Best Lucrative Jobs for Introverts

Introverts are often mistaken for shy people; Introverts are more of concerned with thinking and inward reflection. They shun crowds and random meeting of strangers because they do not have the energy to involve in meeting people and exerting influence.

While being an introvert does not mean one cannot have conversations with other people they simply do not actively seek meetings and mingling with strangers.

Not all jobs may be good or adaptable to introverts so here we list some of the well paying jobs that will better suit you if you have an introverted personality.

In compiling this list the work value independence (defined as doing the work alone), Contact with Others, Face-to-Face Discussions, and Work With Group or Team were used to get the Introversion rating.

1. Financial Analysts : N3 – N5 million

2. Cost Estimator: N3 – N5 million

3. Accountants/Auditors: N3 – N5 million

4. Actuaries

5. Industrial Technicians & Mechanics

6. Operating Engineers

7. Environmental Scientists

8. Biochemists/Biophysicists

9. Operations Research Analyst

10. Statisticians

11. Medical and Clinical lab Technicians

12. Ship Engineers

13. Geographers

14. Insurance Underwriters

15. Epidemiologists

16. Anthropologists and Archeologists

17. Marine Engineers and Naval Architects

18. Mathematicians

19. Soil and Plant Scientists

20. Sociologists

21. Materials Engineers

22. Food Scientists and Technologists

23. Economists

24. Umpires, Referees, and Other Sports Officials

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