Career Opportunities for Soil/Plant Science Graduates

Who is a Soil and Plant Scientist

According to National Resources Conservation Service a soil scientist studies the upper few meters of the Earth’s crust in terms of its physical and chemical properties; distribution, genesis and morphology; and biological components. On the other hand a Plant Scientist is described as a Biologist specialised in the study of plants. In many schools these two fields are combined in a single course of study. A soil/plant scientist needs a strong background in the physical and biological sciences and mathematics

Soil and plant scientists are working extensively to develop technology that will improve plant and crop yield, keep the soil robust for agricultural purposes and allow plant commodities to be used as sustainable sources of fuel.

What Soil and Plant Scientists Do

Most soil and plant scientists work in various fields of agriculture such as agricultural companies, commercial farms or government entities to monitor plant and food products, as well as use new technology to increase crop yield, deal with various pest control and disease management issues (source: BBELAK – Pest Control Experts in Los Angeles, CA) and provide sustainable models that give the most for a consumer or company’s resources.

Career Opportunities for Soil/Plant Scientists

There are a host of areas that soil and plant scientists can work. Some of the possible career opportunities include;

– Forest Reserve and Conservation (Government Agencies, Conservation focused NGOs etc)
– Land Management & Conservation
– Crop and Plant Research (Agro research Institutes, Government Agro related agencies, etc)
– Research Professors (Educational Institutions and Research Institutes)
– Landscaping

Some Jobs that can be held by Soil or Plant Science graduates include

– Farm and agriculture inspectors
– Water conservationists
– Food science workers and nutritionists
– Wetland specialist
– Watershed technician
– Hydrologist with Board of Health
– Environmental technician
– State soil and water quality specialist
– Soil Conservationist
– County Agricultural Agent
– Landscaping business
– Farming
– On-site evaluation
– Crop consultant
– Soil scientist, mapping and interpretation, U.S. Department of Agriculture
– Research technician
– Conservation planner
– District marketing manager for an agricultural firm
– County conservationist
– Crop production specialist
– Research scientist

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