Tips for Searching for and Getting a Job in the Not-for-Profit Sector

It is often seen as many career individuals struggle to land jobs in mainstream and well known sectors and industries that they often overlook the fact that the Non-Profit sector has one of the most comfortable careers possible. In many not for profit organisations you do work that you actually care about and that impacts on your immediate environment and people positively.

It may appear that the Not for Profit (or Non-Governmental) organisations are places where mostly women work but there are equally opportunities for men as well in almost all areas of not-for-profit work.

If you are seeking a career in the Not-For-Profit area where your zeal to help better humanity will manifest to the fore you will do well to consider some of the important tips below. They will not only help make your job search in the Non-Governmental/Not-for-Profit sector effective but will help you actually get a job there that you will care about and enjoy.

What Sector of Non-Profit (NGO) Work Do You Wish to Do

It is not enough to just want to work in the Not-for-Profit sector you have to be clear on where your passions are as there are many types of Non-Profit organisations focusing on key, seperate issues such as Youths development, Women and Gender Issues, HIV/AIDs, Child Trafficking, Charity etc. Non-Profit Work has to be in an area where you are comfortable and have the passion to put in your best so you will be better positioned if you choose to work in areas that align with your passion.

Just as in for-profit organisations NGOs and NFPs (Not-for-profits) also have departments such as finance, marketing/publicity, operations, statistics etc and it is left for you to decide if you are going to work in any of the departmental capacities or just go straight into the advocacy and development aspects which is mostly what many people do at Not for Profit Organisations.

Finding Not For Profit Organisations to Work for

Non-Profit organisations are either local or international and pay can vary wildly from organisation to organisation. Seeking to work in Non-Profit will mean setting aside money as the primary consideration (though many of the international agencies and some local well funded organisations pay well enough) and looking for organisations with objectives that match what you wish to do.

You can start your search by checking out latest Jobs in Not-for-Profit/NGO in Nigeria on our career site. As stated earlier you could work as a driver, accountant, statistician, biologist, economist, community developer, country manager etc in an NGO as NGOs are well run organisations that have several departments. The work you settle for will depend on what you wish to do.

You can also search out the various viable Non-Profit organisations in Nigeria and start sending in introductory application letters whether they have any listed vacancy or not.

What Skills Do You Need

Depending on what areas of the non-profit sector you wish to work in you will need to find out what skills you need to be considered. Check out previous related vacancies for similar positions and identify the key capabilities you will be required to have.


In the non-profit sector networks and referrals work well. Find out someone you know who works in a reputable Non-Profit organisation and start getting information on how you can secure opportunities in the sector. If you have little or no prior skills and experience you should be willing to start as a volunteer or work on a part time basis.

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