Job Search Tips for Introverts

If you are quiet instead of sociable, would rather know a few people than meet many people each month and make new friends; If you always prefer spending your time alone and reflecting inwardly and always avoid being the focus or being part of a crowd then you are most probably and introvert.

Being tagged an introvert doesn’t mean a person is anti-social, scary, wicked or any of those sorts.It’s rather a personality that prefers to

Introverts have one common attribute; they rarely like going out to meet strangers. They would rather stay within their network than actively seek out new associates. They certainly do not look forward to cold calling for job (who even does?). Job hunting could be really more difficult for someone if he absolutely hates having to pitch people, persuade and meet a whole lot of strangers.

So what options are there for you if you are an introvert and searching for job?

1. Create a Formidable Online Presence

The growing influence of social media means that you can utilise the set of available tools to make yourself more visible to recruiters and employers without having to do a lot of face to face meetings and pitching. You can start by creating an Ngcareers profile and selecting the types of industry opportunities you want to get. LinkedIn and Twitter are also excellent ways for an introvert person to start connecting and learning to overcome the issue of meeting strangers.

The advantage of having an online presence is that you will invariably be able to directly target and attract the attention of those people you want to work for or with. It’s not very easy though and requires some level of patience to build up reasonable contacts and connections that will in time prove useful in your job search.

2. Research and Use the Target Job Search Approach

For introverts it doesn’t work to target every job and approach every recruiter or HR manager. Profile what you want to commit your time to and it will be easier for you to focus on getting the attention of the few you shortlist. When you have got an idea of the organisations or indusrty you will focus on it then helps to know all you need to know about the culture of those organisations.

For the introvert the Ten Step Job Hunting Strategy will prove very useful and effective.

3. Read Dale Carnegie’s book

No matter what you may think job search will always involve some level of personal interaction and it is vital you learn to study others and interact with them. Understanding what makes other empathic and gets them to do what you want is what How To Make Friends and Influence People is all about. Dale Carnegie’s book has practical use for a business person as well as a jobseeker.

4. Find Your Passion

An introvert doesn’t really seem like one anymore once he becomes involved with something that he is passionate about. Looking for opportunities in areas where you have the passion will make you lose much of your reserved nature as the zeal to prove yourself in that area will show.

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