10 Reasons You May Still be Without a Job

why you dont have  ajob If you are out of a job for sometime now it will be because of something you are doing wrong or something you are not doing at all. Check through the ten possible reasons why you don't have a job yet. 1. You Do Not Get Enough Information on Open Jobs A lot of jobs are advertised online and in the papers; still so many jobs aren't announced publicly and only people who have insider access to information get invited for these positions. This will involve expanding your network and building the right relationships with people who should know. 2. You Focus only on Job Search You should search and apply for jobs you are qualified for by all means. But what if I tell you that almost 50% of all jobs available in the country don't get advertised or listed. A good number is filled by head hunters/recruiters who look for suitable candidates. For instance on Ngcareers recruiters regularly search our talent database for experienced candidates that possess the skills and qualifications they want. Same goes for LinkedIn. So a good way to take advantage is to create and have your career profile/resume available online. 3. You Don't Impress at Interviews. There is a lot to be wri

Careers for Industrial Relations/Personnel Management Graduates in Nigeria

careers in personnel management Personnel management and industrial relations are somwehat related concepts that deal with various aspects of the relationship between the management of organizations and their employees as well as the relationship between other parties with a vested interest, such as labor unions. Thus in most higher institutions they are jointly offered as a course of study while some may offer just industrial relations or personnel management. The major difference is that while personnel management is more concerned with the recruitment, training and proper relations with employees and staff of an organisation industrial relations has more to do with relating to outside organised labour bodies like trade unions and the labour congress/bodies. So a graduate in personnel management/industrial relations is trained to be an asset to any organisation in terms of helping manage, get the best out of employees and handle relations with external workforce related unions. So graduates of this field are core to recruitment, training, monitoring and evaluation of employees as well as handling of all human resources issues in organisations. Some of the career opportunities open for personnel management/industrial relations graduates include; - Guidance/Counselling - Career Advisor (in student affairs department of high schools) - Health Safety and Environment Inspector (with requisite

How to Get Feedback from a Job Interview

job-interview Being rejected can be very tough, especially when you are given the silent treatment by companies. Some companies won’t even inform you that your application was unsuccessful – so it may be a case of no news is bad news. Have you ever thought of asking when you should expect a feedback on the status of your application at the end of an interview? This gives you an idea of when it is appropriate to ask for feedback if you are not offered the job. You didn't get the job. Now what? Individual companies will have a unique culture that may not be obvious to outsiders. One employer may welcome what another rejects. It could simply be a matter of ‘fit’, whether your personality and approach to work fit with how they do things. However, repeated rejections probably indicate a flaw that you should address. Interview feedback is about ensuring your future success. It is not about dwelling on the past. Use feedback to make sure you are better prepared for future opportunities. How should I ask them? It never hurts to ask. Many hiring managers and recruiters are willing to offer advice. If you had contact with more than one person, contact the individual you had greater rapport with. You can use either email or phone but don’t send a text message! Also, don’t leave it too long. Approach them within a week of hearing the ne

6 Surefire Resume Tips that Will Land You your Dream Job

professional Cv Although there are many defining moments in an individual's life, landing one's dream job is particularly significant. To ensure that you succeed in your efforts to land your dream job, it is important that you become a highly marketable job candidate by putting together an absolutely amazing resume. While many job hunters know that having an excellent resume can be the key to helping them attain the job they want, they do not know how to optimize the resume to obtain the desired result. If this is your challenge, note that the following six strategies are surefire ways to help you land your dream job: 1. Keep It Simple As many career experts know, employers are often faced with the task of reviewing huge piles of resumes in order to find the ideal candidate for the job. Since this is the case, it's important to note that most employers will not be impressed with a lengthy resume, even if it's long because you're enumerating all of your qualifications and credentials. Instead of creating a mile-long resume, keep your paperwork as short and simple as possible, briefly highlighting your skill set and past employment. 2. Attain Continuing Education Credits (CECs) If you're serious about landing your dream job, know that attaining CECs is a gre

4 Serious Career Paths for History Majors

history careers "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are,” said Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th president of the United States, and if there's anyone who put those words into action, it was him. He published more than 25 books about a range of subjects. One of those subjects was history. If you've ever thought about majoring in history, there's a lot you can do with it and where you are. Writing and Editing Many history majors find themselves working as writers and editors, whether as independent authors at publishing companies or within the news and media. It's their job to ensure that all the information in a story is accurate, but they're also the first to feel the heat if something is inaccurate. Film and Video Of course, sometimes their work receives more publicity in the field of film and video. Beyond supplying their expertise for written projects and documentaries, history majors are in the contact lists of many film directors. Apollo 13 still receives accolades for its incredible accuracy. Do you know the historians who worked on it? Probably not. But they contributed an amazing amount of authenticity to the movie and helped endear it not only to the viewers, but also to the people that lived through it. Researcher If you prefer to work more behind the scenes, you could always work as a researcher. Many his

National Bureau of Statistics Release Latest Figures on Job Creation in Nigeria

job creation data in nigeria The National Bureau of Statistics has released the latest figures on job creation in the Nigerian economy for the third quarter of 2014. According to the numbers released a total of 349,343 jobs were created in the 3rd quarter of 2014 as against 259,353 jobs created in the second quarter of 2014. This marked an improvement of 25% in job creation between quarter 2 and 3 of this year. The NBS report stated that the formal sector created 145,464 jobs in the third quarter, compared to 78,755 jobs created in the second quarter of 2014. The report also stated that the Informal sector generated 198,114 jobs in the third quarter, up from the 175,786 jobs created in the second quarter of 2014, while the Public sector created 5,735 new jobs compared to the 4,812 jobs in the previous period. The NBS has stated the new figure was arrived at through a recent job creation survey carried out by the NBS for the third quarter of 2014, with the scope of the survey covered formal and informal establishments and public institutions in the country. The manufacturing sector generated the most formal sector jobs in with 54,446 jobs, a total of 37.5% of the entire formal jobs created in the period. The Health & social services, education, wholesale & retail sectors, came in 2nd, 3rd & 4th at most jobs in formal sector with 21%,15% and 11% of total jobs created respectively. These estimates

Top Careers For The Computer Science Major

Computer science is a lucrative field for students to take advantage of right now. This is essentially because there are many career options available to graduates as soon as they enter the job search. These are some of the top careers that computer science majors choose once they've graduated. Software Developer Software development is one of the many career paths available to students that have degrees in computer science, and there are many degrees to choose from. For example, the NJIT online masters in computer science is a great degree for the person that wants to earn an education despite a hectic schedule. Software developers spend most of their time designing programs that solve problems and are user-friendly. Database Administrator Database administrators oversee large infrastructures of data. They ensure that the database is functioning correctly while searching for and eliminating security risks, helping new users learn how to use the database, troubleshooting, and modifying/improving the infrastructure. Web Developer A web developer is a person that is responsible for creating web applications and technical structures. They start by assessing the needs of users and areas that stand to be improved before designing new proces

5 Most Distasteful Workplace Behaviour You Should Avoid

bad workplace behaviours If you have ever worked in a mid or large sized organisation you know there are some employees who exhibit some form of annoying behaviour or the other. If you work with people in an organisation there are stuff you shouldn't be doing. Below are some distasteful workplace behaviours that piss of co-workers and colleagues. Even when they don't speak up about them it affects the relationship and atmosphere at work. 1. Speaking Your Dialect in a Mixed Culture Office I think all tribes in the country are guilty of this. It usually starts with the tribe with the most number of employees. There is a certain annoyance and frustration when you are at work and all you hear is a staccato of strange sounding words and noises interjected with spatterings of English. You could be conversing with a colleague from another tribe in English for instance and the next thing his tribesman walks in and immediately starts speaking to him in their dialect which clearly you don't understand a word of. It's even more annoying when the superiors go ahead to speak with their juniors from the same tribe in dialect while others (non-tribesmen) are there present. No one says culture should not be promoted but not at the expense of professionalism! After all as an adult you can always speak your birth language at home or in the evenings after work or even when you are alone with your 'kinsme

Tuesday Jobs: Unique Mid and High Level Vacancies You Should Check out Immediately

A lot of unique jobs and vacancies were published so far this week. Open vacancies employers are looking to fill on Ngcareers this week include; Head, Media & Communications Customer Service Representatives Female Admin Office Manager Sales and Marketing Associate Legal Practitioner Geologists Drillers Auditors, Retail HSE Officer Bi-Lingual Call Center Agents

4 Specialized Medical Careers to Boost Your Salary

medical jobs The medical field is one of the most lucrative career areas because it is always a necessity, but it is also one with many varied opportunities at all levels. Medical professionals are paid a salary consistent with the amount of training and specialization they have. The more specialized the career field, the better the salary is likely to be. Here are a few specialized medical professions that will definitely benefit your bank account. 1. Child Clinical Psychologist Child Psychologists make around $70,000 a year. They generally work in hospitals, government facilities, or even own their own practices. One of the great things about a career as a psychologist is the amount of school versus the expected salary. You must have a bachelor degree, but then you can apply for a Doctor of Clinical Psychology program directly. After that you can choose to intern in a pediatric clinic in order to specialize in child psychology. 2. Maternal - Fetal Medicine This is a very specialized profession, but also a very rewarding one. These medical doctors take care of the most high-risk pregnancies and deliveries and could make more than $250,000 a year. Their aim is to give every child a chance at life and every mother a safe pregnancy and delivery. An MFM specialist or high risk obstetrician must attend undergraduate school and then go to medical sch

CASERS/DDB Internship Program for Graduates

internship opportunities The CASERS Internship Program Our Internship program is designed for bright, ambitious and result- driven fresh graduates who are passionate about advertising and who seek to develop themselves as leaders in the world of marketing communications. The program offers a unique learning experience enabled by the best breed of Nigerian and global faculty complemented by bespoke modules from the prestigious Miami Ad School. This intense and highly competitive program is designed to equip participants with the fundamentals of brand building as well as develop them professionally as persons of influence. At the end of the training program, successful candidates will be offered employment in DDB or any Casers' Group subsidiary. As you take your first steps towards what we hope will unleash your potential as an enemy of the ordinary, we say onwards and upwards to every worthy candidate. To Apply you can go here

Gamsole Launches $4,000 Competition for Designers & Illustrators

gamsole design Award-winning Nigerian mobile games company, Gamsole, has launched a new competition offering US$4,000 in prizes and career opportunities for five talented illustrators. Founded by Abiola Olaniran, Nigeria’s highest paid Windows game developer, Gamsole creates games for the Windows phone platform, taking advantage of its fast growth and unsaturated gaming market. The competition will be running until the 23rd November and entrants must submit a graphical concept for a game, including character design in different moods and positions. Gamsole will be offering a US$3 000 prize for the best illustrator, with the runner-up receiving US$1 000. “The top five will be offered permanent positions at Gamsole’s offices in Lagos, giving them the chance to own equity and be part of a high-growth, fast-paced startup,” says Abiola. With a passion for mobile application and design, the computer science and mathematics graduate started his business two years ago. In just six months of launching games on the Windows Phone Store Abiola had over three million players worldwide who fell in love with the addictive gameplay experience, from China to Brazil. “About 38 per cent of mobile phone users all over the world consume games, second to the use of social networks. People never get tired of gaming. On an everyday basis, millions of people are experiencing little boring moment

Tips to Find Your First Job

job search For recent college graduates, finding the first job becomes their full time job. If you are also entering this important phase of your life, the following article will help you out in finding your first job. Here are a few important tips that can keep you going with the daunting task of job search even if you have limited industry knowledge, less contacts and no prior job search experience. Convince yourself In order to sound convincing to the employer, it is vital to convince yourself first. In other words, this means knowing yourself, your strengths, weaknesses, unique skill set, and competencies. The knowledge of your strengths and weaknesses can make you present them as your great assets to the employer. Know your job interests Identify your interest areas to pursue a career in a particular field. Take time to give meaning to your job search and do not be in a hurry to apply for any job. You can also take some personality tests, career counselling, etc. to identify your suitability to a particular type of job. Hence, knowing your interest areas can streamline your job search. Take out time for some research Finding a lucrative job involves a proper research about t

Entry Level Salaries of Companies in Nigeria by Industry

salaries We all know most everyone wants to know what company A and company B is paying. Even when we do not hope o land a job with them we just want to know and be informed on the various salary discrepancies. Who knows one day the knowledge may come in handy. So based on a discussion on Nigeria's largest forum, Nairaland we felt to do this bit of research and outline a rough sketch of what companies pay to entry level workers and staff. We have categorised this by industry to make it easier to grab. So for a few popular industries we have come up with the entry level salaries of companies in Nigeria. If you are yet to join Ngcareers you can do that here and gain access to more career information such as this. Note that contract staff are not included in this salary expose as those cannot be said to be full employees of the companies they work for. The salary ranges included below are strictly for entry level full time employees. The figures are given in annual pay after tax and pension deductions 1. Banks - (N2.1 Million - N2.76 Million) Some of the highest paying banks at this level are Diamond Bank, Union Bank and Guaranty Trust Bank Plc 2. Professional Consulting - (N1.44 million - N1.92 million) Obviously within this sector the big guns like Pricewaterhousecoopers, KPMG etc pay bett

Attend the Andavoy Professional Customer Service Training

customer service Andavoy Nigeria Ltd is holding a 2 day professional customer service relations training designed to build understanding of customer satisfaction dynamics and emphasizes the role of employees in achieving internal and external customer service goals. Our 2 day CSR Training is designed to provide individuals with the knowledge ,skills and attitude to manage and deliver exceptional customer service guaranteed to influence your customers’ choice of your organization as their preferred service provider. This is a powerfully packaged course facilitated by highly experienced practitioners. This programme is highly participative and allows participants learn how to give exceptional CUSTOMER SERVICE. This training is tailored at teaching you how to give exceptional customer service. TRAINING DATES:- Weekend Classes:- November 15th & 16th 2014 (2 DAYS) TIME: Saturday:- 10am-4pm Sunday:- 12pm-4pm VENUE/OFFICE ADDRESS:- No 8,irewole street, off opebi road by awosika busstop, Opebi, Ikeja. Lagos TRAINING PACKAGE :- Powerfully Packaged Training Materials Professional training by Expert Instructors Tea/Lunch Break Certificate of Training Free Consultation Networking Opportunities WHAT YOU STAND TO LEARN:- Key Skills for Quality Customer Service Addressing Different Customer Behavioral Styles Understanding Quality Service and Service Culture

Nigerian Immigration Service Recruitment: Applicants ask court to sack Minister

Immigration-applicants The Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS) recruitment saga is not over yet. The recruitment exercise tragedy which led to the death of no fewer than 19 applicants, including a pregnant woman, four applicants in the exercise, was criticised by many people but little or nothing was done to punish culpits or prevent future recurrence. However, according to reports on Nigerian Tribune, some persons who participated in the exercise has taken the matter to court. In the case brought to a Federal High Court yesterday, Monday 20th October, 2014 they plead the court to sack the Minister of Interior, Abba Moro, whose ministry supervised the exercise. In a suit No.: FHC/ABJ/CS/694/2014 filed through their counsel, Jubrin Okutepa, the plaintiffs, Patience Omezie, Kasim Suleiman, Okojie Arabamen and Godwin Morka want the court to declare that Abba Moro is not fit and proper person to hold public office in Nigeria with regard to his callous statement that Nigerians who died and those injured during the exercise were careless. The plaintiffs joined as defendants in the suit, the Federal Government, Attorney General of the Federation (AGF), NIS and its comptroller, David Parradang. They also want the court to declare that the defendants acted negligently and in total disregard to the sanctity of lives of over 520,000 Nigerians who were invited for job interview and/or screening by NI

Federal Government to Hand over NYSC to United Nations?

nysc According to reports by Nigerian Tribune Federal government is planning to mainstream NYSC into United Nations (UN) Programmme. The Minister of Youths Development, Boni Haruna, revealed this during a meeting with the officials UN-Habitat and NYSC in Abuja. Stating that the scheme had recorded massive achievements since its inception, he opinied that bringing the programme into UN will help attract international support for the scheme. Is federal government trying to shy away from footing the bill? Are they trying to dump the responsibility on United Nations? Let watch and see. Read the full reports below.
The Federal Government has on Thursday, unfolded plans to mainstream the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), initiative into the United Nations programme. This is to give the scheme a global outlook where other nations can tap from its initiative. The Minister of Youths Development, Boni Haruna, who spoke in Abuja, during a meeting with the officials UN-Habitat and NYSC, said the scheme had recorded massive achievements since its inception According to him, setting all programmes in the scheme into the UN will attract global appreciation, even as it creates a platform for national integration and youth development. Boni also said the essence of the meeting is not only to re-establish relationship with the UN but to create opportunities for Nigeria

2 Wrong Notions About Fake or Scam Job Invitations

job offer We have compiled a few wrong notions people have about fake or scam jobs. Scam jobs exist obviously but when the below happens it doesn't necessarily mean you are dealing with a scam or fake job offer. 1. When you get invited without applying for a job it's a scam This is a wrong approach on many fronts. In today's professional world where career and professional platforms like LinkedIn and Ngcareers are used by recruiters and big companies to head-hunt and look for experienced candidates for their vacancies it is becoming increasingly common to see career individuals who have created or added their resume to sites like Ngcareers getting called or contacted by employers/recruiters without ever applying for any job. In fact it is estimated that up to 50% of jobs are never advertised openly. We know a few big recruitment agencies that silently source candidates for the vacancies they have to fill especially as the vacancies are for very experienced positions. So next time you get contacted by an employer or recruiter it could be genuine. If you are on Ngcareers talent platform they may have found your resume matches the candidate they are looking for. 2. Interview Invites that come with non-company email (free emails like yahoo etc) are fake

A Job Seeker’s Response to a Company’s Rejection Letter

rejection This is a very hilarious job seeker's response to a company's rejection letter. Note this is possibly a humour but in all, a good laugh is a good treat. Read the letter below.
Dear Sir, Thank you for your letter of 5th October, 2014. After careful consideration I regret to inform you that I am unable to accept your refusal to offer me employment with your company. This year I have been particularly fortunate in receiving an unusually large number of rejection letters. With such a varied and promising field of employers, it is impossible for me to accept all refusals. Despite your company’s outstanding qualifications and previous experience in rejecting applicants, I find that your rejection does not meet my needs at this time. Therefore I will start work with your company on Monday 20th of October, 2014 at 8:30 am. I look forward to seeing you then. Yours Faithfully AA
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The Professional’s Guide to a Successful Career Switch

switching careers Switching careers is never a small feat not to talk of doing it successfully. Just what does it take to decide you no longer want to be a banker for instance and instead pursue a life long desire in human resources? Difficult I can tell you. The level of difficulty depends on the person involved. Man naturally has so much inertia; we really would avoid leaving a decent career to go into something new all over again with all the uncertainties that come with it. However as with most human endeavours you can switch careers successfully if you are truly determined and willing to do what it takes for a smooth transition. While I cannot give a 100 percent fail proof plan to switching careers the below tips will help you get the transition safely done. And when you finally set up on your new career you can come back for the thanksgiving. Be Sure of What You Really Want to Do Before you decide to leave your current career path it's very essential to know exactly what else you intend to move into. The importance of knowing cannot be over-emphasized as at this stage you do not need to act on hunches. Find out All You Can About the New Path Dig into researching your new and intended career path. What opportunities are available? Do the SWOT At your current status are you adequately equipped to make a s

How to Plan for a Successful Career During Your NYSC Year

youthcorpers Why Waiting till end of your service is a great mistake Just like in their undergraduate days many graduates undergoing the National Youth service see their service year as not a timeto plan for their career future. Instead they wallow in the fun of the moment as youth corpers and believe tomorrow thinks for itself. The truth is the moment you take off that khaki the federal government doesn't care a hoot about you. You simply join the hundreds of thousands of others who have passed out before you and are now looking for jobs to keep body and soul together. When I was serving the fatherland I recall that on the day we officially ceased being youth corpers a couple of my corpers friends were afraid to leave their rented rooms in Abeokuta back to the Southeast. It dawned on them that they were not certain of what the world out there holds for them. One of them did not actually know what next to do; he was only sure of one thing - that he never wanted to go back to live with his parents in Enugu. As i packed my bag to leave Abeokuta I asked if he wasn't planning on leaving that day. He shook his head and said since his rent still ran for up to a month that h would likely spend some more time alone weighing his options and planning his next line of action. As for me I already had stuff going on that I was eager to leave Abeokuta and face squarely. How

How to Delegate Effectively for a Healthy Work-Life Balance

work life balance This article was first published on Bellanaija by the author. There are literally thousands of articles out there on how to increase productivity at work and get more stuff done everyday. No matter how many strategies or ideas you get advised to employ in order to get more work done in less time, there is always a limit to what you can do. The single smartest advice on productivity, apart from being clear on what you are to do each day, is learning how to and what to delegate! Does Productivity Have Relations With Working on More Tasks? Many mistake productivity with the ability to do more tasks within the work period. Productivity can be hardly restricted to volume of work done. To get a clearer idea on what this article is about, you need to see productivity as the rate of quality work done and not just volume of work done. The earlier you disconnect from thinking that to be productive you must do so much more the better. To be productive focus on the things that matter. If you are a business owner do stuff that affects the bottom-line positively. A freelancer or self employed should focus more energy on doing things that increase income flow directly or indirectly. When you are working for an organisation you ought to know which of your work impacts most on the organisation’s numbers and do those more. Getting the Best Fr

The 3 Winning Principles for Interviews

job interview I agree. It's almost unimaginable the sheer volume of what have been written on interviews. Expert tips on 'how to' and 'golden rules'. It's heavy. But it's justified. Gone are the days when opportunities depended majorly on chances and luck. Experience, education and modern dynamics have rendered things mathematical and logical. If you do A, your chance of getting B is higher. Because the frequency supports the assumption. In a country as ours, knowing a few tricks about interviews is an added edge. The reason is glaring. There are always too many qualified candidates jostling for one position. If what counts is merit, being able to raise your hand a foot above the rest is a plus. To do this, you need to perch on some lever. I'll share these 3 tips. They work for me. They work for those who understand the principles. They will work for you - I can bet my lunch on it. Never Go In With a Beggar Mentality Belive me. The company needs you more than you need them if only you can confidently prove that you're the guy they've been looking for. It's psychological. Get as much information as you can on the company and about the position. If you can, request for the job description. Standard companies will readily make the JD available. Do a personal research on what the position entails. Match it with your experience and your skills. Then go in

Personal Finance for Low Income Earners: How to Manage and Survive on Your Monthly Salary

personal finance for workers Standard of living costs are getting higher and for many people the take home pay from work just doesn't improve corresponding with the cost of living. Many workers find that their pay packet hardly takes them through the month cycle to another pay packet. Learning how to manage your finances effectively has never been more important than it is today given the tough economic conditions. Below are tips gathered from personal finance experts and successful money managers on how to squeeze the best value from their limited wages or salary. 1. Keep a Firm Eye on Expenses If you are like most people your expenses will be mostly categorised into what we have itemised as fixed expenses (such as rent, electricity bills, fees etc), living expenses (food, daily expenses) and impulse expenditure (this is where you spend on stuff like clothes, recharge cards and generally stuff you mostly do on impulse and not really out of necessity) You have to create a limit for your monthly expenses and try to keep your expenses within your limit. 2. Pay Yourself First Create a budget then automate the deductions. If you decide to pay yourself 15% ensure you do automate the deduction such that at a particular time after receiving your paycheck the said amount ids deducted to another account meant strictly for saving. I advise however that your savings

How To Cope With Stress in a New Job

managing job stress If you are starting a new job it is important that you try to commence work in the best possible conditions and frame of mind. This includes ensuring that you are note stressed up with the demands of your new workplace and with the desire to make the right starting impressions. There are several reasons to be stressed in a new job. They include; learning new routines, learning new systems, striving to impress superiors, learning to cope with new and sometimes difficult personalities. You obviously cannot control everything in your environment or at the workplace still you do have some role to play in ensuring you start with best possible conditions and emotional stability. No matter the demands of your new job here are a few actions and steps you can take to ensure you remain in good condition and keep your overall stress levels down. 1. Try to Communicate Many may not know that communication gaps end up creating lots of stress and issues for colleagues at the workplace and between superiors and their juniors. One of the ways to limit and remove unnecessary stress is to strive to convey exactly what you mean and also always ensure to get the expectations of your employer from you clearly spelt out. 2. Listen More and Talk Less The early days of working at your new job are ver