Career Opportunities for Archaeology Graduates in Nigeria

Archaeology is an ancient course that dates back to the early civilizations. These days however it is more difficult to embark on a fruitful career in archeology as the opportunities become even more scarce. There are less places where an archaeologist can work.

Careers in Archaeology

As an archaeology graduate or prospective graduate there are broad areas like the academia, government, non profits, museums etc where you can practice a meaningful career in archaeology.

Jobs for Archaeology Graduates

Here are some careers and jobs you can pursue as an archeology graduate;

Excavator: be part of archaeological excavation teams, rubber tracks for mini excavators required

Field Technician: handle excavation and conduct surveys

Project Archaeologist; writes proposals on archaeological projects, manages and supervises excavation work etc

Lecturer/Professor: Take a higher degree to teach archaeology in higher institutions

Curator: work in museums curating archaeological works

In Nigeria and most parts of Africa it will be tough finding excavators for rent near me and also to find well paid work as an archaeologist so it will help if you know of what you are pursuing in advance.

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  1. bee says:

    Pls let’s stop discouraging pple studying non professional courses though Lots of people studying archy is due to jamb cut off but they can still work in a financial institution and any other well paid jobs,so far they pass their test.

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