How to Train Inspired Leaders for Your Successful Organisation

inspired leadership In order for a business to have an emulating presence in today's ultra-competitive marketplace, training stronger leaders is a necessity. Not only must you employ calculated strategies to train the employees, you also need to make them feel inspired and motivated. While every person is different there are some basic things you can do a business owner to train your employees to be able to lead and inspire others around them. Provide Honest and Open Plans Communicating your end goals for these potential leaders is important. While you might feel tempted to give them a "test run" during training, clearly telling them that you want them to become company leaders is motivational. They will understand that a goal has been set for them, and they will work to attain it. Furthermore, the fact that you want them to lead is positive feedback in and of itself, so this compliment can give them the boost they need toward success. Schedule Training Sessions and Workshops When you want to train specific people to lead the company, you must put effort into training sessions and workshops. Throwing together a meeting at the last minute where employees bounce around ideas is a strategy, but it is not a training session. Consider hire specialists in business success or motivational speakers to give presentations to your future leaders on how to achiev

Entry Level Jobs in Nigeria You May be Interested in This Week

For graduates and people with less than 2 years experience it's not always easy to find good jobs that require such minimal amount of experience as they possess. We continually try to get as many real entry level jobs as possible and this week here are some exclusive entry level jobs and low experience vacancies you can check out; from sales/marketing to trainee to communication and customer service you may see something that interests you. 1. Sales Representatives at A Mobile Phones and Gadget Sales Company Location: Abuja See details of job here 2. Pharmacist at Incept Limited Location: Lagos See full job details here 3. Business Development Executive at Admissions Manager Location: Lagos Check out the details to Apply 4. Real Estate Analyst at A Real Estate Company Location: Lagos Check out full job details 5. Graduate Trainee at Spectraworld Location: Lagos Check

Looking to Find a New Job? New Opportunities this Week for Experienced Jobseekers

This week we present some interesting job openings that may interest individuals looking to change to better jobs. Many of these jobs require some level of experience. You can check them out to see the ones that match your interest. 1. Dregding Site Manager This is an engineering position in Bayelsa State for candidates with knowledge in marine operations. Check out the full job details 2. Pharmacist Company: Incept Limited See job details here 3. Technical Manager Company: Norfolk Fyne Papers Ltd See job details here 4. Reproductive Health/ Family Planning Trainer Company: ABT Associates See job details he

21st Century Networking Tips for Professionals

professional networking About a week ago we had a radio talk show 'The Professional' on Dream 92.5 fm Enugu on what newtworking in the 21st century represents for working individuals and professionals. Watch this space as we will soon start a weekly podcast on here to share the discussions that go on each week on the radio talk show. Who is a Professional In various contexts you see a professional being defined as one who is adept at his work, someone who has chosen a specific occupation or line of work or a member of a profession or body of professionals in a specific niche of work. So in essence a professional is someone who has chosen a particular occupation and who gives that line of work he has chosen some considerable amount of his time and efforts. Naturally the professional should progress and grow in that line of occupation. What is Networking Taking from the analogy of computer networks networking in the professional relations sense is certainly the establishment of contacts with people in similar, or even non-similar occupations who may or may not be considered important in the achievement of certain professional goals on an individual's part. Networking serves a lot of purposes depending on the goal of the professional and can include helping in areas such as job search, business development, sales, career advancement etc. Virtually every

Career Opportunities for Philosophy Graduates

philosophy graduate The idea for this blog post came when a user on our career community raised a question about the lack of opportunities for philosophy graduates like him. This quickly makes one recall an earlier controversial post we did on the worst degrees for employment potential in Nigeria. If you just left school with a degree in philosophy the truth is you may find that 'professional philosophy' jobs are almost non-existent. The truth is that you'll be better off using the skills and knowledge you got from studying philosophy to pursue careers in other fields of endeavour. Studying philosophy would have imparted you with the following skills and attributes; - logical and analytical thinking and reasoning - problem solving - written and oral communication – presentation of ideas and information - ability to interpret, condense and clarify information - a significant amount of creativity - ability to formulate your own opinions and defend them in debate - curiosity, and lateral thinking - the ability to interpret and analyse a variety of different information - a willingness to debate any point So how do you utilise these qualities to pursue a meaningful career for yourself or rather what kind of career pursuits can you embark on with these qualities. Yo

5 Exciting Careers in the Medical Field for an Adrenaline Junkie

medical opportunities The information for this article was provided by 911 Industrial Response Inc., a safety company in Calgary who specializes in emergency response services. If you plan to pursue a career in the medical field, you should know right now that your life won’t be nearly as dramatic as Grey’s Anatomy or General Hospital. But, if you are worrying that your career will only consist of scheduling appointments, reading charts, and prescribing pills, fear not! While television makes things look much more intense than they actually are, you can still have an exciting and fulfilling career in the medical field if you desire. There are many opportunities in the medical field at all levels of education and experience that appeal to even the most die-hard adrenaline junkie—read on to get a look at some of the most thrilling jobs in the field. Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) An EMT's job is a constant high pressure, do-or-die series of tasks. As the first responders to medical emergencies, a career as an EMT is not for the faint of heart. However, it is well-suited to people that thrive in fast-paced, high pressure situations and live for the personal satisfaction of saving lives. In the U.S., all

10 Ridiculous and Funny Résumé Lies

resume lies Harris Poll conducted a survey for CareerBuilder from May 13 to June 6, and the results include responses from 2,188 hiring managers and human resource professionals who work in a variety of industries and corporate environments. Of that group, 58% said they’ve caught lies on résumés, and a third of those HR workers said they’ve seen an uptick in such lies since the recession. Common embellishments include skill sets and previous work responsibilities, but some survey respondents had some off-the-wall examples. Here are the best résumé lies shared with CareerBuilder. 1. Daddy Deception An applicant listed his father’s work experience as his own, because the two shared a name. Junior didn’t get away with it. 2. Political Impossibility If you’re going to lie about your experience (which you shouldn’t), you should probably make sure you claim something realistic: One person listed a previous job as an assistant to the prime minister in a country that doesn’t have a prime minister. 3. Cracking Under Pressure A basketball player with an excellent free-throw record shows the ability to maintain composure in stressful situations. This claim blew up in an applicant’s face when, under the pressure of an interview, he admitted he lied on his résumé about being a high school basketball free-throw ch

5 Winning Interview Attitudes to Help You Ace Your Next Job Interview

job interview attitudes Performing greatly in an interview is a necessity to getting that dream job. When certain key features get missing in an interview, thing could go sour. This is basically why you need to get very prepared and well informed with empowering tips capable of distinguishing you among other applicants, making you the prospect employer best choice for the job. Find below the basic tips and enjoy your knowledge tour around this article. Confidence Every employer looks out for confidence as a major quality in any applicant who intends to emerge as interviewers' best choice. Fear has a relational tie with cowardice which in itself is an opportunity destroyer and a call to stagnation. So, when you sit on the hot seat make your interviewers notice the confidence in you from all your response. If you are not confident about the entire interview, just ensure your head sits at exactly 90 degrees on your neck, look on straight and smile when you greet and talk to people around. This helps you assume confidence and people around will perceive you to be. This definitely leads us to the next thing to be discussed on the subject. Even if you got a job without merit, confidence would enable you dare to try out an opportunity while treading on the side of caution and counsel. Maintain facial contact with interviewers

The Most Readily Available Job: The 5 Natural Laws of Selling

selling as a career This is a guest post by Taiwo Adeyemi, a HR Manager at Waterman Day College. All you need is a good communication skill. You don’t need an impressive CV. And you’ll make money more than any salary you’d dreamt of. How does it work? Can you sell? The fact is that selling is one of the businesses that can actually pay you for your time, and even pay you more. The first 5 years of my corporate work experience were spent balancing books and making forecast – the privileged routine of an accountant. Then I was jump-started into HR. In all this, there was a field I dreaded – I couldn’t steel myself to imagine being one of them. Selling! Doing what a salesperson does – I feared it. You shouldn’t blame me, should you? Each time the image of folks who run around vehicles at bus stops and motor parks hawking one ware or the other came up in mind, I shuddered. Selling must be a punishing assignment, I would think. But I was wrong! Thank goodness I now know better. I am now fully and deeply into selling and I enjoy every moment of it. Of course I read some books and I asked questions before I started. The Laws I’m about to share now however emerged from my daily and ongoing experience.

Law 1: The Law of Knowledge states that you must know your product inside out.

It’s a very difficult job selling a

Manufacturing Sector Created Over 1.5 Million Jobs in 2013

Nigeria-Manufacturing-sector The reports coming from the Nigerian manufacturing sector is really good, if the trend continues it means more job opportunities! According to reports from Businessday The manufacturing sector has continued to show strong positives, having added 1.584 million jobs in 2013.
Out of the total employment created within the year, the non-metallic products sector, comprising cement, glass, ceramics and chalk makers, generated a total of 1.183 million jobs, thus making the contribution of the group 74.6 percent of the total. The new jobs created in 2013 represent 48 percent upgrade from 1.071 million estimated totals for 2012, data from the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN) shows. “The increase has been as a result of improved performance in production output and the corresponding increase in the rate of capacity utilisation,” says MAN. New members in the manufacturing sector likewise engaged fresh workers, while some firms that had not fully started operations engaged few personnel in the course of putting some skeletal services on ground, according to MAN. Apart from the non-metallic products sector, which ramped up employment to 1.183 million in 2013 as against the 155,423 figure of 2012, the food, beverages and tobacco sector generated 48,532 jobs by the end of 2013. Similarly, within the year under review, the textiles, apparels and foot

Five Majors & Minors that will Give You a Leg Up in the Business World When You Graduate

Five-Majors-Minors A degree in business opens the door to a wide range of lucrative career options, but it's important to understand how competitive the business world is. Careers in business are growing increasingly more competitive each year, and employers are looking for qualifications that set candidates apart. It is no longer enough to get a business degree, graduate with honors, or participate in an impressive internship. Changes are, when you submit your resume to a company, they will have several resumes of recently graduated students with the exact same qualifications and extra-curricular activities. So how do you stand out and get a leg up on the competition? One thing that will help you differentiate yourself from others is your education—if you double major or minor in something that is perhaps unique but is valuable in the business world, employers will want you. If you’re currently a business student looking for ways to get ahead of your competition, read on for a few suggestions of majors and minors that will put you ahead in the eyes of your potential employers. Human Resources Coursework in human resource subjects is often added to the core classes of a business degree. However, taking additional courses towards a second major or minor shows a potential employer that you understand aspects of business ranging from training and employee retention to i

10 Tips to Write a Successful and Compelling CV

cv writing tips There are probably hundreds of thousands of articles out there on CV writing and tips to create a very successful Resume. Still thousands of job seeking individuals make the same mistakes every day and thus deny themselves the opportunity to get invited to prove what they can do for employers and organisations.

What does a successful CV mean?

Creating a successful CV doesn't just lie in designing a good looking beautiful piece of document. A CV 's success is solely determined by one factor; how often it gets you an interview. If a CV doesn't get you an interview after submitting to several jobs then do the right thing; discard that CV and write or better still get a professionally written one. CV Success is measured only in the rate at which it gets you invited to the interview table. That is the most important work of a CV. It is your salesman in your absence; it gives the prospective employer an idea of what you are and what you might be able to bring to the party if considered. 1. Choose a Clear Design and Layout Employers spend around 20 to 30 seconds scanning your CV, so it needs to remain clutter-free and easy to read. The last thing a recruiter wants to do is to go hunting for the information that they are looking for so don't hide it amongst an array of elaborate graphics.

5 Tips to Securing Your Career

career security Securing your career is about the easiest thing you could do for yourself. It’s imperative to understand that securing your job (thus potentially your career path) is not about making other people lose theirs through lobby and foul plays in your organization. Moving on, yet we must survive in this competitive and rough market called employment. There is a need for you to do something in good time and not allow some work factors call the shots. Included in this article are five major tips to securing your career. 1. Work Objectively: Working without targets, actualization plans and strategies, time allotment and KPIs is like trying to grab the air. Get a hold of the details on your company’s long and short term vision, find out what targets are set for you or your unit and adjust accordingly. This brings us to the next point, actualization plans and strategies. For most well-structured organizations, corporate actualization plan and strategies are always handy. Acquaint yourself well with the plans and strategies on how they intend to achieve the set vision and target. It’s always up to you to device and roll out an implementation plan, which will guaranty above 90% task realization for you. Also, it’s obvious that a plan without time frame is incomplete and as such, all corporate actualization p

Six Tips for Landing a Job in the Beauty Industry

beauty analyst If you have a passion for cosmetics, fragrance, or hair, or you're simply interested in what women buy to stay beautiful, you might have wondered how to break in to the beauty industry. The global beauty industry brings in over $200 billion every year, and its product and marketing innovation inspires millions of hopeful entrepreneurs. How do you get started in this exciting and creative field? 1. Look the Part In order to help others stay beautiful, you have to know which products work for you and perfect your own beauty regime. Walk into interviews with the goal of getting someone to ask about your makeup, clothes, or hair. Think of yourself as someone who sets trends. 2. Go to School Once you know which area of the beauty industry you're interested in, enroll in an accredited program to get the knowledge you need. Cosmetology schools like Canadian Beauty College Inc may offer several different locations, so you can decide where you most want to live and start a career. 3. Get Hired Sending out letters to big cosmetic companies never hurts, but you don't have to start out with a top job. Many people transition into the beauty industry from working the makeup counter at Macy's or other department stores. It builds your experience level for

Benue State Labour Congress on Showdown with Governor Over Salary Deductions

benue labour news The Nigeria Labour Congress in Benue state is set to begin the mother of all strikes on Thursday following the deduction of its workers June salaries by the state government to enable it pay teachers' minimum wage. The development is against the background of Governor Gabriel Suswam's appeal to cut down on state workers salaries in order to pay primary schools teachers who had resumed academic activities barely four weeks ago after an eight months old protracted strike to press home their demand for the minimum wage being enjoyed by other civil servants in the state. But, state chairman of NLC, Comrade Simon Anchaver today told Daily Trust in Makurdi that the workers never reached a compromise with government to deduct their salaries and as such the body would convey a meeting tomorrow to discuss the matter which would likely lead them to stay out of work in the days ahead. "They (government) did that on their own. We have not agreed on anything yet and they just started deducting our salaries. After our meeting tomorrow, we will definitely go on strike," he said. Suswam had earlier in May disclosed his decision to reduce workers salaries in the state by 10 percent while political appointees salaries would be slashed by 25 percent in-order to accommodate the teachers' demand as his administration could not afford to make up the differences from its dwindling allocation

This Is Why You Won’t Get a Job

why you may not get a job Psychology as a discipline has ‘forced’ me to appreciate the role that illusions play in human decision making. We often see the ‘wrongfully’ real picture – it appears real but it’s not. My students and clients know that I have this simple test of illusory perception that I use to explain the lie that keeps many of us captive perpetually in the world of employment versus unemployment. Try the test: Pull any of your fingers close to the bridge of your nose with your eyes open. How many fingers are you seeing? If you do it well, you must be seeing ‘two’ fingers. Is it real? Nope! Only one finger is what you have there but it appears as two. That’s illusion in action! Now, one of the commonest statements in Nigeria (sorry, in the world) is ‘there are no jobs out there’. Thousands of undergraduates and those that are doing their national service live in perpetual fear. The seed of despair has taken roots (sadly) in their minds and they dread a ‘confirmed’ scary future – a future of roaming and wandering in search of jobs that are not lost. In those days when I was doing my national service, the fear of unemployment was so palpable that those of us that were religious literally ‘walked by faith’. Our slogan was: we are getting set for the Favor Market, not for the Labor Market. That was a statement of fear but that was garnished with w

More Unemployment Woes: Unity Bank Sacks Over 170 Staff

unity bank Unity Bank Plc has issued a statement announcing the sack of more than 170 of its workers as part of its efforts aimed at repositioning it for effective service delivery. The bank, in the statement issued in Abuja, also stated that it had recruited over 300 new members of staff, mostly at the entry level. The exercise, it explained, was in a bid to “right size” its workforce and position it for sustainable quality banking services across the entire branch network. The statement read in part, “Unity Bank Plc has announced the disengagement of over 170 members of staff and has also recruited over 300 new ones, mostly at entry level and experienced hires. The exercise is in a bid to right size its workforce and positions the bank for sustainable quality banking services across its entire branch network. “The development of the bank’s human resource is one of the key areas identified as part of the objectives that the bank’s just concluded capital raising exercise would address.” The statement also quoted the Executive Director, Secretariat and Services, Unity Bank, Mrs. Aisha Abraham, to have said, “Our people are our greatest assets; we consistently strive for training and rejuvenation of our workforce, constantly introducing a steady mix of promising young talents and experienced professionals. source: Daily Times Get firs

Stop Working; Start Relating

career boosting relating Blasphemy! Heresy! If you’re thinking the same thing as I would first think about this headline (if I were to be reading it from elsewhere), you may be justified to wonder what exactly has come over the writer. People should stop working and start relating? Where, on earth, is the correlation between them? Works bring food to the table, not relationships. Give me some seconds to flesh out what I mean and you’ll get a grip on my perspective. Let me share a recent experience with you.

A Forced Wait

I had an appointment for 10am with one of the managers of a company. In order for me to beat the often frustrating Lagos traffic, I left home early and I got to the place before 9am. So I had to wait. Unfortunately though, I didn’t wait for an hour. I waited for more than four hours because the manager I went to see got his hands full with business appointments to keep. He later told me that he didn’t anticipate those emergencies. My wait wasn’t a total waste in the end. Three persons taught me three business lessons – for free. Each lesson is tied to a distinct personality. For no fee, I’ll briefly pin each of the lessons to this screen. The Worker I told you I was there before it was 9am? OK. My take on the front office lady isn’t pleasant. She seemed to just be waiting for the clock to do its routine round so that sh

18 Staff of Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) in Trouble over Certificate Forgery

certificate forgery Staff of the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) numbering about eighteen, are currently in trouble after reportedly being found culpable of age falsification and certificate forgery. They were allegedly exposed during the recent biometric exercise carried out by the administration on its staff. Interim report of the implementation committee on the recommendations submitted by the firm that handled the biometric exercise upheld that the 18 staff members engaged in age falsification and certificate forgery. Confirming the discovery of the scam to the Nigerian Tribune, on Sunday, Muhammad Hazat Sule, an Assistant Director at the FCTA and Chief Press Secretary to the Minister of Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Senator Bala Mohammed disclosed that the minister had already approved the compulsory retirement of the affected staff. He disclosed that the minister also directed that further clarifications and assessments be carried out on 11 officers with pending remarks, as well as 59 officers who were yet to respond to the queries sent to them through their respective secretariats, departments and agencies. According to him, the minister further directed that the implementation committee carry out thorough certificate verification of all staff employed from 2006 to date, including all certificates acquired from 2006 till date by serving officers. He sa

Etisalat’s Career Initiative: Rapper Reminisce Advises Youths

etisalat reminisce The winner of City People awards' Best Rap Album Of The Year, Reminisce was on hand during the 11th edition of the Etisalat Career Counseling Initiative held in Amuwo Odofin, Lagos to rub minds with young people on career pursuits. He shared with the young participants how getting an education has been instrumental to pursuing his career as a musician. Reminisce graduated from the Kwara State Polytechnic and read Purchasing & Supply. The event is an Etisalat Corporate Social Responsibility Initiative aimed at helping teenagers get awareness on the importance of making the right career choices and leaving positive lives. Get daily SMS alerts on exclusive jobs on your MTN phone courtesy of Ngcareers. Go here to choose a category and subscribe. (Etisalat coming soon)

Job Hunting? Four Industries Poised for Exceptional Growth in 2014

job industries With the number of jobs increasing rapidly, there are four industries poised for exceptional growth in 2014. These four include: Healthcare Energy Financial Construction Healthcare Industry Boom When the US has passed new healthcare reform legislation, this caused a global ripple effect. While healthcare insurance remains fairly stable, there's been an increase in medical technology and innovations that create jobs. Changes in various medical and surgical procedures as well as innovations in pharmaceuticals target today's brightest job hunters for key positions that offer greatest opportunity and advancement. Energy Energy remains one of the top four industries with exceptional growth for 2014. The growth in drilling and hydro fracturing of natural gas, as well as solar, wind and hydroelectric energy industries began with a greater need to fill positions for petrochemical engineers and scientists for R&D. Financial Money makes the world go round and will continue to be one of the top four industries globally and do

Rising to the Top: Be A Mosquito In Your Career

mosquito I doubt if you wouldn’t jab me a punch if I were to tell you this to your face. But the truth is that we’ve all got to replicate the mosquito strategy if excellence is our goal, and if productivity is the intended means. You know these unsolicited text messages we get from telecommunications operators in Nigeria? I don’t know if the story is the same elsewhere though. Those things could be annoying especially when they come in as calls. You are in the bathroom dabbing your face with soap and your phone will let out a yell. You’ll rush to pick the call only for you to discover it’s a programmed call from the operators. So, I got one of those programmed texts from my operators on Monday while rushing to catch up with the terrific match between Chile and the Netherlands. Let me present it the way it came: ‘Do you know that mosquitoes only live for 24 hours? Amazing!!!’ It’s sincerely amazing! Isn’t it? Well, it may not be amazing to some of us. To those of us that are knowledgeable in animal science, it’s simply stale news. But for naïve folk like me, it’s an awesome fact. And it forced on me some soul-searching lesson. I need to live and work like a mosquito. Period. Within just 24 hours, only a day, a mosquito can destroy a generation. You don’t believe me? Ask those that are still alive to testify to the killing potency of malaria. The

11 Reasons You Did Not Get That Job Interview


Ever wondered why you didn't get that interview? You fit the profile advertised. You crosschecked your resume before submitting it. You filled the application form properly, your cover letter and resume looked very perfect. But you waited, no response, even when it comes it reads "We regret you were not selected...".

Why did you not get even a chance for an interview? Is there any thing you did wrong? This and many other questions might be in your thoughts. There are various reasons you didn't get that interview, below are top 5 reasons you didn't even get a chance to demonstrate your value.

1. Your qualifications did not match the job offer This may sound pretty obvious but in times of desperation, one may tend to apply for jobs for which they may be under or over-qualified. The key thing is to read the job description and understand where the recruiter is coming from. Apply for jobs which you are deeply passionate about and you are bound to get called as it shows in your writing. 2. Your CV was too long. Recruiters may sometimes have thousands of emails to go through in a day and one which is cluttered with information is easy to skip. The solution to this is to format your resume in such a way as to make it almost tabular for ease of reading. 3. You did not apply as per the instructions given Som

CBN Governors: Their Career and Schools they Attended

central-banks-gold Does the school/university you graduated from really matter? Does it affect your chances of getting a job? Not really! While the school you attended might give you more prestige, your chances of getting a job boils down to what you have to offer and who you know. However, the school you attended might help bring out the best in you but more often than not it's the person--not the school--that is responsible for professional success. Below are current and past Central Bank governors of Nigeria; a brief history of their career and the schools (universities) they attended. Some had a humble beginning but rose to the pinnacle of their career. You can start today irrespective of your current status.
Beliefs have the power to create and the power to destroy. Human beings have the awesome ability to take any experience of their lives and create a meaning that disempowers them or one that can literally save their lives. - Tony Robbins
Keep your dreams alive. Understand to achieve anything requires faith and belief in yourself, vision, hard work, determination, and dedication. Remember all things are possible for those who believe. - Gail Devers

Present and Former Central Bank Governors, Brief Career History and Education

Are You Unemployed? 7 Easy Ways to Make Money

unemployment-application Unemployment itself is a great task, there is nothing more demanding and equally depressing than waking up daily and doing nothing. Idleness they say is devil's workshop, some say it can kill faster than most diseases. The worst thing that accompanies unemployment is lack of money. If you are unemployed but your parents, relations or guardian still gives you allowance periodically then technically you are partially employed because you are paid to do nothing (Doing nothing is a job except when you are not paid for it). The essence of this article is not to tell you that idleness is bad or doing nothing is work, it is to tell you some practical ways to make an income when you are unemployed. You may agree with me that searching for job is very tasking financial wise, one of my friends call it "business of job search", because according to him, "anything that requires capital for day to day operation is a business". Without money your job search can be frustrating; imagine you can't afford transport fare for your interview, you can't photocopy or print your documents, you can't surf the internet (I know you can because you are reading this). Even when you can afford the aforementioned, life as an unemployed graduate is not all about job search, you still need to relax and enjoy yourself time to time and this requires money. Enough of stories, how do you a