Job Search and Application Mistakes That Cost Jobseekers The Chance to Get Jobs

In recent times many job seekers don’t take their careers serious and each time they fail to receive a call up after a job application. I have received numerous mails of job seekers asking for any available vacancy, yet when they are provided with that they still don’t succeed. This is simply because there are lots of ways you go wrong while applying for those dream job.

Job Search
As an internet user searching for a suitable job for yourself, there are search tools and tactics you need apply. Many do not know about this and therefore keep searching for a particular job over months and still unsuccessful. I will show you the tips and steps to follow while searching for a job.

Devoted Time
90 percent of job hunters fail to get a work for themselves because they fail to create much time while searching for their dream job. most of you spend huge time chatting on social medias, but when it comes to searching for your future/career you give it less time.

Search Your Niche
Save your time and energy by focusing more on job listings that match your location and position. Firstly many job seekers make blunt mistakes, applying for a job that has the location they may not be able to relocate to. For instance a company may be recruiting for a HR manager who will be based in Abuja but your location is in Enugu, it is not advised to apply for that job unless you will be able to relocate and aside this your chance of getting that particular job is zero.

There are thousands of vacancies that comes up everyday and if you Learn how to apply for that particular position you will be able to strive well under little or no supervision, applying for jobs that somehow relates to your position may drop your chance of getting the job in terms of matching your CV.

Job Description/details
I am coming to a conclusion that most job seekers don’t bother about reading the “job description” or rather they do not pay good attention while reading. Its unprofessional and may cost you the chance of getting a job.

A company may be currently recruiting for a HR Manager and clearly stated that it will not be able to provide any relocation assistance because they feel it is not necessary but candidates who fail to read those job details go ahead to apply and on the process fail to get a call up. I have seen this happen severally and candidates normally will blame the company whereas they were the ones that failed to pay attention or read the full job details.

Many job seekers fail to get a job for themselves as a result of taking their time required for reading the job description on comments. Commenting on a particular job is not necessary for a job seeker but still not bad. As a website administrator I will appreciate if candidates bookmark or save a website’s URL and may be come back after a successful or unsuccessful job application to thank or criticize the website either for making those jobs available for them or for posting an invalid job.

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  2. Nice post on job searching, and you are correct when you say too many job seekers are wasting time on social media instead of focusing on their job search!

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