Musical Society Of Nigeria (MUSON) Music Quest Competition 2015

music competition The Musical Society of Nigeria (MUSON) was founded as a result of the interaction and commitment of some friends who love and appreciate classical music. These included Mr. Akintola Williams, Mr. Louis Mbanefo, Chief Ayo Rosiji, Chief Rasheed Gbadamosi and Mrs. Fracesca Emanuel. Along with Sir. Mervyn Brown, then British High Commissioner in Nigeria and Lady Brown, these distinguished Nigerians stimulated interest and awareness of Nigerians, especially in Lagos of the richness and elegance of classical music. The Musical Society of Nigeria (MUSON) invites entries for: Music Quest 2015 Competition Description The winners and selected finalists will feature in our Youth Concert during the 2015 Muson Festival in October. The competition will be in 3 phases. The competition will be in 3 phases. Short-listed candidates will be informed on Thursday, June 11, to continue to phase 2. A live audition for the short-listed candidates will hold on Thursday, June 25, 2015 at the MUSON Centre. The 3rd phase will be the Youth Concert/Competition, part of the annual MUSON Festival, where the winners will be selected. Prizes Vocals - N150,000. Instrumental - N150,000. Method of Application Contestants must be Nigerian citizens and should perform a classical or light classical instrumental solo or vocal

Have You Seen This Access Bank 10 Minutes Per Day Job Application Website? Check Details

access bank application Access Bank just introduced a new, slightly weird mode of recruitment; one that gives applicants only 10 minutes in a day (from 10 am to 10.10 am) over 30 days to apply on the site. We first came across this on Nairaland. The 'disappearing portal' (we call it this because you can only apply for 10 minutes each day and after that the portal is closed till the next day when it will also be open for 10 minutes and so on) will come up everyday till 10th June 2015 according to Access Bank. The portal takes applicants into a sort of Einstein Puzzle, which they are expected to finish in 10 minutes. The applicant will be directed to another gateway to submit his/her resume when s/he solves the puzzle. If the applicant couldn’t solve the puzzle though, s/he can take another stab the day after. Users have a maximum of three trials before saying a sad goodbye to landing a position with the bank. Access Bank has not indicated which specific positions they are recruiting for but stated on its site that the vacancies are for 'banking positions' You can check out the Access Bank Application Portal here Don't forget to sign up on Ngcareers and follow up on new job openings in your area of interest

National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) Scholarship Scheme 2015

scholarship-essay The National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA), with its mandate of transforming Nigeria into an IT driven economy for global competitiveness and the dire need to bridge the digital divide, has since 2010 established a Scholarship Scheme for Masters (MSc) and Doctorate (PhD) Degrees in relevant areas of Information Technology (IT) obtainable in Nigeria or Foreign / Overseas Universities. (NITDA) SCHOLARSHIP SCHEME 2015 The National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA), with its mandate of transforming Nigeria into an IT driven economy for global competitiveness and the dire need to bridge the digital divide, has since 2010 established a Scholarship Scheme for Masters (MSc) and Doctorate (PhD) Degrees in relevant areas of Information Technology (IT) obtainable in Nigeria or Foreign / Overseas Universities. Criteria: The scholarship award is strictly based on merit and is equally distributed between the six geo-political zones for PhD and the 36 States and FCT for MSc. Duration: The Masters programme will run for one year while the Doctorate programme is expected to run for three years. Eligibility: PhD: University Lecturers with MSc in any Information Technology related field are eligible to apply for sponsorship. MSc: All citizens of Nigeria with First Class or

Chartered Institute of Personnel Management of Nigeria (CIPM) Annual Essay Competition 2015

Writing Essay The Chartered Institute of Personnel Management of Nigeria is the regulatory body chartered by Act 58 of 1992 to regulate the practice of Human Resource Management (HRM) in Nigeria.The Institute has the vision of being the foremost people management institute in Africa respected across the world. Our main objective is to ensure continuous professional development of our members and stakeholders contributions to enhance human capital development in the country. 2015 ANNUAL ESSAY COMPETITION The Institute hereby announces its 2015 Annual Essay Competition. This is an opportunity for interested undergraduates in the Nigerian Universities and Polytechnics to bring to fore, their abilities to carry out research on burning issues in both Nigeria and global economy. Please note that the essay must be original, empirical and meet the standards for publication in local and international journals. All entries should be typed in double line spacing and must not be more than 10 pages of A4 paper or 3000 words. Font type must be Times New Roman with 12 points font size, citation of source must be made, in-text and work cited must appear at the end of the essay. Plagiarism in all forms is prohibited and will attract outright disqualification of indicted entries. Topic: Winning the War Against Corruption in Nigeria through the Promotion of our Ethical Values

The Three Most Essential Skills that Guarantee You Employment Success

employment success skills Success in your job search doesn't depend on your qualifications or your well written CVs only. There are three skills you must know about. Relevant academic (and professional) qualifications and well crafted CVs are essential for success in job search and employment opportunities. This isn’t for the job market in Nigeria only. It’s true everywhere in the world! But there are skills that are more powerful than the two parameters when it comes to fruitful job search, employment opportunities and career progression. Academic qualifications and impressive resume are mere forces of attention – you only succeed in winning the attention of hiring managers. As a serious and ambitious job seeker, you need to move beyond that. They are three skills. But you may not (you need not) possess all of them. If you do have the three skills, I’m 95% certain that you won’t be reading this because you’ll be too busy. Guys in this category – very few, are hotcakes in the job market. So, I assume you’re like me. You’re not gifted with all the three but you have at least one of them. And you need a good and lucrative job! Or you want a raise in your pay? Or, even possibly, a promotion! Whichever way it goes, you can’t afford not to have at least one of the three skills. Otherwise, you can as well kiss a successful job search goodbye. Or be content to keep the

Earn a Professional Diploma in Public Relations with the WiredNN Institute

Training Details A degree is not enough, Earn a professional diploma that gives you the edge. Apply for the June/July professional diploma in Public Relations. In 9 months you would have completed your course content and developed into a Public Relations professional personnel. Frustrated with Jamb? Get University Admission direct to P. GD with the Professional Diploma in Public Relations. If you have struggled for long trying to get through with JAMB, Get University education without Jamb Do not waste your time anymore. Learn to move forward, apply for the professional training in Public Relations. Or with the professional diploma you can also qualify for a direct entry into 200 levels. Training Requirements A minimum of 5 credits in your O'levels. B sc, HND, OND holders are welcome. Online access for people living outside Lagos. We send your materials every week, as well as your hand outs. Students in Lagos would attend live lectures. Lectures hold every Saturday by 9 am - 5 pm.

Find Your Next Employment with Job Search Tips for 2015

new 2015 job search There’s nothing sweeter than having a job right at the starting of a year. Finding a right job isn’t a cup of tea and it takes a lot of sincere efforts. So, if you know that you will be searching for some finest jobs this year then forget the old granny’s way. Sweetening the resume and improvising on your social media presence is important of course, but they are no more ground breaking. Newness and novelty is a brand new in and here are some of the job search tips for the year 2015 that will boost your search right from your strength. A practical mind aspires for a bright career option and hence a promising job. Oftentimes, searching for a right job is an ordeal! Why not club the job search with speed and competitiveness? Let’s probe a bit deep to scout the answer for a million dollar question, ‘how to seek your dream job in 2015’. • Quality over quantity- time to flip the switch upside down! A human brain likes to play safe and takes no risk at all. Perhaps, this is the only reason why jobseekers opt for reactive applications to jobs rather than having a proactive approach. Being tempted could be one big mistake and random application could be the next big one. The basic problem that is usually encountered by the job aspirants, especially the newbies is that of resume blasting, which actually shri

3 Proven Ways to Avoid being a Victim of Job Scam

Job-scams The increasing number of job scams across the country is becoming frightening, from fake employers to fake recruitment agencies who are out to scam you of your hard earned money all in the name of giving you a job. This post is to enlighten you so that you will be careful and never fall a victim. At we are constantly implementing new ways to filter out these scam jobs, but they are getting smarter by the day. Some even go as far as using our name to send out SMS invitations for interviews. As a job seeker you don’t have to be desperate, you have to be smart and on alert. The following are the 3 things you should consider to avoid being scammed. 1) Look at the job title/description Before applying for any job, you should look at the job details; watch the tone of the job description. In the past fake jobs advertisers don’t disclose the position or job title they advertise but recently many of them have started disclosing it leaving only few who still don't. In event they disclose it, the job title are usually generalized with little or no specifics (they do this to get as many applications as possible). Watch out for Job title like Graduate Trainees, Customer Care, Marketing Executive, Graduate Admin Officer, this doesn't mean that all jobs with these titles are fake but be extra careful when you see titles. On the other hand, the job

Nigerian Navy Recruitment Exercise Result, Interview Dates 2015

Members of the Nigerian Navy march at a parade marking the 50th anniversary of the country's independence in Abuja NIGERIAN NAVY RECRUITMENT EXERCISE RESULT The under listed names are successful candidates of the 2014 NN Recruitment Exercise held from 8 – 12 December 2014 at various centres across the country. The successful candidates are to report at Nigerian Navy Basic Training School (NNBTS) Onne, Port-Harcourt for INTERVIEW from 23 Feb – 4 March 2015 for BATCH A and 9 March – 19 March 2015 for BATCH B. Candidates are to ensure they attend this Interview within the period specified for their states (Batch). CANDIDATES WHO FAIL TO REPORT ON THE DESIGNATED DAYS FOR THEIR STATES WILL BE DISQUALIFIED. GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS Short listed candidates are to report at the Interview Centres with the following:
  1. Original and photocopies of Credentials.
  2. Scratch cards for verification of NECO/WAEC results.
  3. Writing materials.
  4. 2 pairs of navy blue shorts, and 2 white (unmarked) T-Shirts.
  5. A pair of canvas/trainers.
  6. Bed sheets and pillow cases.
  7. Cutleries set.
  8. 4 recent passport photographs.

BATCH A 23 Feb – 4 March 2015

  1. Abia State
  2. Adamawa State
  3. Anambra State
  4. Borno Sate
  5. Cross River State
  6. Delta State
  7. Enugu State
  8. Kano State
  9. Kebbi Sta

Cyber Security Professional Training: Start a Career in Information and Network Security

network security Broadsocket Nigeria, an information technology security outfit is organising a training on cyber security for people interested in building a career in information and network security. Training Details Information, systems, network and privacy breach are major concerns to businesses and individuals globally in this fast pace internet age. Our way of life and approach to business is constantly evolving due to the incursion of the internet, mobile and more recently the cloud. Software and hardware vulnerabilities are being exploited by crackers on a daily basis and these constantly pose a challenge to individuals and corporate entities alike. One of the major challenge to curbing this global menace is the dearth of skilled human resource to combat this threats. The required skill set and knowledge is not taught in most conventional higher institutions in Africa. This training is focused to fill this gap and more. If you are interested in jump-starting a career in Information and network Security, this training is right for you. Date: 24th and 25th of February, 2015 Time: 9:00am – 4:00pm Daily Venue: 19 Sinari Daranijo, off Ligali Ayorinde, Victoria Isand, Lagos, Nigeria. Registration Fee: ? 1,000 Training Requirements Day One: Classroom Lecture • Malware Fundamentals • Introduction

This One Interview Trick that Always Work

interview trick Nigerian Labour market swells by the number. Interview sessions get more rigorous than before. Because interviews still remain among time tested tools for candidates pruning. In our own case here in Nigeria, employers are getting more crafty and more interview savvy. Why? The reason isn't far fetched. Now we have more graduates being poured out of our tertiary institutions than we ever had. Combined with the already bursting number of job seekers in our database (do we have a reliable database?), the battle to clinch the dream jobs gets tougher every second. So, it isn't much of what you read or your lofty grade point that matters any more (don't get me wrong, they matter in their own right). Impressive credentials have to be defended at impressive interview sessions. Period. Let's cut out the details of how you got called for the interview. The long and short of the story is that you're here staring at the interviewer in the face - that's if you're not looking at a blank space behind the interviewer. It's time for me to share a trick I just learnt about how to successfully scale through an interview. But before the expo, first a question to you. Can you make your interviewer set his lips in a warm and friendly smile with the answers you give to his questions? Hmm!...Can you? That's what you need to do. That's if

How to Research a Company You are Interested in Working For

researching a potential employer Years back it was far more difficult researching a company or organisation to find out if it is a very good fit for what you want for your career. In today's labour market not only do organisations search about you as the candidate you also need to know as much as you can about the prospective employer to help you take better career decisions. You may need to know things like how they will help you grow, how they like their team members to work, and opportunities for career fulfillment. If you are a pretty good professional asset and have a couple of options of organisations to work with this also makes sense that you know how to research the companies so you find out how well you would fit with any of them. Researching a company or prospective employer not only helps when you are considering an offer from them; it's also useful for an individual going in for an interview at a company to find out all he can about the company, their pay structure and workplace culture etc.

Possible Ways to Research a Company

1. Company Websites and Blogs The first place to go is the company's website if they have one. Going through their 'about us' page on their website and their management team may not really give you the information edge you seek but will help you get a grip on what the firm's business is and have a general idea of what they do and how

Highlighted Jobs in Nigeria (26/1/2015)

Regularly we will start publishing a daily roundup of premium, exclusive jobs as published on See below some of the highlighted jobs for yesterday 26th January, 2015; - Enterprise Sales Manager at Strategic Workforce Solutions - Operations Officer at Taylek Drugs Company - Project Manager at Tess Foundation - Bookkeeper at Mesmedical - Executive Assistant at A Telecommunications Engineering Company You can check new jobs for today at the latest jobs in Nigeria page

Konga Graphic Design Challenge 2015

konga design challenge is Nigeria’s largest online mall. We launched in July 2012 and our mission is to become the engine of ecommerce and trade in Africa. KONGA CREATIVES At, our creative designers and strategists work in a fast paced environment and are faced with an eclectic range of challenging design briefs, with creative outcomes expected within strict timelines. As we help to oil the gears of commerce in Africa we are on the lookout for creative minds with indepth design skills which include but not limited to, illustrations, creative graphic designs, animations, UI/UX, html, php and visual composition. Our participatory and mentorship approach will help you develop research, analysis, evaluation skills and self-criticism skills. DESIGN CHALLENGE We call on you to participate in our design challenge and in return you would be given the opportunity of joining the best design team in Nigeria gaining valuable exposure to visual communication, advertising and other commercial creative arts. Is your creative ‘Kung Fu’ good enough? Step right up and show us what you’ve got. DESIGN BRIEF It’s the beginning of the year and we are looking to start a campaign on Clearance Sales on the Fashion, Electronics and Mobile phones categories offering our customers a whopping ‘up to 70% discount’ on all items purchas

Exclusive Graduate Trainee and Entry Level Jobs in Nigeria (January 19th – January 22nd, 2015)

For fresh graduates and inexperienced jobseekers you can find relevant entry level and internship opportunities in Nigeria. We have profiled below a few entry level and graduate trainee or internship positions you can apply for; - Graduate Trainee at Homeplace Consults - Assistant Accountant & Customer Care Agents at HIBand Wireless - Account Officer at Cost Consulting - Marketing Executives at GLAJOE Industrial Services Would you like your CV and Career Profile visible to thousands of employers who might be looking for a suitable candidate like you? Join Ngcareers right away Note: Ngcareers does due diligence and does not advise jobseekers to pay anyone for a job. If you find any job posted on Ngcareers to be scam please don't hesitate to report the job.

Exclusive Jobs You Can Check Out this Festive Season [End of Year Vacancies]

new jobs this month As the year 2014 draws ever closer to an end we know for many people out there it has been a year of struggle to climb higher towards their career goals. At Ngcareers it is our primary objective to build a platform that helps all individuals attain better career prospects and achieve their aspirations whether it be a new job, better career or access to quality career insights and information for better decision making. As the year rounds off here is a summary of new open jobs that you can apply for. Who knows you might just start the new year 2015 with a job interview invite. Web Developer at S.S Afemikhe & Co An experienced Web Developer to be part of our team of programmers on robust application development. See more here Enterprise Sales & Channels Sales Manager at Strategic Workforce Solutions This position is strictly for applicants who reside in Abuja. It is a very experienced sales management position in a technology focused company. Applicant must have experience in building a sales team targeting high networth individuals. See details of the job here

The Best Part Time Jobs that Still Allow You to Make Money

part-time-jobs If your current situation requires that you work part time, it can be difficult to support yourself and make ends meet. Many part time positions don’t generate much income, so if you are forced to work part time you can quickly find yourself in a frustrating financial predicament. However, there are a few positions that generally allow for part time work, but still offer sufficient finances. If you are looking for a job that allows you to work part time, but can allow you to make decent money, consider a few of the following positions. Interpreter An interpreter can make up to $40 an hour, depending on where they are working, and in what field. A whopping 90% of them make nearly that much, as interpreting can be a high-stress job that involves listening in one language at the same time as talking in another. Those in government or medical fields tend to make the most money, but interpreters for colleges and universities can be high earners as well. Flight Attendant Flight attendants can make between $26 and $35 an hour, for 20 hours a week. Though a job as a flight attendant involves frequent travel and, of course, dealing with disgruntled travelers, someone with a professional demeanor and a college degree can earn a lot doing this part time. For most, the travel is an upside to the job, not to mention the benefits of free flights.

Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) Essay Competition 2014 / 2015

essay-competition The Nigerian Communications Commission hereby announces an essay competition, open to all undergraduates enrolled in all tertiary institutions within Nigeria. Details are as below: Essay Topic: Broad: A Catalyst for National Development Objectives Of The Competition
  1. Increase awareness on Broadband development in Nigeria
  2. Engage and enhance research skills.
  3. Encourage competition and academic excellence.
  4. Build the capacity of undergraduates
  • Undergraduates will submit essay of not more than 2,500 words.
  • Essay must have an abstract, introduction, main body and conclusion.
  • Participants must sign an undertaking stating the originality of their essay.
  • First 500 entries representing undergraduates from the institutions (Public and Private) across the.
  • Winning essays will be selected based on Content, Grammar and Style.
  • The winning essays will be announced by the First Quarter 2015.
  • Participants are expected to register their personal details and signed authentication as genuine Nigerian undergraduates.
Prizes First Prize: N500,000 cash prize, Laptop and Printer. Second Prize: N300,000 cash Prize Third Pr

2015 Shell Oversea Postgraduate Scholarship Scheme

scholarship scheme The Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria (SPDC) is delighted to announce the sixth annual SPDC Niger Delta Postgraduate Scholarship Scheme for applicants from Rivers, Delta and Bayelsa States. The objective of the scheme is to provide an opportunity for qualifying students from these Niger Delta States to further their education in courses that are relevant to the oil and gas industry. In the five years of this programme, 50 students have so far benefitted from the opportunity to study at top rated Universities in the UK on an all expenses paid scholarship. For the academic year commencing September 2015, SPDC will award ten scholarships for one year MSc studies in partnership with three Universities in the UK - Imperial College London, University College, London and the University of Leeds. 2015 SPDC NIGER DELTA OVERSEA POSTGRADUATE SCHOLARSHIP SCHEME The following courses qualify for the scholarship at the three institutions: Imperial College London
  • MSc Petroleum Engineering
  • MSc Petroleum Geoscience
  • MSc Petroleum Geophysics
University College London
  • MSc Chemical/Process Engineering
  • MSc Mechanical Engineering
  • MSc Civil Engineering
University of Leeds
  • Msc Exploration Geophysics
  • MSc Electr

10 Reasons You May Still be Without a Job

why you dont have  ajob If you are out of a job for sometime now it will be because of something you are doing wrong or something you are not doing at all. Check through the ten possible reasons why you don't have a job yet. 1. You Do Not Get Enough Information on Open Jobs A lot of jobs are advertised online and in the papers; still so many jobs aren't announced publicly and only people who have insider access to information get invited for these positions. This will involve expanding your network and building the right relationships with people who should know. 2. You Focus only on Job Search You should search and apply for jobs you are qualified for by all means. But what if I tell you that almost 50% of all jobs available in the country don't get advertised or listed. A good number is filled by head hunters/recruiters who look for suitable candidates. For instance on Ngcareers recruiters regularly search our talent database for experienced candidates that possess the skills and qualifications they want. Same goes for LinkedIn. So a good way to take advantage is to create and have your career profile/resume available online. 3. You Don't Impress at Interviews. There is a lot to be wri

Careers for Industrial Relations/Personnel Management Graduates in Nigeria

careers in personnel management Personnel management and industrial relations are somwehat related concepts that deal with various aspects of the relationship between the management of organizations and their employees as well as the relationship between other parties with a vested interest, such as labor unions. Thus in most higher institutions they are jointly offered as a course of study while some may offer just industrial relations or personnel management. The major difference is that while personnel management is more concerned with the recruitment, training and proper relations with employees and staff of an organisation industrial relations has more to do with relating to outside organised labour bodies like trade unions and the labour congress/bodies. So a graduate in personnel management/industrial relations is trained to be an asset to any organisation in terms of helping manage, get the best out of employees and handle relations with external workforce related unions. So graduates of this field are core to recruitment, training, monitoring and evaluation of employees as well as handling of all human resources issues in organisations. Some of the career opportunities open for personnel management/industrial relations graduates include; - Guidance/Counselling - Career Advisor (in student affairs department of high schools) - Health Safety and Environment Inspector (with requisite

How to Get Feedback from a Job Interview

job-interview Being rejected can be very tough, especially when you are given the silent treatment by companies. Some companies won’t even inform you that your application was unsuccessful – so it may be a case of no news is bad news. Have you ever thought of asking when you should expect a feedback on the status of your application at the end of an interview? This gives you an idea of when it is appropriate to ask for feedback if you are not offered the job. You didn't get the job. Now what? Individual companies will have a unique culture that may not be obvious to outsiders. One employer may welcome what another rejects. It could simply be a matter of ‘fit’, whether your personality and approach to work fit with how they do things. However, repeated rejections probably indicate a flaw that you should address. Interview feedback is about ensuring your future success. It is not about dwelling on the past. Use feedback to make sure you are better prepared for future opportunities. How should I ask them? It never hurts to ask. Many hiring managers and recruiters are willing to offer advice. If you had contact with more than one person, contact the individual you had greater rapport with. You can use either email or phone but don’t send a text message! Also, don’t leave it too long. Approach them within a week of hearing the ne

6 Surefire Resume Tips that Will Land You your Dream Job

professional Cv Although there are many defining moments in an individual's life, landing one's dream job is particularly significant. To ensure that you succeed in your efforts to land your dream job, it is important that you become a highly marketable job candidate by putting together an absolutely amazing resume. While many job hunters know that having an excellent resume can be the key to helping them attain the job they want, they do not know how to optimize the resume to obtain the desired result. If this is your challenge, note that the following six strategies are surefire ways to help you land your dream job: 1. Keep It Simple As many career experts know, employers are often faced with the task of reviewing huge piles of resumes in order to find the ideal candidate for the job. Since this is the case, it's important to note that most employers will not be impressed with a lengthy resume, even if it's long because you're enumerating all of your qualifications and credentials. Instead of creating a mile-long resume, keep your paperwork as short and simple as possible, briefly highlighting your skill set and past employment. 2. Attain Continuing Education Credits (CECs) If you're serious about landing your dream job, know that attaining CECs is a gre

4 Serious Career Paths for History Majors

history careers "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are,” said Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th president of the United States, and if there's anyone who put those words into action, it was him. He published more than 25 books about a range of subjects. One of those subjects was history. If you've ever thought about majoring in history, there's a lot you can do with it and where you are. Writing and Editing Many history majors find themselves working as writers and editors, whether as independent authors at publishing companies or within the news and media. It's their job to ensure that all the information in a story is accurate, but they're also the first to feel the heat if something is inaccurate. Film and Video Of course, sometimes their work receives more publicity in the field of film and video. Beyond supplying their expertise for written projects and documentaries, history majors are in the contact lists of many film directors. Apollo 13 still receives accolades for its incredible accuracy. Do you know the historians who worked on it? Probably not. But they contributed an amazing amount of authenticity to the movie and helped endear it not only to the viewers, but also to the people that lived through it. Researcher If you prefer to work more behind the scenes, you could always work as a researcher. Many his

National Bureau of Statistics Release Latest Figures on Job Creation in Nigeria

job creation data in nigeria The National Bureau of Statistics has released the latest figures on job creation in the Nigerian economy for the third quarter of 2014. According to the numbers released a total of 349,343 jobs were created in the 3rd quarter of 2014 as against 259,353 jobs created in the second quarter of 2014. This marked an improvement of 25% in job creation between quarter 2 and 3 of this year. The NBS report stated that the formal sector created 145,464 jobs in the third quarter, compared to 78,755 jobs created in the second quarter of 2014. The report also stated that the Informal sector generated 198,114 jobs in the third quarter, up from the 175,786 jobs created in the second quarter of 2014, while the Public sector created 5,735 new jobs compared to the 4,812 jobs in the previous period. The NBS has stated the new figure was arrived at through a recent job creation survey carried out by the NBS for the third quarter of 2014, with the scope of the survey covered formal and informal establishments and public institutions in the country. The manufacturing sector generated the most formal sector jobs in with 54,446 jobs, a total of 37.5% of the entire formal jobs created in the period. The Health & social services, education, wholesale & retail sectors, came in 2nd, 3rd & 4th at most jobs in formal sector with 21%,15% and 11% of total jobs created respectively. These estimates