Benue State Labour Congress on Showdown with Governor Over Salary Deductions

benue labour news The Nigeria Labour Congress in Benue state is set to begin the mother of all strikes on Thursday following the deduction of its workers June salaries by the state government to enable it pay teachers' minimum wage. The development is against the background of Governor Gabriel Suswam's appeal to cut down on state workers salaries in order to pay primary schools teachers who had resumed academic activities barely four weeks ago after an eight months old protracted strike to press home their demand for the minimum wage being enjoyed by other civil servants in the state. But, state chairman of NLC, Comrade Simon Anchaver today told Daily Trust in Makurdi that the workers never reached a compromise with government to deduct their salaries and as such the body would convey a meeting tomorrow to discuss the matter which would likely lead them to stay out of work in the days ahead. "They (government) did that on their own. We have not agreed on anything yet and they just started deducting our salaries. After our meeting tomorrow, we will definitely go on strike," he said. Suswam had earlier in May disclosed his decision to reduce workers salaries in the state by 10 percent while political appointees salaries would be slashed by 25 percent in-order to accommodate the teachers' demand as his administration could not afford to make up the differences from its dwindling allocation

This Is Why You Won’t Get a Job

why you may not get a job Psychology as a discipline has ‘forced’ me to appreciate the role that illusions play in human decision making. We often see the ‘wrongfully’ real picture – it appears real but it’s not. My students and clients know that I have this simple test of illusory perception that I use to explain the lie that keeps many of us captive perpetually in the world of employment versus unemployment. Try the test: Pull any of your fingers close to the bridge of your nose with your eyes open. How many fingers are you seeing? If you do it well, you must be seeing ‘two’ fingers. Is it real? Nope! Only one finger is what you have there but it appears as two. That’s illusion in action! Now, one of the commonest statements in Nigeria (sorry, in the world) is ‘there are no jobs out there’. Thousands of undergraduates and those that are doing their national service live in perpetual fear. The seed of despair has taken roots (sadly) in their minds and they dread a ‘confirmed’ scary future – a future of roaming and wandering in search of jobs that are not lost. In those days when I was doing my national service, the fear of unemployment was so palpable that those of us that were religious literally ‘walked by faith’. Our slogan was: we are getting set for the Favor Market, not for the Labor Market. That was a statement of fear but that was garnished with w

More Unemployment Woes: Unity Bank Sacks Over 170 Staff

unity bank Unity Bank Plc has issued a statement announcing the sack of more than 170 of its workers as part of its efforts aimed at repositioning it for effective service delivery. The bank, in the statement issued in Abuja, also stated that it had recruited over 300 new members of staff, mostly at the entry level. The exercise, it explained, was in a bid to “right size” its workforce and position it for sustainable quality banking services across the entire branch network. The statement read in part, “Unity Bank Plc has announced the disengagement of over 170 members of staff and has also recruited over 300 new ones, mostly at entry level and experienced hires. The exercise is in a bid to right size its workforce and positions the bank for sustainable quality banking services across its entire branch network. “The development of the bank’s human resource is one of the key areas identified as part of the objectives that the bank’s just concluded capital raising exercise would address.” The statement also quoted the Executive Director, Secretariat and Services, Unity Bank, Mrs. Aisha Abraham, to have said, “Our people are our greatest assets; we consistently strive for training and rejuvenation of our workforce, constantly introducing a steady mix of promising young talents and experienced professionals. source: Daily Times Get firs

Stop Working; Start Relating

career boosting relating Blasphemy! Heresy! If you’re thinking the same thing as I would first think about this headline (if I were to be reading it from elsewhere), you may be justified to wonder what exactly has come over the writer. People should stop working and start relating? Where, on earth, is the correlation between them? Works bring food to the table, not relationships. Give me some seconds to flesh out what I mean and you’ll get a grip on my perspective. Let me share a recent experience with you.

A Forced Wait

I had an appointment for 10am with one of the managers of a company. In order for me to beat the often frustrating Lagos traffic, I left home early and I got to the place before 9am. So I had to wait. Unfortunately though, I didn’t wait for an hour. I waited for more than four hours because the manager I went to see got his hands full with business appointments to keep. He later told me that he didn’t anticipate those emergencies. My wait wasn’t a total waste in the end. Three persons taught me three business lessons – for free. Each lesson is tied to a distinct personality. For no fee, I’ll briefly pin each of the lessons to this screen. The Worker I told you I was there before it was 9am? OK. My take on the front office lady isn’t pleasant. She seemed to just be waiting for the clock to do its routine round so that sh

18 Staff of Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) in Trouble over Certificate Forgery

certificate forgery Staff of the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) numbering about eighteen, are currently in trouble after reportedly being found culpable of age falsification and certificate forgery. They were allegedly exposed during the recent biometric exercise carried out by the administration on its staff. Interim report of the implementation committee on the recommendations submitted by the firm that handled the biometric exercise upheld that the 18 staff members engaged in age falsification and certificate forgery. Confirming the discovery of the scam to the Nigerian Tribune, on Sunday, Muhammad Hazat Sule, an Assistant Director at the FCTA and Chief Press Secretary to the Minister of Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Senator Bala Mohammed disclosed that the minister had already approved the compulsory retirement of the affected staff. He disclosed that the minister also directed that further clarifications and assessments be carried out on 11 officers with pending remarks, as well as 59 officers who were yet to respond to the queries sent to them through their respective secretariats, departments and agencies. According to him, the minister further directed that the implementation committee carry out thorough certificate verification of all staff employed from 2006 to date, including all certificates acquired from 2006 till date by serving officers. He sa

Etisalat’s Career Initiative: Rapper Reminisce Advises Youths

etisalat reminisce The winner of City People awards' Best Rap Album Of The Year, Reminisce was on hand during the 11th edition of the Etisalat Career Counseling Initiative held in Amuwo Odofin, Lagos to rub minds with young people on career pursuits. He shared with the young participants how getting an education has been instrumental to pursuing his career as a musician. Reminisce graduated from the Kwara State Polytechnic and read Purchasing & Supply. The event is an Etisalat Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative aimed at helping teenagers get awareness on the importance of making the right career choices and leaving positive lives. Get daily SMS alerts on exclusive jobs on your MTN phone courtesy of Ngcareers. Go here to choose a category and subscribe. (Etisalat coming soon)

Job Hunting? Four Industries Poised for Exceptional Growth in 2014

job industries With the number of jobs increasing rapidly, there are four industries poised for exceptional growth in 2014. These four include: Healthcare Energy Financial Construction Healthcare Industry Boom When the US has passed new healthcare reform legislation, this caused a global ripple effect. While healthcare insurance remains fairly stable, there's been an increase in medical technology and innovations that create jobs. Changes in various medical and surgical procedures as well as innovations in pharmaceuticals target today's brightest job hunters for key positions that offer greatest opportunity and advancement. Energy Energy remains one of the top four industries with exceptional growth for 2014. The growth in drilling and hydro fracturing of natural gas, as well as solar, wind and hydroelectric energy industries began with a greater need to fill positions for petrochemical engineers and scientists for R&D. Financial Money makes the world go round and will continue to be one of the top four industries globally and do

Rising to the Top: Be A Mosquito In Your Career

mosquito I doubt if you wouldn’t jab me a punch if I were to tell you this to your face. But the truth is that we’ve all got to replicate the mosquito strategy if excellence is our goal, and if productivity is the intended means. You know these unsolicited text messages we get from telecommunications operators in Nigeria? I don’t know if the story is the same elsewhere though. Those things could be annoying especially when they come in as calls. You are in the bathroom dabbing your face with soap and your phone will let out a yell. You’ll rush to pick the call only for you to discover it’s a programmed call from the operators. So, I got one of those programmed texts from my operators on Monday while rushing to catch up with the terrific match between Chile and the Netherlands. Let me present it the way it came: ‘Do you know that mosquitoes only live for 24 hours? Amazing!!!’ It’s sincerely amazing! Isn’t it? Well, it may not be amazing to some of us. To those of us that are knowledgeable in animal science, it’s simply stale news. But for naïve folk like me, it’s an awesome fact. And it forced on me some soul-searching lesson. I need to live and work like a mosquito. Period. Within just 24 hours, only a day, a mosquito can destroy a generation. You don’t believe me? Ask those that are still alive to testify to the killing potency of malaria. The

11 Reasons You Did Not Get That Job Interview


Ever wondered why you didn't get that interview? You fit the profile advertised. You crosschecked your resume before submitting it. You filled the application form properly, your cover letter and resume looked very perfect. But you waited, no response, even when it comes it reads "We regret you were not selected...".

Why did you not get even a chance for an interview? Is there any thing you did wrong? This and many other questions might be in your thoughts. There are various reasons you didn't get that interview, below are top 5 reasons you didn't even get a chance to demonstrate your value.

1. Your qualifications did not match the job offer This may sound pretty obvious but in times of desperation, one may tend to apply for jobs for which they may be under or over-qualified. The key thing is to read the job description and understand where the recruiter is coming from. Apply for jobs which you are deeply passionate about and you are bound to get called as it shows in your writing. 2. Your CV was too long. Recruiters may sometimes have thousands of emails to go through in a day and one which is cluttered with information is easy to skip. The solution to this is to format your resume in such a way as to make it almost tabular for ease of reading. 3. You did not apply as per the instructions given Som

CBN Governors: Their Career and Schools they Attended

central-banks-gold Does the school/university you graduated from really matter? Does it affect your chances of getting a job? Not really! While the school you attended might give you more prestige, your chances of getting a job boils down to what you have to offer and who you know. However, the school you attended might help bring out the best in you but more often than not it's the person--not the school--that is responsible for professional success. Below are current and past Central Bank governors of Nigeria; a brief history of their career and the schools (universities) they attended. Some had a humble beginning but rose to the pinnacle of their career. You can start today irrespective of your current status.
Beliefs have the power to create and the power to destroy. Human beings have the awesome ability to take any experience of their lives and create a meaning that disempowers them or one that can literally save their lives. - Tony Robbins
Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe. - Gail Devers

Present and Former Central Bank Governors, Brief Career History and Education

Are You Unemployed? 7 Easy Ways to Make Money

unemployment-application Unemployment itself is a great task, there is nothing more demanding and equally depressing than waking up daily and doing nothing. Idleness they say is devil's workshop, some say it can kill faster than most diseases. The worst thing that accompanies unemployment is lack of money. If you are unemployed but your parents, relations or guardian still gives you allowance periodically then technically you are partially employed because you are paid to do nothing (Doing nothing is a job except when you are not paid for it). The essence of this article is not to tell you that idleness is bad or doing nothing is work, it is to tell you some practical ways to make an income when you are unemployed. You may agree with me that searching for job is very tasking financial wise, one of my friends call it "business of job search", because according to him, "anything that requires capital for day to day operation is a business". Without money your job search can be frustrating; imagine you can't afford transport fare for your interview, you can't photocopy or print your documents, you can't surf the internet (I know you can because you are reading this). Even when you can afford the aforementioned, life as an unemployed graduate is not all about job search, you still need to relax and enjoy yourself time to time and this requires money. Enough of stories, how do you a

3 Often Overlooked Qualities During Interviews That Might Get You the Job

interview qualities for jobseekers How many times have you gone for an interview and come out thinking you must have performed very well yet weeks later you don't get the call or email inviting you to join the organisations you interviewed at? It is agreed among many employers and HR managers that interviews are in themselves a very limited way of knowing how suitable a candidate is for the job. Candidates at interviews tend to hide their true characters and generally are trained to appear agreeable. So many interviewers devise ways to find the real characters behind the candidates. A candidate's personality matters a lot to employers almost as importantly as their skills and experience. For many times of jobs it is essential that a candidate have certain qualities that will enable them work well with a team and contribute greatly to the fortunes of the company. So next time you go for an interview here are things you should look out for as they are ways the employer may test you outside the formal interview setting. 1. Respect Unknown to many interview candidates their test starts immediately they step into the reception or office lobby. Do you look down on the receptionist or secretary? Do you greet anyone you meet in the waiting room irrespective of whether you think they are younger or older than you are? The people you think their opinion doesn't matter probably have a

From a Secretary to a Business Mogul – The Story of Africa’s Richest Woman

Folorunsho Alakija You might have heard of her Folorunsho Alakija, the richest Black woman in the world according to Forbes. She is richer than Oprah Winfrey. Below she narrated how she began her career as a secretary before going into Fashion industry, today she is the richest black woman. You may learn one or two lessons from her story.

Brief History

Folorunsho Alakija is a businesswoman from Nigeria. She was born in 1951 to the family of Chief L. A. Ogbara in Ikorodu, Lagos State. She is a business tycoon involved in the fashion, oil and printing industries. She is the group managing director of The Rose of Sharon Group which consists of The Rose of Sharon Prints & Promotions Limited and Digital Reality Prints Limited and the executive vice chairman of Famfa Oil Limited. Alakija is ranked by Forbes as the richest woman in Nigeria with an estimated net worth of $2.7 billion (As of 6/17/2014)
Folorunsho Alakija started her career in 1974 as an executive secretary at Sijuade Enterprises, Lagos, Nigeria. She moved on to the former First National Bank of Chicago, now FinBank, where she worked for some years before establishing a tailoring company called Supreme Stitches. It rose to prominence and fame within a few years, and as Rose of Sharon House of Fashion, became a household name. As national president and lifelong trustee of the Fashion Designers Association of Nige

NNPC/ ESSO International Postgraduate Scholarship Awards 2014

postgraduate_Scholarships Since 1974, ExxonMobil upstream affiliates in Nigeria – Esso Exploration and production Nigeria Limited (EEPNL) and Mobil Producing Nigeria (MPN) have supported the education of thousands of Nigerian students through the Companies’ various scholarship schemes. These schemes include: Undergraduate Scholarship Awards This program is funded by Mobil Producing Nigeria, operator of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC)/MPN Joint Venture. Since 1998, a total of 500 undergraduate scholarships are awarded annually. This is a significant increase on the 13 awards offered at inception of the scheme in 1974. The awards are made to suitably qualified students from every state of the federation, including the Federal Capital Territory (FCT). However, about 62 per cent of the total NNPC/MPN Undergraduate scholarship awards are allocated to students who are indigenes of the operational communities/ States - Akwa Ibom (50%) and Rivers States (12%). There is also a merit award (10%) to the best 50 candidates in the selection tests. The remaining places go to students from other states including the Federal Capital territory (FCT), based on merit and fair geographical spread. The current scholarship awards are for disciplines in Engineering (Petroleum, Chemical Mechanical, Electrical/Electronics and Civil,) Geology/Geophysics, Medicine, Agricultural Sc

What Makes the Ideal Teacher

ideal teacher Before I get lost in the hysterical euphoria of writing, I need to make a confession. The original idea for this piece isn’t mine. I stole it from the educative work of a consultant Melissa Kelly. Because I’m also in one way or the other a teacher, I was charmed by her superlative article (I can’t recollect precisely what the title was). What I have done however is that I have done a great deal of tweaking – including the title, lest I land myself in a mess of plagiarism. If you’re involved in the business of impacting and imparting knowledge – teaching, lecturing, public speaking, writing, preaching and the like, this shouldn’t escape your eagle-focused eyes. I was transformed when I read it – and I think it isn’t bad sharing it with you, as a colleague. Now… I will like to present my own award to ‘My Ideal Teacher’ of all time. You want a name? I will not mention the name but I will give you some hint of who the person is; you can then complete the square because it could be you. Besides, won’t it be quite hopeless naming a person among trillions of dealers in knowledge globally? So consider yourself the ideal teacher if you fit into the frame. So, the treasured teacher… 1. Always demonstrates a sense of humor in the class: You want to know the class that students dread more than physical punishment? Those classes

Nigerian Agip Exploration Limited 2014/2015 Post Graduate Scholarship Award Scheme

2014 agip scholarships Nigerian Agip Exploration Limited (NAE), on behalf of the NNPC/NAE/OANDO PSC, is committed to the training and development of manpower as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme.In pursuance of this, NAE invites applications from suitably qualified and interested Nigerian graduates for the 2014/2015 Post Graduate Scholarship Award Scheme. The award is in two categories – Nigerian and Overseas. ELIGIBILITY To qualify, applicants MUST: Possess a minimum of Second Class Upper Bachelors degree from a recognized Nigerian University. Must have secured admission into a Nigerian or Overseas University (based on the category being applied for) for a one year Master’s Degree programme in any of the disciplines listed below. Not above 28 years of age by December 2014. Have completed the one year National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) programme. COURSE OF STUDY Only candidates with offer of admission in disciplines related to the following areas should apply; Geosciences Engineering (Petroleum, Civil, Structural, Mechanical, Sub Sea, Electrical, Marine, Chemical) Petroleum Economics Oil and Gas Law Please note: Shortlisted candidates will be required to take an aptitude test Successful candidates will be contacted with details of the qualifying test via SMS text and email. Strict compliance with above guidelines is required Employees of NAE

Checklists for a Successful Job Interview: Important Things You May be Overlooking

interview checklist Print this out if you wish and keep in your wallet whilst job seeking. Congratulations; you’ve got a job interview! Now prepare to make the most of the precious time you’ll get in front of the hirer.


After researching the company or organisation thoroughly, ask yourself the following questions: - what does this job involve? - what skills would a top employee in this job have? - how can I persuade them there is something unique about me? Examples of past performance: Merely saying you have the required skills and experience is not enoughto make you stand out.“I’m good at XYZ” is also not enough –have practical examples ready to hammer the message home.

Set pieces:

It would be wonderful to know in advance what the recruiter was going to ask. However, you can anticipate likely questions and have the answers up your sleeve, especially for thecommon, “What are your weaknesses?” question. Below are three other possible questions. Why did you leave your last job? If it was a less than amicable separation from your last boss, now is not the time to go deeply into it. Emphasize that you get along with people. Can you explain your gaps in employment? In a post-recession economy, gaps in employment are commonplace. Whet

Interesting Jobs Featured on Ngcareers this Week

jobs available in Nigeria Hi everyone, happy month of June as you read this. As we get into June we have profiled for you a list of very interesting jobs that have been featured on Ngcareers this week. These are jobs that are unique and mostly require a little bit of experience. You might check them out to see if there are any that match your interests and experience; Cross River Gorilla Campaign Manager Location: Cross Rivers Experience Required: 1-3 years See details to Apply Executive and Strategy Assistant Location: Port Harcourt See details to apply Public Relations Manager Location: Port Harcourt See details to apply Head, Internal Audit Location

Top Reasons You May or May Not be Employable

employability There had been a heated debate on employability of fresh Nigeria graduates on Nairaland recently. Many HR persons on the forum stated that most fresh graduates are unemployable while the graduates defended themselves blaming the employers for the situation. Inasmuch as it's easy to say graduates are employable or are not, finding the right answer to the question is not as easy as saying yes or no. Many factors contribute to your employability, first is the skills you possess, your personality, type of job you are looking for and the company your are applying to. This article will bring you the various views from both sides and my candid response to the issue. Below are responses by some HR Persons
Very true. I remember the interviews we ran for a couple of graduates. 96% of them had nothing to offer. A particular lady was asked, "So what can you do?" She answered, "I can do anything you tell me to do. I don't know what I can do because I've never worked before but I can do anything." I asked her for her skills and she started pleading, crying, repeating that she could do anything. Yes we know that our educational system is poor but what have you done to develop yourself that gives you an edge over millions of graduates out there?

How to Apply to Jobs Within Your Organisation: Positioning Yourself to Take Advantage of Internal Job Vacancies

applying to internal jobs If you are working in an organisation and not taking advantage of internal job openings to advance you surely are not doing yourself any favours. Many large organisations regularly have need to fill in jobs and while they may advertise publicly, in some cases, nothing stops someone with relevant years of experience working already in the organisation to apply. However to apply for jobs within your organisation you need to consider the following;

Talk to Your Superiors

Find out from people who should know about the internal vacancies and whether the company is looking to fill from exclusively outside the company or whether they will also consider internal applications from employees. When you can be sure this is the case you would have a sure basis to dust up, rewrite you CV and send in your application. Get informed on the application process and follow it to the letter.

Follow Your Company's Job Openings Page

If your organisation does its recruitment through its own HR department chances are that it may have a career section on its website where new jobs are listed. Be sure to keep track of the page for any openings that may be relevant to your career path.

Secure the Right References

If the opportunity you are applying for requires significant differences from your current job you may have to find and include references that wil

Re-Applying to a Company You Earlier Resigned From: Matters Arising

reapplying to a company you left It's not everyday that an individual resigns voluntarily from a company only to start seeking appointment again in same company. When that does happen what should such an individual do? Is it proper or self respecting to even consider doing that? This question was raised in a popular online forum in Nigeria. Tackling the issues one after the other;

Is it Proper or Wise?

There are several reasons that could make one to resign from a place of work so it is a matter of context before deciding whether you are doing something proper applying for another job with a company you previously resigned from. Most people may agree that if you left the organisation in acrimonious circumstances it may not be wise sending in an application yet again. However if the reasons for your previous resignation were mutual or forced by non-quarrelsome circumstances it should be easier to re-apply if you want to without facing any previous issues. The Organisations's HR rules In this sort of case though you would want to be aware of the organisation's HR policies so as to not find yourself in an awkward situation. Previous relationship with the Human Resources and Key Staff When contemplating applying for a job with the same company you resigned from before one of the important factors to consider is your relationship with the human reso

National Youth Service Corps Says Corps Members Will Not Be Forced to Serve in Emergency States

The National Youths Service Corps says corps members will not be forced to serve in the three north eastern states currently under emergency rule. The Director General of NYSC, Brigadier General, Johnson Olawumi made the clarification when he appeared before the National Conference Committee of Civil Society, Labour and Youth. He said the agency had taken a decision not to send any corps member to the three affected states unless the request to be posted to any of the states comes from the corps member. The DG said, “We have stopped sending corps members to the three troubled states in North-East under emergency rule. Surprisingly, some still demand to be posted there . But nobody is forced to go there.” He said there was no way the agency would stop those demanding to be posted there, adding that the embargo on the three states would continue until security improves there. Olawumi also spoke on areas the agency is making use in order to make the corps members self reliant after their one year service. This, he said, included skills acquisition and entrepreneurship development programme which he said had been established in all states and Abuja to train corps members. source: Channels TV Discover new jobs you may like everyday on Ngcareers; Join Nigeria's top jobs and career community Free. Go here

10 Ways to Instantly Boost Your Self Confidence

self confident professional The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease for ever to be able to do it - J.M. Barrie Self confidence definitely helps improve the quality of work we do and the things we tend to achieve. For how then can we get others to agree with our plans, give us more responsibility if we clearly lack the belief in ourselves. To advance in your career you must be seen to possess the innate self confidence that all achievers have. That belief that you can surmount challenges and produce results has a way of reflecting in interviews and during meetings with your boss. Self confidence as described by the Counseling Center of the University of Illinois is an attitude which allows individuals to have positive yet realistic views of themselves and their situations. Self-confident people trust their own abilities, have a general sense of control in their lives, and believe that, within reason, they will be able to do what they wish, plan, and expect.

What self confidence is not

Being self confident is not equivalent to being arrogant and proud. It also does not mean one can actually do everything. A self confident person has also to be realistic and when they fail to achieve something or meet expectations they continue to be positive and be themselves.

The value of self confidence in one's career and professional life

The relationship

Exclusive: Best Paid Jobs and Careers in Nigeria for 2014

best jobs in nigeria Last year ending we published a report on the best paid jobs for 2013 which was well received. As year 2013 runs out it's time to look again at what career paths are looking more promising in terms of income prospects. Note: Just as our last list this one is also based on estimated income for entry to mid level positions. To come up with this list we have scoured hundreds of relevant online pages of data, done interviews with several career individuals in these specialisations, and most importantly carried out an in-depth analysis of the salaries for over 10,000 unique jobs listed in 2013 and till date. This list is by no means absolute, it is rather a painstaking evaluation of the jobs and careers that are considered most rewarding (in terms of pay only) in 2014 based on information gleaned from various sources. The list is by no means an absolute, error-proof compilation of best paid jobs. It is however a well researched sequel to our earlier profile on best jobs to know about in 2013. So here's the list of our big earners;

Aerospace Engineering

There is hardly any quality, functioning aerospace engineering and technical department in Nigerian u

Why Becoming a Mining Engineer Would be a Smart Career Move

mining engineers The world doesn’t run on coffee. It runs on minerals. To get those minerals, a mining engineer is needed. Mineral extraction is a very exacting science and requires that an individual be involved in the practice, theory, technology, and science of extracting minerals from the environment. If the idea of devising efficient systems for doing this sounds appealing to you, you’ll want to know how to get started down this exciting career path.

What Does A Mining Engineer Do?

Mining engineers are involved in a wide range of tasks that focus on the engineering aspects of mining. They can be consultants for large mining operations or they can work out in the field (i.e. a mine). If you’re doing mineral discovery, expect to be out in the field with geologists digging up dirt. Your job will be to take core samples and examine them for proven reserves. A mineral determination is done once a deposit is located. This usually involves a chemical analysis of the ore to determine its composition. Once that’s been identified, you would then determine the quantity of the ore and its purity. Finally, a feasibility study is done to prove mineral reserves in the ground. In other words, you’re trying to determine whether it would be profitable to dig commercially for the mineral ore. Of course, if you don’t like field work, you may be able to land yourself a consu