10 Most Weird Reasons Why People Got Fired at Work

Hiring and Firing has long been a part of life in the today’s business world. People get fired for various reasons from poor performance to scandals (sexual, financial etc).

Still there are some weird reasons why people have got sacked at work. Everyday people get sacked (that’s not news is it?). It’s the reason why some get sacked that pricks the attention.
Here are some of the downright craziest and not so understandable reasons why people have been sacked by their employers.

Note that we have not ranked them in any particular order.

1. Being Too Beautiful and Attractive

melissaMelissa Nelson was fired by her boss for being “too beautiful and irrestistible” Her employee said she was fired because she was becoming a threat to his marriage as he could no longer stop being attracted to her.

Melissa went to court and the funniest thing? The all-male Iowa State Supreme Court ruled that James Knight, Nelson’s boss, was within his legal rights when he fired her, affirming the decision of a lower court.

The 32 year old married mother of two was shocked when she was fired and told the reason for her sack.
“I was very surprised after working so many years side by side I didn’t have any idea that that would have crossed his mind,” she said.

The two never had a s*xual relationship or sought one, according to court documents, however in the final year and a half of Nelson’s employment, Knight began to make comments about her clothing being too tight or distracting.

2. Writing a Blog

SimonettiDid you ever think having your own blog could get you fired at work? That’s exactly what happened to Ellen Simonetti a former flight attendant with Dleta Airlines. The management of Delta Airlines discovered she had a blog “Diary of a Flight Attendant” where she writes about her life as a flight attendant. And according to her she never wrote anything to bring the airline into bad light.

However Delta Airline said they found one of the photos of Simonetti in her uniform on the blog inappropriate. A part of her bra was visible in the picture. And so she got fired.

3. Beating a Team 100 – 0

basketballIs it not the ambition of owners of sports team that their team defeat allother opposition by as many goals or points as possible?

Not so sure it is, going by the account of a coach that got himself sacked for beating another by 100 – 0. Micah Grimes was the basketball team coach for his girls’ high school basketball team. The school named Covenant School was a private Christian school. The match was between the Covenant School girls’ basketball team and one academy that specialized in helping kids with learning differences like dyslexia.
The school determined that beating a team of people with learning disorders by 100 – 0 was not Christ-like. Micah Grimes refused to apologise and was sacked.

4. Dancing Gangnam Style

gangnam14 Lifeguards at California were fired by their employees for recording avideo where they danced a version of PSY’s “Gangnam Style”

According to the authorities the 14 lifguards shouldn’t have done the dance wearing their lifeguard swimsuits issued by the authorities. Even though it was confirmed that they did the dance outside of their work hours.

5. Typing in ALL CAPS

all caps
Vicky Walker an accountant with ProCare Health in New Zealand was

fired for typing her emails in capital letters all through. She however took her case to the courts and won a $17,000 NZ compensation for wrongful dismissal and got her job back.

6. Shaving Your Hair for Charity

shave hairStacey Fearnall, whose father died of cancer, decided to shave her head for a cancer fundraising event. But when she returned to work at Nathaniels restaurant, where she worked as a waiter, she was laid off. The mother of two was told by her boss to go home after she refused to wear a wig.

7. Updating Your Facebook Status

facebookNow this is one thing almost all of us are guilty of in this country. Every now and then you sneak into your social media account. Just know that it could get you sacked. Just ask Kimberly Swann.

Kimberly Swann was summarily sacked after her boss learned — via her updated status — that she was “bored at work.” Her boss, meanwhile, says Swann’s admission of boredom revealed that “she just wasn’t happy here” and thus “it wasn’t going to work out.”
The question is, why was the boss perusing Facebook on company time? Was he, perhaps, a little bored?

8. Saving a Woman About to Be Robbed

carjackA waiter in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., who left his shift to rescue a woman being attacked by an armed carjacker was fired after the heroic effort. A 22-year-old woman was attacked by a knife-wielding man outside the 84 Thai Food restaurant in the Southland Shopping Center. Restaurant waiter Juan Canales spotted the attack and ran to help. Canales said he tackled the culprit, who police identified as Albert Means, and held him until police could arrive. However, when Canales went back to work, he said his boss terminated him. The woman he saved, Massiel Marquartdt, said she did not understand why Canales was fired. The restaurant manager said Canales may be a hero but he just wasn’t that good of an employee.

9. Texting in Court

textingIf you thought playing around with a phone and sending texts during serious issues are a problem of teenager and youths only think again.

And if you think magistrates can get away with breaking certain rules you are wrong.

Magistrate Danielle Gregory lost her job because she was caught texting during a trial. Among the text messages she sent were three pictures of herself to a married male employee in the middle of more than one juvenile hearing. Gregory’s supervisor wrote in the disciplinary record that “Multiple text messages were sent from [Gregory’s] cell phone number to [the male employee’s] cell phone during court hours including times [she] was on the bench conducting court sessions.

10. Wearing Orange to Work

orangeAt a law firm in Florida, there had been a tradition among the office workers of wearing orange on paydays as a sign of solidarity when they went out to happy hour after work. Orange is pretty much synonymous with Florida – from the University of Florida Gators, right down to the oranges for which the state is famous. But in 2012, the law firm fired 14 people who had been wearing orange on these days for months – simply because the new company executives somehow took it as an insult.

The new management felt that the orange-wearing of so many employees must have been some form of protest, despite the fact that it had been going on since before they took control of the firm, and also despite the fact that there was no policy against wearing orange.

Duh? How Does One Explain This?

Credits: oddee.com, listverse.com, realitypod.com

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