Unemployed Graduate Who Spent His Last $500 on a Billboard is Now Employed: Spends His First Salary on Another Board

Remember the guy we wrote about sometime ago who used his last $500 to put up a billboard asking employers to hire him? Well he finally got a job with a top advetising agency.

Adam Pacitti says he got about 100 job offers after his billboard ad went viral. Media Company KEO then hired him as Viral Video Producer and he has gone on to spend his first salary on another billboard to say “Thank You”

Mr Pacitti came up with the idea of the billboard advert after months and months of searching for work.
The billboard in Shoreditch, London, featured a picture of Mr Pacitti with the message: ‘I spent my last £500 on this billboard, please give me a job.’

The billboard included the address of a specially created website, where potential employers could watch a video CV and find out more about Mr Pacitti, from Ryde, Isle of Wight.
The site was swamped by more than 1.5 million hits from around the globe and Mr Pacitti found himself at the centre of a social media storm.
He said: ‘The original tweet I sent out, telling people what I was doing with a photo of me and the billboard had 1,600 retweets and endorsements from people like Jeremy Vine, Al Murray and Frank Skinner.

Mr Pacitti admitted he has been overwhelmed by the response to the Employ Adam campaign.
He said: ‘Of course I was hoping it would go viral, but I ended up receiving coverage from newspapers across the country and websites around the world.
‘I couldn’t be more grateful for the response I’ve had and I’m just so grateful to all the people who shared my website. Without them, I’d still be looking for work.’
Almost immediately after launching the website employadam.com, the job offers started to roll in.
‘I actually had people offering me jobs before the billboard went up. They liked the video CV and the website, but I knew the billboard would be the real selling point.

The folks at his new place of work also had something to say. Rob Love, director of KEO Digital, said: ‘It was difficult not to hear about Adam.
‘He managed to do a brilliant job of making lots of noise about himself in a really innovative way – both on and offline.
‘Adam did something that really made him stand out as potential talent and showed a great initiative in his campaign.
‘We’re delighted to welcome him to KEO digital.’

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