Careers in Nigeria: What Career Opportunities for Fine Art Graduates in The Nigerian Job Market

Fine Art may not be a very popular course of study in Nigeria because it requires a certain amount of inherent skill to nurture and grow to producing works of art. The good thing about Fine art is that it has several dimensions and avails the graduates from the field various avaenues to pursue a fulfilled career.

Though it takes much to become a commercially succesfull artist there are options available for any fine art graduate with the limitations being the person’s imagination.

Fine art graduates develop a range of skills (creative and practical) that they can use in starting lucrative careers.

It is common for art graduates to be penniless or ppor for sometime after graduation as there aren;t that much jobs for these set of people in the current commerce driven economy. Most find themselves setting out on their own to put their creative skills and knowledge into good use.

What Jobs and Careers Can Fine Art Graduates Do?

According to Margaret Holbrough, careers adviser at Graduate Prospects, “Fine art graduates often specialise in a particular form of art such as painting, drawing, installations, sculpture or printmaking but finding regular work or a permanent job as an artist is not easy and for some, self-employment, short-term residencies or commissions are the main career opportunities,”

Some of the Careers Fine Art Graduates Can Pursue Include

– Teaching (teaching fine art studies in secondary schools and higher institutions though the latter might require a higher degree)
– Curator (Museums and Galleries)
– Printmaking (possible in various industries)
– Management and Administration (Gallery and commercial art shop management)
– Multimedia Management (skills from fine art can be transfered to multimedia creation and management)
– Professional Artist (run your own art gallery and studio creating sculptural works, drawings and paintings. Will require some business savvy)
– Illustrator (creat graphics, cartoons and illustrations for publications such as newspapers, magazines and book publishers)
– Industrial Design
– Product Designer
– Graphics Artist (can work in advertising, publishing etc)
– Animator (for movie and film organisations, animation studios etc)
– Packaging Designer (manufacturing & production)
– Costume and Fashion Designer (broad skills learnt in fine and applied arts can be utilised here to work for fashion and clothing lines designing wears and costume)
– Painting
– Art Historian
– Art Educator

and so on.

Embarking on a Successful career is dependent on your creativity and zeal. You will then focus on the area you wish to exploit and apply dedication.

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