8 Ways to Boost Your Confidence and Become a Better Person at Work

Being confident certainly contributes to the quality of work you do and if you are in a career path where you meet with clients, associates and business prospects a lot exuding confidence can be very important to closing deals.

Here are five tips to becoming more confident at work, overcoming weaknesses and becoming a more effective professional.

1. Recognise Your Weaknesses

Self awareness is a characteristics of confident and successful people. Being aware of your shortcomings and working on them is vital to developing the right confidence to approach your work. To work better for instance you need to recognise your strengths and weaknesses as regards your work. It may be that you work better in the morning hours and tend to get distracted as the day wears on. Knowing some of these things about your habits and qualities will help you plan your work better and achieve more than you thought possible

2. Change Your Point of View

Non-confident people always seem to think they are being cheated or adversely affected by others. A change of thinking will make you realise that you also have an effect on the people around you and not just the other way round.

Rather than believe others have so much effects on you it is better you understand that you hold your own aces. You progress at your workplace to a large extent will depend on you; your actions, performance and relationships with other team members. Having a change of perspective may be all you need to become better at work.

3. Project the Right Image of You

Stop complaining, looking for excuses and take on your work with confidence projecting the image and reputation you want for yourself. Conclude on how you want to be perceived in the work place: as a goal-getter instead of a whiner, a confident performer instead of lazy team member. Then go all out and start acting out the new image you wish to project for yourself. Bosses and co-workers will always relate with you based on the image you project.

4. Have a Plan With Clear Goals

You discover that when a man has a plan and tangible goals to pursue it has a positive effect on his confidence and how he goes about his work. Not having a plan for your career means you will appear unfocused. Create simple plans for how you intend to advance your career and the goals you want to achieve for yourself at various points in future. Be sure to glance through your goals every day or so to keep your mind refreshed and focused on where you are headed. Having goals to meet and an agenda to achieve will do wonders for both your confidence and your work performance.

5. Surround Yourself With Winners

A very important factor that affects our overall confidence and performance level in life is our relationships. If you move with the wrong set of people at work and friends you aren”t doing yourself much good. Pick your associates and make sure each one has benefits you can get from being associated with him or her. Trying to become a top salesman? Make friends with the guys who pull in the biggest sales annually at the office. Learn their tricks, watch how they go about their business and sharpen your own skills.

Expand your network of valuable individuals and professionals and learn all you can from the A list performers.

6. Be Happy and Enjoy Your Work

If you can truly make yourself happy and find ways to make your job enjoyable you will certainly perform better at that job.

7. Know Your Organisation

The value of knowing all you can about the place you work is that it will equip you with the knowledge and in turn confidence. Knowledge begets confidence. The more you understand your company’s culture, structure and how they rate people the better you can slot in and perform according to the demands of your superiors.

8. Act Confident

Finally putting all you have read into practice you still need to act confident even if you are not yet confident. Consciously acting and talking confidently will in no time make you confident in the real sense. If you have ever led a team that needed convincing you know your level of confidence exhibited will determine if they follow you to the hilt or not. In some cases I have had to convince people to join my project just through sheer confidence. All the bolts and nuts do not have to be in place.

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