2 Ways to Sniff Out Scarce Job Opportunities Ahead of Others

positioning to discover jobs The situation of the job market in Nigeria means that jobseekers are in a mini-war; it's a survival of the most connected, smartest and fastest scenario. Thousands of people out there are looking for the same jobs you are also on the lookout for. So the question is how do you outsmart others and get information on jobs that ordinarily will not be openly advertised. A very good percentage of available jobs in Nigeria do not get advertised openly. Only the ones with insider access to information stand a chance of being hired. A good number of graduates I know working today got hired on jobs that weren't openly advertised. So as you apply for jobs on job sites in Nigeria you also need to have a plan B as a way of getting hold of unadvertised or scarce job opportunities. 1. Become visible where employers usually search for candidates A very high number of jobs don't get advertised so how do you ensure you get a chance of being considered for these kind of good jobs? Simple. Put yourself where you can be found. If you are a serious career person your career profile should be on Ngcareers, your professional profile should be on LinkedIn. And to a lesser extent you should be on Twitter. For the first two they are places hundreds of recruiters and employers go to se

Letter to a Fresh Graduate: How to Start and Build a Successful Career

growing your career Dear Graduate, Now you are out of school and probably through with serving your fatherland I want to talk to you about how you can embark on a successful career for yourself. You probably didn’t know or care much about the future when you were in school. The parties, football games, flirting and maybe the night jacking were all that occupied your time. I don’t know if you prepared for your intended career or if you even have an idea of what you want to do with your life right now. This letter is not to dwell on that but to point out what you can do to start an illustrious career for yourself.

What Do You Want to Do?

All achievers in life must take a couple of minutes each day to remind themselves of what exactly it is they want to achieve or do with their life. If you want to join the elite you must sit down and reflect and articulate your plans. You are no more a kid, hope you know. From now on you think for yourself! Do you have the entrepreneurial spirit? Do you just want to have an illustrious engineering career? Find out what exactly it is then.

How Do You Intend to Start?

Your career goal determines how you develop a plan. If you want to run your own business, start an internet or offline company, be a self employed professional you will have to decide on issues like fundraising and getting the skills you require. If you have relat

6 Tips to Cope With Losing Your Job

did you lose your job Editor's note: A version of this article was previously published by Ngcareers on Bellanaija. Everyday people get sacked, retrenched or whatever name is used to show when someone no longer has a job. Many can relate to how irritating and depressing it feels to suddenly wake up and find oneself out of a job. Losing your job (for any reason) isn't always the best of experiences. While getting relieved of your job is a big issue the single most important factor to your growth in this case is how you react to getting the pink slip. Here we explore 6 things you should do when you find yourself out of a job. These are tips to get you prepared for the next phase of your life and ensure that the setback of losing your job doesn't derail your career growth and personal success.

Don't Panic: It's Not the End of the World

Yes, losing your job is stressful and puts paid to an immediate source of income but one thing you shouldn't do is let anxiety overcome you. There are always options available when this happens. You just have to keep a cool head and plan your way out of the situation. You will not be able to make headway if you don't have a clear head and an open mind. A calm head can even help you gain some positives from the negative process of losing your job as this brief story shows; A woman who just

One Question You Need To Ask Yourself To Help You Land A Job Fast And Easily

why you are still without a job YouCareerAndYou Banner Hi And Welcome back to another episode of Your Career And You Show. My name once again is Mayowa, your regular host of Your Career And You Show and to remind you, this show is brought to you in association with NgCareers.com What if you can ask yourself one question and answer that one question and see yourself with a job in the next few weeks? How will that be and how much joy will fill your heart? In this episode of Your Career And you Show, I reveal that one question you can ask yourself that will help you land a job fast and easily. Wonder what the question is? Ok, don’t worry, I have the answer to that in today’s episode and also I read some questions sent in by listeners of the show and my answers to these questions. You won’t want to miss a free copy of an inspiring and job winning book - 7 Days To The Job You Want. This book reveals how you can land the job you want as soon as possible. Download your own cop

This Could be Why You Haven’t Got That Job

after-mistake You having been searching for jobs for quite a time. You apply for jobs you are well qualified for. Your CV/ Resume is superb, despite all these, you haven't been called for any interview. If you fall under this category of job seekers, this information is for you. What is actually hindering your job search? Many things apart from the aforementioned could be the problem. Do you apply with a cover letter? Do you follow stipulated instructions for each job application? The later is most likely the dearth of your many job applications. There is a very bad trend we noticed in various job applications we handled on Ngcareers, most job seekers hardly read instructions on how to apply for jobs, even when they do they hardly follow it. Most recently, we managed candidates short-listing for a particular company and over 70% didn't follow the instructions specified in the job advert. Instructions in job adverts comes in various ways: A job advert for business development officer could instruct you include a short essay on how you can increase brand awareness of a particular product. A job advert for a graphics designer might stipulate inclusion of your previous works. A job listing for General manager might stipulate you apply using a format (maybe an excel template). A job listing may stipulate only a particular gender should apply. The list could go on and on. Do you follow the

3 Smart Tips To Help You Get The Job Of Your Dream

Business Storm YouCareerAndYou Banner Hi and Welcome to the first episode of Your Career And You Show where we bring you tips,trick and strategy to help you get the job of your dream and also help take your career to the next level. My name is Mayowa and i will be your regular anchor on Your Career And You Show. This Podcast is brought to you by You Career And You and NgCareers. In this episode, i introduce myself and i started a 3 part series episode to tell you the 3 smart tips that will help you get the job of your dream in today's episode,you will learn: - - Why you need to do thing differently when you are applying for a job - Why submitting a job application for all jobs you can get around is not helping you and won't help you to get a job. - How to avoid the trap and feelings of doing more when in essence you are doing less when it comes to your job search effort. - Why you nail down your job search effort to the job that suits you. - Why you need to know what you can do and why it will help you get the right job easily and fast

Why Social Media Can Kill Your Job Search Chances

social media job search Are you a social media junky? Do you religiously post messages on your Facebook wall? Are you planning on beginning a job search in the near future? If you answered yes to all of those questions, you should be aware that you may have social media problem. Social media like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are free services that you can use to communicate with friends and family despite the physical distance that may be between you. What you may not be aware of is that some employers use your social media sites to decide whether or not to hire you. Employers Screen Potential Employees Social Media According to a survey conducted by Career Builder 37% of employees vet potential employees using social media sites. That is a 2 out of 5 chance that your chosen employers will cyber stalk you. Pretty good odds, you say? Another 11% of the employers said that while they didn’t use social media to research potential employees, they planned to start. It is particularly important for individuals with an information technology degree to clean up their social media sites because 52% of employers check out social media sites before hiring. It is less important for individuals in the medical profession hand because only 28% of employers will screen their future employees using social media. Do I Have a Social Media Problem? Now that you know

Are you Always Available? Job Search Story of One Tunde

blackguy The feeling of frustration has finally engulfed him after months and years of searching for job. One fateful morning something nudged him to check his email box, he reluctantly dragged himself up and picked up his shirt. Fumbling his breast pocket, he touched the ticket, he has done it, using 1 hour ticket he bought for four days is no mean feat. He smiled and silently praised himself for being a good manager. He walked slowly towards the cyber cafe at the end of his street, just as he feared, the place was filled up when he got there. Tunde hissed under his breath cursing the cyber owner for not providing more computers. "Despite all the money he makes, he don't want to provide better service" he muttered to himself. After waiting for what seemed like ages, he finally got a space, he carefully unfolded the ticket and logged in. 10 Minutes left!! The computer popped up, he cursed again and proceeded to open his email. Years of searching for job has taught Tunde how to use the internet fairly fast. When he first graduated over 5 years ago, he would spend hours to just apply for one job, he would get caught up in the worldwide web browsing through various websites aimlessly and end up achieving so little. Sometimes he would forget about his aim of visiting the cyber and start doing other things. Experience is the best teacher, Tunde has really learnt from experience. As

8 Tips on How to Get Hired

How to Get Hired It's not an easy world for the job seeker. The purpose of this article is to highlight some key points to please any recruiter and maximize your chances of getting hired. A "Recruiter" refers to an individual who works to fill job openings in businesses or organizations or anyone with the power to accept or reject your application for a job; it can be the person in the organization who is receiving your application, or the recruitment professional working for a search firm or an agency. So from an employer's point of view, here's some solid advice on how to get hired. Write a Dedicated Resume Write a precise and dedicated resume according to the job description. Customize your resume in a way that your objectives meet the goals of the company, identify the qualifications you have that the company would like to see, and highlight skills that you think the company would like to know about. File your resume with a meaningful title such as "Your Name Resume.doc" Always Apply to Relevant Jobs Many job seekers seem to adopt an attitude with job hunting that pushes them to apply for every open position they lay their eyes on, whether it’s relevant to their field or not. This action is not a good move, as recruiters will know if you are qualified for the job or not; so, it would be better for you to focus your efforts only on positions

Four Radical Ideas on Innovative Job Search That You Can Use to Advance Your Career in 2013

Job Searching where, how You probably are thinking right now that something better has to happen for your career in the New Year. If you are going to get the job that will match your ambitions then you must be ready to take the road less travelled. Getting the challenging and equally well rewarding job positions demand that you step out of the usual way of doing things and embrace several innovative job search methods. In 2013 more than ever the competition for available positions will be fiercer as more people pursue the needed qualification for specific job positions. Your goal will be to always somehow distinguish yourself and get in front of recruiters and employers as much as possible.

The Usual Job Search Tools and Methods You Know May Not Be Enough

Majority of career individuals and job seekers certainly concentrate their job search around the newspapers and popular job boards. 2013 is the time to rethink how you go about your job search. A good number of good jobs do not make it to the advertising platforms and are quickly filled by referrals, employer strategic search and informal leaks. What this signifies is that networking has become more important in today’s job search especially if you are seeking higher level experience jobs and not graduate or low level jobs.

If You Don’t Ask You Don’t Get

When you build your network to a very good level you get the ad

Do You Make This Simple Mistake in Your Job Search?

jobs search errors Having you been applying for jobs for sometime now with no response or feedback from employers? Have you always wondered what could be wrong? Qualification? Yes you have the complete qualification, you met the requirements, why then have you not been called, even for an interview? You might be making mistake of not reading instructions before applying. Most times in your bid to apply for job quickly, you forget simple instruction on how to apply. From experience we noticed that many jobseekers fail to follow simple instructions on steps to apply for job. For example, a position might require you apply using job reference number as subject line of application, or attach you CV in Microsoft Word format only. Failing simple instructions like this could be costing a lot. In exam setting, you are always asked to cross your I(s) and dot you T(s). The same applys to your job search. Make sure you crosscheck everything before submitting your application. Drop you comments below  

Stop Looking For Job! Take Control of Your Job Search

Relaxed Businessman Do you know it is possible to take charge of your job search? To be in control of how you search for job. Sometimes it can be frustrating applying over and over again for jobs and never hearing back. When you apply online, the probability of you getting that job is very slim unless your qualifications exactly match what the employer wants. It's not impossible to land an opportunity via an online application; many people do find jobs that way, but it doesn't change the fact that you're not likely to get hired from a resume submission. So what is the solution? Stop looking for a job. Start looking for a company. This may seem weird, but it may be the best career move you never considered. Instead of spending all of your time searching for appropriate job descriptions and targeting your resume to apply for them, you should consider shifting some of your efforts to identifying organizations whose goals are in line with your interests and whose problems you know you can solve. How do you go about this?
  • Create a list of poten

Fresh Graduate? 4 Things You Should do to Get a Job Fast

graduate-jobs-tips You are fresh graduate, who just graduated, whats the next thing? JOB!!. You are brimming with all confidence of landing a great job in just few months. You quickly prepare a CV and start throwing applications here and there hoping that one will stick. Alas, months, years later you are still in the same process of applying without success. Then you feel like giving up - ”I have been searching related job sites, networking with people in the same field and I am not sure I will get a job I am passionate about or I can learn from“. Do you even realize that you are better than many others? At least you are reading this, they are not! As a fresh graduate you are faced with many challenges in landing a good job; prominent among them is lack of experience, but there are many things you neglect that is denying you the opportunity to land a good job. If you are a new graduate trying to a land job, the key to your successful job search is your ability to stand out and differentiate yourself from the pack.
  • You should identify what sets you apart from other candidates; specifically, you should be able to speak about your successes and unique experiences.
  • You should keep yourself open but not desperate.
  • You should open yourself to different fields that are of interest to you. Not narrowing yourself down to just a field. This does not mean desperat

What Employers Check in Your Resume

checking-resume You may never know why you didn't get that job interview. You could wonder " But I met all the requirements". A new study has shown how recruiters/employers take decision on who to invite for interview. According to TheLadders research, recruiters/employers spend an average of "six seconds before they make the initial 'fit or no fit' decision" on candidates. The study used a scientific technique called “eye tracking” on 30 professional recruiters and examined their eye movements during a 10-week period to "record and analyze where and how long someone focuses when digesting a piece of information or completing a task." In the short time that they spend with your resume, the study showed recruiters will look at your name, current title and company, current position start and end dates, previous title and company, previous position start and end dates, and education. What does this indicate to job seekers? Since recruiters spend very little time to go through your resume, you should make it very ease for them to see important details about you in that very short period. How can you achieve that? You should create a resume with a clear visual hierarchy and don't include distracting visuals since "such visual elements reduced recruiters’ analytical capability and hamper

5 Reasons You Didn’t Get the Job

Black-Woman-Worried With the unemployment rate still very high in the Nigeria, you may find yourself in the position of applying, interviewing, and still remaining jobless. You may have thought it was a sure thing; you may have left the office laughing and joking with the interviewer. So why was someone else hired and you weren't? These five reasons may shed some light on the situation. 1. You're overqualified It's not just a cliche--you really can be overqualified for a position. It's especially true in a tight economy. A candidate that is more qualified would require a higher salary and benefits package for a competitive offer and for long-term retention. If someone else interviewed who fit the qualifications but didn't overly exceed them, it might be in the company's best interest to hire him and save the cash. 2. You don't know the right people You may be great on paper, and you may interview really well--but if another candidate is the employer's pastor's daughter, you might be out of luck. This isn't a reason you can't really avoid. Your best bet is to make sure you follow up with a genuinely appreciative phone call or note. Leaving a positive impression will keep you in that employer's mind if other opportunities arise. 3. You hit it off, just not professionally Having a good rapport with your interviewer is great--however, if y

What to do if you are Over Qualified for a Job

overqualified for job You lost your job due to economic recession. Afterwards you have sent out 500 resumes, done 1 interview and received zero offers. You are now eyeing an opening below your previous position, but you are obviously overqualified for the job. What do you do to actually get the job? Try withholding your resume. As much as possible, do not forward your resume.HR departments will quickly eliminate nearly all of the hundreds of resume submitted for a single opening and it is likely that yours will be dumped because you are over qualified. In this scenario, go directly to the hiring manager and state your ability to excel in the position. You can call or write, but hold back your resume as much as possible in the first round of communication with the employer. Sell to the employer’s needs Once you have found out much as you can about the company and the position, you have got to imagine how your qualifications fit perfectly with the job requirements. At first, say nothing about higher-level skills that do not pertain to the position at hand. Ensure that you remain relevant to the job in question. Sharpen the employer’s perception In a scenario where you have to send your resume, de-emphasize those over –the-bar elements of your professional background. You can make some information sparse, but you have to be careful a

Job Search Mistakes Of Young Graduates

job search error How quickly the a graduate edges out the rest to land his or her dream job depends on various factors, but it is important to realize that beyond college grades, a graduate can influence how quickly he or she is employed. We've compiled nine errors graduates make when trying to land that first job so that you can skip the recruitment "teething" phase and get a good bite on your first real job. 1. Being Uncertain About Job-Search Goals: Avoid communicating career doubts to potential employers. Keep in mind that an employer is recruiting for the ideal candidate, so confessing your preference for another position could immediately end the interview. This behavior suggests a lack of commitment or dedication, so avoid sabotaging your chances. If your potential employer is prepared to invest in your career development, the company will need some assurance that you are passionate about the position and will be committed to the company. 2. Missing Opportunities to Gain Experience: Not surprisingly, the labor market is becoming increasingly competitive as interest in every field of study continues to grow. With this in mind, you can offset some of the competition by searching for work experience from an early stage. Your degree is a basic credential for an entry-level position, but employers usually demand more. Be proactive and start your jo

Top 10 Job Search Strategies

Job Search Tips Today we bring to you top 10 strategies that will improve your job search:
  1. Network, network, network.
  2. Strong résumé.
  3. Have a clear idea why you are looking and what your short-term goals are.
  4. Clearly understand your long-term goals. Do they make sense with your short-term goals?
  5. Don’t be negative. The interview process is slow and frustrating. Don’t let this shake you up.
  6. Don’t be a name dropper.
  7. Listen and engage: Don’t just talk in the interview.
  8. Smile—be yourself.
  9. Be honest. Don’t try to answer interview question with the answers you think the interviewer wants to hear. Be yourself and be honest. Don’t exaggerate.
  10. Close the interview: Are there objections that need to be overcome?

How You Can Find a Job Through Your Church

job search and church Job searching has gone beyond just applying to vacancies displayed on newspapers, online job boards or local recruitment agencies. These days with increasing competition for very few available jobs, you need to apply out-of-the-box strategies to quickly land a good job without hassle. Today am exposing a very common but often overlooked recruitment ground that has helped many get very juicy jobs; Church. Most people just go to church to worship. They come quietly and go quietly without taking time to socialize with their fellow worshippers. One of my friends who just graduated early last year got his first job in a top bank through a friend at the church who works in the bank. Immediately he graduated, he told the members of the youth forum of his church. Being a very active member of the forum, within weeks he was alerted of various internal vacancies in various companies and he finally chose the bank job. People are more comfortable recommending people they know and people of the same belief with them to positions. Because they, already know their capabilities and most importantly they can always vouch for them. One of the first steps you should take today is telling your fellow worshippers that you are looking for particular kind of jobs. Take time to mingle with them, make them close friends. Take is from there, then it will be left for you to prove yourself whe