Factors to Consider While Looking for High Paying Jobs

While it is understandable that when looking for a job you will most likely search for the highest paying jobs in the country. However, it is important to note that a job may appeal to be high paying on the basis of the annual salary offered but salary is not the sole determinant for a high paying job.
In fact there are many other factors that must also be considered while looking for a job before you deem it to be the highest paying one. These factors if absent, could mean that you would land up with a job that does indeed pay the highest salary but does not offer other compensations.

Doctors, Lawyers and IT professionals for instance are amongst the highest paying careers per se, if income through fees and salary were to be taken into account. However at an assistant or junior level, there is no concept of overtime or commission in these jobs that would otherwise help you to make additional income.

Sometimes thus, executives in sales, retail and marketing could be making more through commissions and overtime than their colleagues working as dental assistants and junior IT consultants hired on a substantial but fixed salary. Hence the following factors must be considered when the question of ‘what are highest paying jobs’ arises.

1. Overtime: A Dental assistant’s job may be amongst the highest paying but also has very long working hours and there is no guarantee of any overtime compensation for the same. Hence consider jobs that pay hourly and compensate well for overtime worked as well.

2. Commission: This not only makes less paying jobs more financially lucrative than the so assumed highest paying jobs but also helps to keep you motivated to work harder. Consider jobs that don’t necessarily offer high salaries but also give perks, rewards and bonuses often.

3. Leaves: You are permitted certain number of leaves or days off. If these are a considerable amount, great. If not, your salary will be cut for every extra day you take off. Thus it is important that you take number of days off into account when deciding whether your job is indeed amongst the highest paying.

4. House allowance: Some jobs permit rent allowance over and above the salary. However, if this is something you have to pay from your fixed salary, it is a huge expense and your high paying job may not be as lucrative as you think.

Hence, don’t judge a job on the basis of salary alone and consider it to be the highest paying. Remember to take other factors into account as well.

Omdutt Sharma writes for America’s Job Exchange. America’s Job Exchange (AJE) is a leading destination for employers and job seekers seeking best-in-class solutions for online recruitment advertising and OFCCP compliance.

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