Is LinkedIn Endorsements Valuable for Your Career Networking and Advancement?

When it was newly introduced there were countless articles on how to utilise LinkedIn’s endorsement features. It was meant to be the new way to get solid thumbs up from your connections on skills and expertise areas you have.

Fast forward to 2013 and people are beginning to think LinkedIn endorsements are useless. While many still see LinkedIn as a good business tool for connecting (I have actually used it to reach people I would otherwise have struggled to connect with) the debate remains on whether the endorsement feature does any useful thing these days for career and business individuals.

Why LinkedIn Endorsements May Be Dead Useless

Endorsements from people you don’t know

Every week or sometimes every few days I log in to my LinkedIn account to see endorsements of my skills and expertise from people I have neither met nor done any work directly with. How do they then know I am good with those skills?

Endorsements have become a trade

Most times when people endorse you they do that so you can return the favour. Endorsements aren’t supposed to work like that. And then when LinkedIn brings those popups suggesting that you endorse a couple of connections you have it doesn’t make any sense because most times you have not worked with or for these people and cannot vouch for the said skills they have.

Endorsements are too easy to give

Unlike LinkedIn recommendations that require you to request a connection to write a recommendation about you Endorsements are something you do with just a click of a button. The checks against abuse are absent and that is why I can decide today to endorse 45 people and then go ahead and do that whether or not I even know them professionally enough. For recommendations you are more likely to have your request for a recommendation turned down if the recipient does not know you well enough or cannot vouch for those skills.

Today there are so many fads and social media trends that do not really have any impact for your career. LinkedIn endorsements appear to be one of them.

More reasons why you should ignore LinkedIn endorsements…..

Do you endorse people for skills you cannot vouch for them?

If you were a manager or an executive in an organization would you endorse somebody for a skill you are not very sure if they have? Or endorse someone for a skill when you cannot vouch for them? Definitely not, I assume. Endorsements in the real world are weighter and taken more seriously

Do potential employers look at your endorsements?

As an entrepreneur I am sure most employers will not look at your endorsements or consider them at all if they are checking you out for a job. They are more likely to read the recommendations you have and go through your work history.

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