Career and Job Opportunities for Tourism Graduates in Nigeria

Tourism has long been regarded as a serious means of income earner for the country though has been sidelined while focus is on Oil and Energy resources.

For a country like Kenya that pulls in majority of its foreign exchange earnings through Tourism it is clear that equally huge opportunities in Tourism abound in Nigeria. Recently more interested is slowly being awakened as to the potentials of the tourism industry in Nigeria. The National Tourism Development Corporation and other stakeholders realise that tourism could do much more for the country’s economy.

Th focus in this article is to reveal income earning and career potentials and opportunities that individuals who possess a degree or equivalent qualification in Tourism can attain to.

Careers in Tourism in Nigeria

Though Nigeria’s tourism sector is still grossly under-utilised there are emerging job and career opportunities that anybody with the qualifications can attain to.

Travel Manager (Travel/Club Agencies, Holiday booking agencies, government travel related agencies and institutions etc)
Bar Tender (opportunities exist for exotic work in high class bars, restaurants catering to tourists and visitors)
Catering Manager
Customer Service Attendant (this is a well sought after requirement in hotels, resaturants, etc where smart, cordial attendance to visitors and customers are important)
Sales & Marketing
Event Manager/Coordinator
Ferry Boat Captain
Flight Attendant
Front Desk Agent (airlines, travel clubs/agencies, hotels, resorts etc)
Games Manager at The Official AGEN judi online SBOBET Casino Slots Jawarabet Game (casinos etc)
Golf Club Manager
Housekeeping Attendant
Tour Guide
Museum Curator
Night Club Manager
Public Relations Officer
Rental Agent
Taxicab/Limousine Driver
Information Counsellor
Travel Writer/Photographer
Volunteer Coordinator

These are some of the careers you can pursue in Tourism and Tourism related areas. You will of course follow any of them based on your passion as most careers in tourism have reasonable amount of person-to-person interaction.

Some Areas Where You Can Pursue Careers in Tourism

Hospitality (Hotels, restaurants, luxury clubs, casinos etc)
Travel (Travel Agnecies, Airlines, Tour Guides, Transport Companies, Aviation Agencies)
Publishing (Tour guides, lifestyle magazines, publications, photography etc)
Real Estate (Lease & Rent Companies, etc)


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