10 Cities With The Highest Job Growth in Nigeria (Qtr1 2013)

There is certainly acute shortage of jobs in the country as hundreds of thousands of graduates pour into the already saturated labour market in search of scarce jobs. The job growth statistics in Nigeria for 2013 may be unclear but across the country some cities witnessed the slightest increase in available jobs.

For instance in January 2013 about 500 jobs were advertised from various locations while February saw close to 650 new jobs advertised.

While some parts of the country witnessed several new job opportunities some others were more or less stagnant.

Top Ten Cities With The Most Jobs in Quarter 1

1. Lagos:

Indisputably Nigeria’s commercial center Lagos is certainly the place where most of the new job opportunities in the country are. With over 1,950 new jobs in the first three months of 2013 Lagos clearly had a lion share of the country’s job opportunities. Not that it needed telling.

2. Abuja:

Nigeria’s capital is not the best of places to find new jobs. It has long been a preserve of contract chasing businessmen and their political counterparts and not certainly a place where small and medium businesses thrive. A total of 500+ new jobs were advertised in Abuja in quarter 1 of 2013.

3. Rivers (Port Harcourt)

More than 50% of available new jobs in the oil state was for Oil, Gas, Energy sectors. Port Harcourt was the third in job growth for the period with slightly more than 320 new jobs advertised.

The rest of the top ten cities with the most job opportunities are as follows;

4. Ogun

85 new jobs

5. Kaduna

73 new jobs

6. Akwa Ibom

57 new jobs

7. Anambra

55 new jobs

8. Enugu

58 new jobs

9. Cross River

54 new jobs

10. Abia

49 new jobs

Notes: Many more jobs become available in Nigeria and get filled through various informal and back channels and these jobs don’t get captured by us. The statistics above are based on jobs published only Ngcareers.

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  1. Banjo says:

    The rate is still too slow compared to the rate at which people are graduating and coming back to Nigeria after Masters. I hear banks are even firing people en mass.

  2. Jubrilsteven says:

    this is serious, Nigeria this days has something else,

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