Ever Wondered What’s Wrong With Your CV? How to Get a Top Quality CV in 2 Minutes

It is a recurring decimal for most individuals seeking to land a better job; they keep complaining that they send tons of CVs in response to numerous job applications and yet get no response. And if you think it’s a Nigerian problem you are wrong.

In online forums the issue keeps coming up and from our vantage point we have seen lots of ill-prepared CVs. Many of those who complain of not getting considered for jobs are guilty of not having good CVs to start with.

Previously we had a CV and Cover Letter service at Ngcareers that helps career individuals inexperienced at creating strong, captivating CVs to build the CV and Cover Letter that strengthens their chances at getting noticed. Now as part of our evolving process we have developed a simple to use CV Profile Builder for any career focused individual to use in creating their own fantastic CV in a matter of few minutes. The CV Profile Builder takes care of issues of design, arrangement and categorisation of your CV so all you have to do is enter the words that match your situation under each sub-heading.

In creating this we have taken cognizance of the various important points in quality CV Creation. These are things you consider as crucial to the final look and impact of your CV.

Important Things That Make a CV Attractive (Design & Layout, Title, Content Arrangement, etc)

Most times people overlook the importance of attractive design in CV Creation. If your CV is unpleasing to the eye it doesn”t encourage the recruiter/employer to take a second detailed look before discarding especially where there are hundreds and possibly thousands of others to consider. If your CV design looks ugly and jampacked, with the sections juxtaposed in an uninviting way you send a message across to the recruiter as a totally unorganised or unattractive prospect. Remember your CV is your spokesman in your absence and if your representative looks scrabby you stand little chance of being invited to prove yourself in person.

The Layout is equally important in that it helps make your CV highly readable. When sections of your CV like the Personal data, Education, Experience sections etc are finely distinguishable and well arranged it invariably induces the employer to scan through your entire CV more easily and in the process decide if he is going to shortlist your CV for further consideration.

Key Sections of a Modern CV

Many jobseekers (mostly the inexperienced ones) seem not to know the various important sections of a modern CV. With the CV Profile Builder on Ngcareers we have strived to outline the key sections under which the career individual can easily input the required data. We noticed that many times some people overlook creating a skills section in their CV. With our new Profile creation on Ngcareers you can easily enter the key tangible skills you have acquired. We have equally made it possible for employers to filter and search for candidates with specific skills so the more defined and relevant you skill the more chances you have coming up for consideration when you apply for jobs.

The Online Profile Builder

Ngcareers is the country’s first career platform with the simple mission to “Help Career Focused Individuals Search, Discover and Share Career Advancement Opportunities and relevant insights/information” With that in mind we have made it very easy for a user that signs up to easily create a top quality CV in minutes and choose areas of interest where he or she can easily get updates on relevant information and opportunities. The Online Profile Builder thus eliminates the need to pay anyone to create a CV for you.

You can fast-track your career on Ngcareers. Start Now by Creating an Attractive Profile

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