Job Prospects for Computer Science Graduates in Nigeria

There has never been a more exciting time for Computer Science graduates in the country. The opportunities are opening up for tech savvy graduates but the sad aspect is that many computer science graduates may not have acquired the skills to take on the Labour market and pursue their dream career in technology.

Computer Science graduates can today work as part of technical or development teams handling a series of computer based development work. They can also work alone as self employed professionals in web development, online systems improvement and software development. The opportunities appear endless.

Employment Opportunities for Computer Science Graduates

Smart computer science graduates with the right skills can work as network/database administrators, graphics designers/animators, system analysts, programmers and web developers, software engineers, Systems Designers, Network Engineers, etc.

Emerging Industries Where Computer Science Graduates Can Work in

Below are some of the sectors or industries where computer science graduates can secure jobs;

- Tech Startups: The startup industry in the country may be still in the infant stage but opportunities for the right skilled candidates are opening up in areas such as programming, database management, network engineering and maintenance,designers etc. And with foreign investors quietly turning the attention on Nigerian startups (Startups like Iroko TV recently landed a $8 million funding earlier in the year) the funding which has been the major reasons behind the inability of startups to hire top talents may be about to change.

- ICT Education Organisations: As the need for wider knowledge and teaching of various computer and ICT applications grow knowledgeable graduates in any of the applications will get readily employed in the educational companies springing up in various parts of the country.

- Consulting: Consulting companies who handle the project management for a host of ICT and computerisation work for both government owned agencies and private organisations are also a good place to secure jobs as a computer science graduate if you have the right skills and knowledge.

- Banks and Financial Institutions: With the recent rush for more electronic and computerised banking and financial services system the opportunities for skilled computer scientists to manage the ict section of these financial institutions are on the increase.

- Manufacturing: Opportunities also abound for computer science graduates in the manufacturing sector as processes become more automated and streamlined.

- Services Industry: Hotels and many other services based businesses are moving towards making their processes quicker and more automated. Database management and several other computer science aspects have become even more used and important in the service business industry.

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