Looking to Become More Valuable at Work? Here are Five Ways to Help You Join the Elite Group of Important Team Members

It is always the desire of many to attain a certain level of importance and value at work with the attendant monetary and side benefits that come from a rise in status. Many dream and hope to rise faster through the ranks and join the elite group of employees; be it in a law firm striving for partnership level or in a bank seeking quicker rise through the ranks.

Keeping yourself in a job is more difficult than ever and you will have a lot to do if you are to join the few that earn both the prestige and reasonable wealth that comes with high employment status.

Becoming more valuable at work means putting yourself in a strong position to survive downsizings and dismissals. To do this you will have to attain a certain level of indispensability and importance to the culture of your workplace. Here are five ideas to help you gain the strong foothold in your workplace and climb higher to the point where the untouchables are found.

Strategic Learning

When you are looking to rise in your chosen career path it is important you learn new ideas but even more important that you learn strategically. You have to foresee what knowledge and skill set you need to not only excel but stay ahead of the pack in your field and work hard to acquire them. When you do not have people power the only other thing you can rely on is your Knowledge Power.

CEOs and Bosses will always need smart, knowledgeable but still humble lieutenants who they can depend on to carry out highly important tasks and keep the organisation running at full steam. Position yourself to be very much needed by your manager or supervisor.

However I must note that learning without the astute skill of applying that learning in the right situations might earn you nothing more than afew accolades. You must know how to get closer to the decision makers up the ladder with your knowledge. This takes us to the next tip.

Cultivate the Right Relationships

In today’s workplace and business world the importance of networks and relationships have never diminished instead we see stronger relevance of connections in the business world. While people scream that there are no jobs others get hired. Companies don’t hire people, companies aren’t human. People are the ones who hire people.

While it will be foolhardy seeking to exploit relationships with no substance to push your rise through the corporate ladder you will stand a very good chance of reaching the zenith of your career path if you can build and nurture valuable and strategic relationships and connections around your stellar industry knowledge.

Having the right relationships to back up your knowledge will not just ensure you survive upheavals but help push you higher into the places where many dream to be career wise.

Taking Initiaves

A very good majority of people do only what they are asked to do in the job brief and go home. They add nothing more and touch nothing that requires some thinking and acting outside the limit of their normal job description. The few who take the risk to tackle some issue or challenge outside their normal work scope either fail or succeed and when they succeed they find themselves climbing quicker up the path.

When you are seen as not afraid to take initiative in certain situations and put in your best you get more responsibility from your bosses. Provided you know how to maximise the opportunity you can actually put yourself in a stronger career footing.

Become an Authority

Th internet has liberalised the possibilities of gaining authority level in one’s career. Decades before you had to have access to publishers to push out high value content. Today with the combination of social media and real time publishing solutions you can strategically build a reputation in your career path

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