Are you Always Available? Job Search Story of One Tunde

The feeling of frustration has finally engulfed him after months and years of searching for job. One fateful morning something nudged him to check his email box, he reluctantly dragged himself up and picked up his shirt. Fumbling his breast pocket, he touched the ticket, he has done it, using 1 hour ticket he bought for four days is no mean feat. He smiled and silently praised himself for being a good manager.

He walked slowly towards the cyber cafe at the end of his street, just as he feared, the place was filled up when he got there. Tunde hissed under his breath cursing the cyber owner for not providing more computers. “Despite all the money he makes, he don’t want to provide better service” he muttered to himself.
After waiting for what seemed like ages, he finally got a space, he carefully unfolded the ticket and logged in. 10 Minutes left!! The computer popped up, he cursed again and proceeded to open his email.

Years of searching for job has taught Tunde how to use the internet fairly fast. When he first graduated over 5 years ago, he would spend hours to just apply for one job, he would get caught up in the worldwide web browsing through various websites aimlessly and end up achieving so little. Sometimes he would forget about his aim of visiting the cyber and start doing other things. Experience is the best teacher, Tunde has really learnt from experience. As He keyed in the site address in the address bar, he heard someone asking for help in opening an email account, he smiled silently again remembering he had done exactly the same years back. He confidently punched the enter key after entering the URL and sat back; he has committed most of the sites he visits regularly to his memory.

As his mailbox slowly loaded into view, he quickly scanned through the unread emails, filled with job vacancy alerts from various job sites he subscribed to. Over the years Tunde has subscribed to various sites but he had come to trust job alerts from one particular site, having been called for interview on several occasions after applying through it. As he was scanning through the unread emails one got his attention. The title was RE: Application for… his mind raced as he nervously clicked on the title.
“Yes!!” He exclaimed
Tunde has been offered and appointment in an ICT Firm; he scratched his head as he read the letter. He had attended the interview two weeks ago, he had seen the job through Twitter handle of his trusted job site. At first he was very reluctant to go, considering the distance. “Thank God I checked my email” he said.
Tunde had previously lost one appointment because he didn’t check his email on time, by the time he saw it and called the company, they told him they have taken someone else. As he recalled the experience, he thanked God again and muttered a silent prayer.

Tunde has learnt not to joke with his emails, he check it regularly even now he is employed and searching for better opportunities. When you apply for any job, its very important you keep all your contact channels up, check your emails regularly and keep your phones available.

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Writer’s note: The above story is a fiction narrating a real live experience. The name/picture used is fictional.
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