How Not To Make Your Co-Workers Hate You

At work there is always some co-worker whose guts is hated by others. Here’s how not to be that person who puts her co-staff off.

Don’t Be Lazy

Nothing is going to turn off your more illustrous co-workers than having you unable to do your duties and instead handing over bits of your work to others. This minute you are asking a favour from one person the next you are trying to push a bit of work on your nearest team member.

You Are Never Wrong

If you never seem to accept a different view other than yours on issues bordering on the work you and your co-workers are doing it is a quick way to make them less warm to you. It doesn’t make for an exactly cool relationship with your team members when you don’t shoft grounds and don’t accept being wrong even when you are.

Non Professional Behaviour

Gossiping, talking too much about personal details, leaving bits of food around for others to clean etc are some of the ways you can be unprofessional at work. If you work in a 21st century tech company chances are the work environment will be relaxed and casual however you still require a certain level of professionalism at the workplace if you desire to have the respect of your team members.

To develop a cohesive and mutual work environment with your co-workers require that you do all you can to be on good, civil terms with your colleagues. While you may not necessarily be on the joke and banter level with everyone the above are ways to avoid being seen negatively by your co-workers.

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