8 Tips to Manage Unemployment Stress and Keep your Job Search Focused

Unemployment Stress Ofttimes we think is only people that work that experience stress. Unemployment comes with its own stress too. Unemployment makes us feel hurt, vulnerable or even angry. When you get angry and frustrated, stress comes in. This normally affect your rationale, you begin to apply to any job that comes your way at random (without checking if you meet the requirements). You begin to make silly mistakes while applying for jobs. Your attitude towards interviews will change and so the quality of your resume. Unemployment stress could be as a result of financial pressure, peer pressure, family pressure etc but your ability to manage this stress contribute immensely to your ability to find a job quick. Here are the tips to help you manage this stress Deal with your feelings: We humans always tend to mask our feelings and pretend all is well when its really weighing us down. You may feel hurt, angry, scared and rejected, this will make it harder for you to get back on the job market. It’s important you actively face and deal with your feelings. First you have to acknowledge your f