Crusio Theatre & Educational Services Script/Playwriting Contest


CRUSIO Theatre and Educational Services is an initiative of an educator and writer, Usiemure Christopher, dedicated to;

1. Promoting study of the Arts;
2. Celebration of works of great writers
3. and contributing to educational advancement.

Our educational programmes are usually focused on the development of acting, writing, public speaking, advertising and interpersonal skills.

We undertake productions of commercials and creation of other TV contents for companies and individuals. Our professional marketers and actors/actresses ensure that we give our customers the best.

CRUSIO Theatre is still an emerging company which seeks sponsorship of well-meaning individuals and companies for most of our educational programmes like the production of CRUSIO Theatre soap opera, inter-schools essay writing competitions/debate etc.

CRUSIO Theatre & Educational Services holds 3 script/play writing contests annually. This contest is open to any topic. It attracts processing fee of #1000.

What is script?

For the purpose of this contest, script is described as a written text of film/movie/opera/documentary.
Rules and Regulations of this contest

a. CRUSIO Theatre & Educational Services reserves First Rights on accepted submissions. The work however remains the property of the writer.
b. All entries must be original works. Plagiarism results in disqualification. Plagiarism here means copying part or whole of another person’s work (ref.:
c. A work judged to contain excessive violence, sex, religious extremism or political partisanship would be disqualified
d. Only unpublished works should be submitted.
e. Entries must fit into at least 45 minutes production and at most 75 minutes production (45-75 pages of A4 paper)
f. Comedies are given preference.
g. Entries must be submitted in MS word or PDF format to [email protected]
h. No revisions after submissions.
i. Entries must be properly numbered with the title of the work typed above each page.
j. Each entry should have a cover page with the title of the writer, the author?s name, full mailing address, telephone number and e-mail address.
k. All entries must reach CRUSIO Theatre & Educational Services before or on June 15th, 2013.
l. Only one script/ play manuscript per person must be submitted. Double entries would lead to disqualification.
m. Our judges are experienced experts in Film/Movie production, directing, script writing including seasoned lecturers/teachers in the fields of Theatre Arts, English Language and Literature. Decision of the Judges is final.
n. Winners will be individually notified of the results through their emails.
o. The top two winners we have their scripts/ Play-manuscripts performed, produced or published.

1. The author of the best script/play shall receive cash prize of #20, 000
2. The author of the script/play which ranks second shall receive a cash prize of #5,000

Entry is free. However, upon acceptance of entries for the contest, their authors will be notified by e-mail containing details of how to make their #1000 processing fee payment. Entrants of accepted scripts/ manuscripts are expected to make their payment within two weeks of receipt of the notification. Entries whose authors do not meet up with payment of the processing fee within the stipulated period shall be disqualified.

Our poetry contest is open to any topic. However, preference would be given to those poems with focus on or has The African Novelist, Chinua Achebe’s biography as its subject matter.

Rules and Regulations
a. No entry or processing fee is required
b. Top twelve winners shall have their poems published in Anthology online
c. Judges are poets and English language and Literature teachers/lecturers and their judgment is final.
d. Winners would be notified by email.
e. CRUSIO Theatre and Educational Services reserves the First Rights on all submissions.
f. Only one poem per person is allowed. Double submission results in disqualification.
g. Entries should be in Ms Word format and accompanied by theme explanation.

We are not able to give cash prizes to poetry winners for now. They are however rewarded by payment of a percentage upon sale of an anthology in which their work is published.

How to submit
All entries should be sent to [email protected] before June 10th, 2013.

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