Career Opportunities for Architecture Graduates in Nigeria

Architecture is a course of study that deals with the process of planning, designing and constructing buildings and physical structures. It is a field that normally extends to five or more years of study befor one can bag a degree and license to operate as a certified architect.

Architecture is a field with rich historical background dating as far back as the early civilizations.

In Nigeria getting a degree in architecture is a rigorous process taking nothing less than five years. In most cases after this you will work under an architectural and construction design firm to hone practical skills. Then there is the Architects Registration Council of Nigeria (ARCON) where all aspiring architects must obtain their professional certification to practice.

What Do Architects Do?

Architects are primarily designers. They need to know the properties of all materials and keep up to date on new ones like Hastelloy that are invented, they need to know their strengths and their limitations, they need to know this as well as they know the palm of their hand. They design all sorts of buildings and physical structures. Architects can differ in their styles of designing.

Careers for Architects

It is argued in several quarters online that there are hardly new jobs for architects. This may be true to some extent in developed countries where there aren’t huge amounts of design and construction work going on. However in developing nations like Nigeria especially in emerging towns and cities there are increasing projects involving design and construction of buildings and other heavy structures. Still the available jobs for architects may not be as huge and there certainly is great competition for the few jobs available.

Architecture Graduates can find work in some of these areas;

– Industrial Design
– Road and Civil Construction
– Federal and State Civil Engineering Departments
– Full Fledged Architectural Firms
– Housing Corporations
or even set up shop on their own as consultant Architects and Designers

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