover letter without checking if the CV and Cover Letters are suited to each particular job being applied for.

Having that one CV submitted for you in response to several applications might mean that you end up not getting shortlisted. when a CV looks too generally crafted the chances of it making an impression on the employer becomes almost non-existent.

Not Getting the Job Details

I have interviewed a few candidates who when asked about the job they applied for show, by their answers, that they had not bothered to go through the job details and description. Even if you must have someone else make job applications for you be sure to aske them to outline for you the majore details and requirements for the job. Or better still get the link for the job and carefully assimilate the job information to give you a better handle at the interview.

Ignoring Information on the Source

There are few things worse than being unable to show how you came in contact with an advertised job information. Find out all you need about a job and avoid being caught unprepared and off-guard.

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