What Career Opportunities Are There for an English Literature Degree Holder

As a country that has the English language as an official language studying English literature can be done in many of our higher institutions. However the challenge for anyone seeking to pursue a career in English Literary studies are huge as there aren’t that many choices aside the teaching business.

There are no specific career routes strictly in English Literature rather it is a field of learning that branches of to several career paths which one can pursue based on interests. It is not in itself a professional course that leads to defined professional career routes.

If you have a background in English or English literature you could easily veer off into careers in marketing, advertising, communication, social and welfare etc.

English Literature students might find it not easy to pin-point the career they want to pursue. It is rather a field that lets you move into a few areas based on your interests. To do some of them may require little more specific training on the particular career choice even though the literature degree gives a good base.

Here are some careers and jobs you can pursue as an English Literature major;

– Writer/Author(playwriting, fiction writing, poetry, feature writing)
– Editorial Assistant (print, online media)
– Journalist (print, online, radio, tv media)
– Lexicographer (printing & publishing, etc)
– Teacher (Primary, Secondary School)
– Lecturer (a post graduate degree needed)
– Librarian (public and private libraries)
– Information Officer (NGOs, Agencies, Business Organisations, government institutions)
– Marketing Executive (business organisations)
– Copywriter (advertising, pr agencies)
– Arts Administrator (schools, galleries, theaters etc)
– Records Manager (archives, museums, publishing etc)

To enhance you career search below are some vitals skills you should have as an English Literature graduate

– sound written and verbal communication skills
– organisation and time management
– critical reasoning and anaylsis
– Ability to use and manipulate words
– articulating and understanding texts, ideas and theories
– creative thinking

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