The New Way to Discover New Jobs You Are Interested in On Ngcareers

We have been at work developing new features to help users on Ngcareers identify and easily apply to new job opportunities on Nigeria’s number one career platform.

Yesterday we launched the new Ngcareers site that comes with better job search functionality and career discovery features.

The New Ngcareers And How it Works

On the homepage of Ngcareers new site the job search bar is very visible and enables any person search for jobs based on the type of jobs he is interested in eg ” Account Officer” as well as select a location eg “Lagos” to see results on jobs in that location he selected that matches the job keyword he searched for.

It is also now easier to browse new jobs by industry, specialisation and location. Clicking on the “Browse Jobs by Location” brings you to a list of all states in Nigeria so you can click on the state of interest eg Enugu to see all latest jobs in that particular state.

The “Browse Jobs by Specialisation” button helps users select jobs by the particular specialisation of interest. There are over 20 job specialisations by which any user can search for jobs.

The featured jobs are more prominent and can easily be checked through on the homepage by any user.

Superb and Exciting New Features

We have introduced a means of making it super easy to get updates on jobs of your choice right on your user dashboard and also making it very easy to apply for jobs by just clicking on the apply button.

If you have created a profile on Ngcareers you no longer need a CV to apply for jobs. Just be sure to log in and update your profile then click on the apply button for any job you wish to apply for your CV profile to be forwarded to the employer. As simple as that!

Creating a CV Profile on Ngcareers is fast and easy with our CV Profile Builder that arranges your CV leaving you to only type the personal data, work experience, education, skills, etc.

How to Get Updates on Relevant Jobs on Your Dashboard

When completing your Ngcareers profile you will be prompted to select one industry where you will like to get updates on important career information and also select not more than 2 specialisation or categories where you will like to receive job updates. After that you can login to your Ngcareers account at any time to see 5 latest jobs that match the specialisation you selected at any time. With these you don’t need to worry about getting jobs that match what you want as you will easily see new jobs that you like everytime you log in.

Searching and Applying for Jobs is now made easy. Simply Create an Ngcareers Account and start discovering new jobs and career opportunities

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