Relocating to Nigeria? How to Kickstart Your Career If You Just Returned Home

Increasing numbers of people seem to want to come home from various parts of the globe if discussions in various online fora is to be believed. For many professionals and career individuals it seems coming back home is something with a special appeal on one hand and a good dose of uncertainty on the other hand given the high prevalence of unemployment, difficulty in accessing finance and poor infrastructure.

These seem to deter positive minded Nigerians abroad who might want to come back and contribute their quota to nation building and likewise tap into our much touted huge possibilities for career and business growth.

The Ngcareers team has thought over this peculiar issue for sometime and we finally decided to dive into getting valuable information on what it takes to leave everything abroad and attempt to kickstart a career back home in face of daunting challenges and uncertainties.

We are not in a position to say if taking the leap to come home is a good decision or not. Circumstances vary a lot; some graduates from foreign schools come in to find it extremely tough getting good job opportunities while for some working persons abroad they come home and settle to pretty okay jobs and life goes on. We rather sought for answers for those Nigerians who might have the urge to come back and be productive in their chosen careers.

Our Country Nigeria

Nigeria is a country of enigmas and uncertainties. We love it and hate it at the same time. For some they would never think of staying one bit (if they had the chance to take off to an European, Asian or even South American country)while some others wonder how people find Nigeria unappealing.

The individual’s level of love and tolerance for the country will play a part on how he copes in the event of returning.

What to Consider

Like earlier stated the main issue is not jumping on the next plane from your location to Nigeria. What puts many off among other things is the possibility or impossibility (if you like) of having a fruitful career pursuit in Nigeria. There are many stories of well trained graduates who spent years in good foreign universities acquiring education for an anticipated career who turn up in Nigeria and months later are struggling to get gainfully employed.

Thus before making the decision to come back to Nigeria pause to have your options weighed. According to Dr. Sylvester Omosun Fadal if you plan on relocating to Nigeria for career and business pursuits you had better be prepared.

He advises to be clear on which particular state and environment you will be staying trying as much as possible to choose neighbourhood with some level of decency and comfort. If you end up in some neighbourhood you may find it tougher to cope depending on how long and accustomed you have become to your European, US or Asian abode.

Understand the Society and Adapt

Don’t expect officials and government agents to do what they are supposed to do the way you find them abroad. If you come home driving a flashy SUV you could be stopped more often by policemen on the road (though we still think that is debatable).

You will provide for your own security, power etc. A nice generator will do for power while for your security you have to be a bit more conscious of who you hang out with and things you say to people. Avoiding being ostentatious will save you some security headaches.

What are your Career Choices?

Now to the career issue you will have to determine first what sort of career you envisage pursuing in Nigeria when you come down. Are there grwoing opportunities for that sort of career? Many make the mistake of coming down hoping that their sophisticated degrees from oversea universities will do the trick. They soon realise that for some of the fields and career paths they want to toe there are very few opportunities and the horizon for them isn’t even growing.

Make your research on possible areas and sectors where you could secure jobs with the current qualifications you have.

Making the Right Enquiries

Ask friends and family (if you have any in Nigeria) to give you a better picture of opportunities in that field.

And beware of over qualification. Be ready to tone down you CV for some jobs so as not to scuttle your chances because you appear so over qualified. Surprisingly many returnees above 30 with several degrees and decent work history abroad don’t realise this.

Exploring the Opportunities

Even before you start coming down embark on the search already. Join platforms to connect with opportunities, ask questions on issues and keep abreast of developing opportunities in your areas of interest.

Hopefully your returnee story will turn out great and you’ll discover after all that Nigeria (with its baggages) is still an exciting place to be.

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  1. Rammy says:

    Lovely piece of information……I. Can totally relate to this. People except situations to be rosey on return, its better to be realistic and realize that like with other things in life; persevarance, smart work and consistency is a must for a good settlement back home.

    • Andy Chuks says:

      exactly why the point of the article is to point out potential troublesome areas and aspects of relocating back to Nigeria for career purposes. We hope it proves useful to readers who need this. Thanks for stopping by

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