How To Cope With Stress in a New Job

managing job stress If you are starting a new job it is important that you try to commence work in the best possible conditions and frame of mind. This includes ensuring that you are note stressed up with the demands of your new workplace and with the desire to make the right starting impressions. There are several reasons to be stressed in a new job. They include; learning new routines, learning new systems, striving to impress superiors, learning to cope with new and sometimes difficult personalities. You obviously cannot control everything in your environment or at the workplace still you do have some role to play in ensuring you start with best possible conditions and emotional stability. No matter the demands of your new job here are a few actions and steps you can take to ensure you remain in good condition and keep your overall stress levels down. 1. Try to Communicate Many may not know that communication gaps end up creating lots of stress and issues for colleagues at the workplace and between superiors and their juniors. One of the ways to limit and remove unnecessary stress is to strive to convey exactly what you mean and also always ensure to get the expectations of your employer from you clearly spelt out. 2. Listen More and Talk Less The early days of working at your new job are ver

Interesting, Exclusive Jobs in Abuja This Week

Some of the best jobs in Abuja this week as published on Ngcareers. You can check through if you are looking for an opportunity in the FCT. 1. Receptionist A Reputable Construction Company in Abuja seeks a computer literate receptionist aged between 25 and 30 years. See here for details to Apply 2. Restaurant Supervisors Chicken Capitol is a growing fast food outlet and is hiring female supervisors for its outlet located in Wuse, Abuja. See details of the job requirements and application HERE 3. Architects A Construction Company seeks to hire Architects with 5 years post graduate experience for its vacant positions in Abuja. See job details here 4. Sales Attendants Female sales attendants are wanted by Chicken Capitol in Abuja. View job details here to Apply 5. Project Managers An Indigenous construct

5 Types of People You Shouldn’t Work With

snarky-coworker There are people who bring out the worst in you and people you bring out the best in you. There are people who help you achieve your goals and people who hinders you. Your ability to avoid some set of people in your career will go a long way in bringing much positives and fewer negatives. The list below is an excerpt from a post from Jack Ma originally published in Chinese language. This post is part of the series of post by Jack. Part of this post was culled from Recommended Read: 10 Types of People You Should Work With 5 types of people you shouldn’t work with
  1. Don’t work with people who are selfish. They only care about themselves and disregard the contributions by others.
  2. Don’t work with people who do not have a purpose in life. They are materialistic and only care about earning money.
  3. Don’t work with people who lack compassion. They are greedy and selfish and working with them will be unhappy.
  4. Don’t work with people who are pessimistic. They will diminish your positive outlook.
  5. Don’t work with people without any life principles. They don’t believe in dreams and can easily succu

10 Types of People You Should Work With

career-people-culture There are people who bring out the best in you and people you bring out the worst in you. There are people who help you achieve your goals and people who hinders you. Your ability to choose the right set of people to work with will determine the height you attain in your career and business. The list below is an excerpt from a post from Jack Ma originally published in Chinese language. This post is part of the series of post by Jack. Part of this post was culled from Recommended Read: 5 Types of People You Shouldn’t Work With 10 Types of people you should work with
  1. Those who are good friends with you whom you can easily talk with
  2. Those who share the same life values as you
  3. Those whom you can trust and understand
  4. Those whom you can communicate easily when issue arises
  5. Those who are as dedicated as you are
  6. Those who are as magnanimous as you are
  7. Those who share the same interests as you
  8. Those who support you wholeheartedly
  9. Those who have a standard of professionalism
  10. Those who share the same vision and beliefs as you
In case yo

2015 Young Professionals Program at African Development Bank (AfDB)

afdb youth professional program African Development Bank (AfDB) established to strengthen dialogue between the Bank and the Government is recruiting to fill the below position: Position Title: Young Professionals Program - YPP 2015 Grade: PL6 Position N°: NA Reference: YPP-2015 Location: Nigeria Objectives The Young Professionals Program (YPP) targets the best available talent in our niche - young professionals with a passion for development in Africa. This program is not an internship; rather it offers an exceptional opportunity to talented young professionals with leadership potential, an established record of outstanding academic and professional achievement, a commitment to engagement in crucial issues and to making a difference at the national or international level. The YPP includes a rigorous program of activities that prepares participants to be technical and professional leaders with notable impact. The Program is for a period of three years, of which two years are mandatory and with the possibility of securing a regular staff position during the third year, based on satisfactory performance. The rotation assignments are to gain experience of the Bank’s various departments and development programs and processes. The training and development programs will include on-boarding, on the job learning and mentoring. Performance will be continuously reviewed and evaluated. The Young Pro

2 Ways to Sniff Out Scarce Job Opportunities Ahead of Others

positioning to discover jobs The situation of the job market in Nigeria means that jobseekers are in a mini-war; it's a survival of the most connected, smartest and fastest scenario. Thousands of people out there are looking for the same jobs you are also on the lookout for. So the question is how do you outsmart others and get information on jobs that ordinarily will not be openly advertised. A very good percentage of available jobs in Nigeria do not get advertised openly. Only the ones with insider access to information stand a chance of being hired. A good number of graduates I know working today got hired on jobs that weren't openly advertised. So as you apply for jobs on job sites in Nigeria you also need to have a plan B as a way of getting hold of unadvertised or scarce job opportunities. 1. Become visible where employers usually search for candidates A very high number of jobs don't get advertised so how do you ensure you get a chance of being considered for these kind of good jobs? Simple. Put yourself where you can be found. If you are a serious career person your career profile should be on Ngcareers, your professional profile should be on LinkedIn. And to a lesser extent you should be on Twitter. For the first two they are places hundreds of recruiters and employers go to se

Preparing for Your First Job Interview? Here are Important Things to Consider

preparing for interview

Before the Interview

Research the Company It will be foolhardy going in for an interview with a company and you know next to nothing about the prospective employer. Your chances of scaling the interview first stage will be very slim. I have seen candidates show zero knowledge of the company they are in for an interview with; in most of the occassions when this happened the interviewer(s) rarely feel compelled to continue with the interview. On Ngcareers you can check out reviews of companies submitted by current and former employees. These reviews may give an insight into the work culture of the company So you see situations when the interviewers merely ask you a few more questions and dismiss you. You wonder why your interview ended so quickly. When interviewers don't take the time to ask you questions and rather dismiss you too quickly it can only mean one thing - you don't stand a chance. Research current Affairs and Trends in your Job Sector You need to be abreast of developments in your sector of interest. It's bad not knowing current events in your perceived area of interest. You don't want to come across as outdated and lacking in current knowledge of what is required in your chosen career path. Align Your Experience, Skills and Interests How do

First NITDA National Software Development Challenge (NITDA e-SOLVE)

software competition NITDA e-SOLVE is a National Software Competition fully owned by the National Information Technology Development Agency with the objective of recognizing and promoting up coming Software Solution Developers. This competition is open to all software solution developers either you develop mobile software solutions or web application or full fledged enterprise software application. The goal is to: Identify upcoming Nigerian Software Solution developers and startups in the entire country. This first goal traslate to a win-win for all the entries made by all participants. Your solution is noted and your details are with us and although you may not make it to the finals, yet you can be recommended to organizations that may need your services Provide a competitive platform for home grown solutions. The advantage of competition is that it promotes the urge to do more. When products are subjected to healthy competition, the loosers identify weakness in their products and fortify it against the future while the winner put in more effort to remain at that position. Ultimately, it is a win-win for all Promotion and Support of the winning solution. The top three winners in the finals would enjoy financial reward that would enable them consolidate on their software development business. In addition to that, NITDA would provide a support for the overall winner to showcase the winning soluti

How I Got My Dream Job In Just Two Weeks – My Story And Lessons Learned 2

Dream job This is the second part of my story on how I got my dream job in just two weeks as well as some useful tips, advices and strategies to help you land the job of your dream in a short time without wasting time, energy and money. If you miss part one of this post, then you can read it at How I Got A Job In Just Two Weeks - My Story And Lessons Learned 1 Here we go... I stopped in the last post where I said that I decided to find a better way of finding a job without going through everything my mates that has started their job hunting way before me. Before this, I’ve been an online addict and i consumed a lot of information online via books, blog posts, YouTube videos and audio podcast like the one I produced weekly – Your Career And You Show and one day i was re-reading Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and I just stumbled on the story of a woman who helped her son get a job as a sales VP at the company he like to work for and I was so surprised that although I had read the book many times previously, I never really noticed that page. That simple story triggered a kind of utopia inside me and I just keep reading that page over and over, later I went online to search for the term “hidden job market” which was

How to Work in Technology Companies Even if You Can’t Write a Line of Code

working in tech A decade ago there was virtually no internet based businesses as we know them today. Software development, coding and complex design skills was left to the very few who worked in IT departments of banks, consulting firms and a few IT infrastructure companies. Today a whole lot is changing; the internet penetration is increasing year and year and giving birth to lots of business entities whose business model and operation rely almost entirely on devloping web and mobile platforms. The Budding Nigerian Tech Scene Slowly it's emerging; a whole new sector where business is done without physical boundaries and across regions instantly. In the past few years technology focused/internet based companies like Iroko Partners (IrokoTV and Iroking), e-commerce titans - Konga and Jumia, Paga, Dealdey, etc have landed millions of dollars in funding and are increasing generating substantial revenue thus drawing attention to the birth of an industry. Before these times you either dreamed to work for oil and gas companies, big consulting firms, Banks/financial institutions, FMCG companies and more recently telecommunication/IT services firms. These were the sexy and glamorous places to find employment. In a few years all that could change. Just the same way Silicon Valley in the United States of America became a top quality employee pulling ecosystem where the bes

The Biggest Mistakes I See on Resumes, and How to Correct Them – Google Head Of HR

resume waste bin We and many have written various articles on resume mistakes and how to tackle them. This post is an article written by Laszlo Bock, SVP, People Operations at Google. If you are versed in the industry you may have come across some of the mistakes he listed below and may have come across some the solutions he prescribed below. In the comments at Linkedin many people disagreed with his opinion while many agreed, but nothing is wrong hearing the opinion of top HR personnel at one of the biggest companies in the world. Read on below and share your thoughts using the comment box below.
I've sent out hundreds of resumes over my career, applying for just about every kind of job. I've personally reviewed more than 20,000 resumes. And at Google we sometimes get more than 50,000 resumes in a single week. I have seen A LOT of resumes. Some are brilliant, most are just ok, many are disasters. The toughest part is that for 15 years, I've continued to see the same mistakes made again and again by candidates, any one of which can eliminate them from consideration for a job. What's most depressing is that I can tell from the resumes that many of these are good, even great, people. But in a fiercely competitive labor market, hiring managers don't need to compromise on quality. All it takes is one small mistake and a manager will reject an otherwise interesting candidate.

Biggest Mistakes Companies Make on Their Job Postings and Recruitment Process

resume-stack There are numerous articles on resumes mistakes written by various employers, HR and other resources persons, however there are very obvious mistakes most employers make when posting jobs or in their recruitment process that most of these articles have failed to address. I have tried as much as possible to list some of them below. Job descriptions are full of typos Many employers do this (even some jobs posted on Ngcareers) and it is very bad, your job description should be typo free to help potential applicants understand the role required in the position being advertised and the steps you want them to take to apply. Some employer overlook this aspect because of the nature of the industry, they believe no matter the errors in the job details candidates will still apply, at the end they blame candidates for not understanding the job description. In our own effort we try to correct these typos where we can. But this is appalling. Poor Formatting of job descriptions Almost every employer/recruiter is guilty of this. Most jobs submitted are poorly formatted, this makes job descriptions hard to read and could make you lose quality applications. We spend several minutes reformatting various jobs published here on Ngcareers. The length of some job descriptions/ requirements / desired skills is very unbearable. Most NGO

Become a Customer Service Officer with Andavoy Nigeria Customer Service Training Course

customer-service-rep If you are interested in obtaining quality skills as a customer service officer, there is a training for you.
With custumer confidence and customer loyalty, providing excellent customer service is no longer an added benefit. Customers who are not happy with the way they are treated are taking their businesses elsewhere. Customer loyalty can be your key to restoring customer confidence, which can keep your business afloat. Giving your customers an exceptional experience will bring exceptional results: your customers become a marketing tool for your business.
Employers need customer service officers who can help achieve the above aim. There is an upcoming intensive course on customer service by Andavoy Business Concepts. This programme is highly participative and allows participants learn the art of effective CUSTOMER SERVICE This training is tailored at teaching you how to give exceptional customer service. WHAT YOU STAND TO LEARN
  • Key Skills for Quality Customer Service
  • Addressing Different Customer Behavioral Styles
  • Understanding Quality Service and Service Culture
  • Listening/Communication Skills
  • Dealing with difficult people
  • Customer Service in a Competitive Environment
  • How to get a win-win outcome with your customers
  • Identifying customer

Why It’s Wrong Trying to Impress an Interviewer

facing a job interview Waiting to get invited for an interview could be a nightmare. The days when the number of paper qualifications you'd bagged could solely throw a juicy offer on your laps seem to have gone in Nigeria. Too many factors play roles in job opportunities these days. So, receiving an invitation for an interview is often a melody too sweet to describe for many. It's therefore not out of place that you devoted a junk of your time 'practising' to impress the guys that'll be hosting you for the drilling. That's fine. It's Ok. But... Studying and preparing to impress the interviewer isn't the game. What if you don't clinch the job? That means you'll have to reach into your bag of 'tricks' for a new script each time another interview comes knocking. After all, every position comes with its unique features. It can be frustrating. Regardless of how smart you're, you'll soon run out of scripted strategies. There's only one strategy that doesn't fail in the long run. My experience first. Immediately after my youth service, I was lucky to be invited for a First Bank of Nigeria graduate trainees recruitment exercise. I was good at quantitative stuff. So, I scaled the test with some comfort. Some days after, I got called for the interview. Happy I was. But my preparation was to impress the interviewers. The c

Six Career Areas Where a Law Degree Will Come in Handy

law careers The decision to obtain a law degree is the first step in the right direction to open up a world of power, promotion and privilege. In addition to the practice of law in criminal courts or civil litigation, a law degree can carry a great deal of weight for a business career or entrepreneurial enterprise. The components of a law degree expand beyond police procedures, courts and corrections, thus enabling the new law graduate to be fully prepared for a multitude of career options. Real Estate Broker In most states, obtaining a real estate law degree enables the law graduate to become an instant broker for residential and commercial sales. Possession of the law degree eliminates the need to begin entry-level work as a real estate agent or a Realtor. In addition, the law degree substitutes the requirement to take the state broker's exam. Unlike real estate agent earnings that are dependent on individual sales, a real estate broker will receive a fixed percentage of all property transactions made in his or her company. Teaching Law Classes Earning a J.D in law provides an excellent and competitive base to teach law classes. Law school instructors are pooled from a wide range of law professionals who specialize in a variety of legal fields. Law school teaching employment ranges from a full-time status to a part-time career teaching in the

FCT to recruit 120 Health Personnels

health personnel If your career is in the health sector, this is a good news for you. According to a report on Punch Newspapers FCT, Abuja says it will recuit over 120 health personnels in the coming weeks. Read full details on below
The Federal Capital Territory says it will recruit 120 health personnel and 90 volunteers to boost healthcare delivery in Abuja. The Executive Secretary, FCT Primary Healthcare Board, Dr. Rilwanu Mohammed, told the News Agency of Nigeria in Abuja on Thursday that the 90 volunteers would be engaged under the Subsidy Reinvestment and Empowerment Programme. Mohammed said most of the volunteers had over five years experience in their various disciplines. He said the personnel would be deployed to serve in the existing 12 general hospitals and 215 primary healthcare centres in the FCT. “The 215 are supposed to be managed by the area councils out of these only 202 had one or two staff. “Only 15 per cent of these centres have adequate water, electricity waste disposal facility, adequate staff and access road,” he said. Mohammed said that only 27 per cent of healthcare facilities were working in the FCT by 2013 due to lack of adequate funding by the area councils and the FCT. Besides, he said lack of adequate legislative backing by the National Assembly was affecting the smooth operation of the board, which was established by the FCT a

Hone Your Skills: 6 Ways to Make You Look Better to Potential Employers

hone your skills Trying to land a job can be one of the most stressful things any person can do, especially when faced with today's job market. Potential employees need to do all they can to make themselves stand out from the crowd, and there are a multitude of options allowing them to do just that. Learn a Language As today's world becomes more culturally diverse, many employers look to see if potential hires are fluent in another language, such as Spanish or French. A growing trend in the workplace is to hire those who are skilled in sign language, so learning either or both can go far in impressing employers. Update Your Computer Skills This can be anything from improved word processor skills to coding a new website. It's a given that most jobs today will at some point require you to use a computer in the completion of your duties. Whether it's learning software such as Excel or PowerPoint or writing code for programming, the more skilled you are at the keyboard the more valuable you are to your boss. Volunteer for a Good Cause More and more businesses are involved in their local communities, and often expect their employees to be as well. Participating in charity events or volunteering to help can show employers you care not only about your job, but those who need help in your community a

Become a Project Manager with Andavoy Nigeria Project Management Training Course

If you are interested in obtaining the Project Management Professional(PMP) certification, a highly sought after professional certification that means you can take on project initiation and execution roles in organisations like multinationals, Manufacturing, oil & gas companies etc there is an upcoming intensive course on project management by Andavoy Business Concepts. This is a course to prepare any candidate intending to sit for the PMP certification examination. Course outline includes; Project Management Framework Project Management Process Groups Project Integration Management Project Scope Management Project Time Management Project Cost Management Project Quality Management Project Risk Management Project Human Resource Management Project Communication Management Project Procurement Management Project Stakeholder Management Professional and Social Responsibility Tips to passing the exam the first time The training programme includes among other things; PMI Accredited Training Manuals PMI Handbook Soft & Hard Copy Training Materials Certificate of Training (Indicating 35 contact hours of training) Professional Training by Experienced Project Management Practitioners Lunch Break MS Project Introduction Networking Opportunities Guide in PMI Registration & PMP Ap

How I Got My Dream Job In Just Two Weeks – My Story And Lessons Learned 1

Dream-Job To every unemployed graduate and to those who need a better job.. Going to school is good but the problem today is what happens after graduates leave the four walls of our higher intuitions. I could remember when I was in school, all we dreamt about is a good paying job right after our NYSC program and you can all guess those types of jobs I’m talking about. These are jobs many people all dream of – banks, oil companies and the big spending and earning telecommunication firms. These are just where every graduate always pray to get a job with. But fast forward till today and you should know that the dream of yesterday has only be a dream which has never been fulfilled or realized. Today, I want to share something important with everyone here who has been looking for job or anyone who need a better job. It pisses me off today whenever I see my mates or anyone complaining of not getting a job. I really understand what it feels like to be in the frustrating period of spending months and even years at home doing nothing after applying for jobs all around but with little or no result to show for it. What really pisses me off is the fact that many job seekers are just ignorant of the fact that they are the ones who has been in the way of getting a job all these while. What do I mean by this? I’m not a serious religious guy but I’m a guy who knows some Bibl

How to Deal with an Insulting or Over-Agitated Boss

insulting bosses Depending on your career trajectory and where you work you probably would have worked with a supervisor, manager or superior who gets angry at the slightest provocation and hurls insults without thought. If you have a boss who directly or indirectly uses insulting words or is always quick to get incensed at issues this here is a simple epistle on how you could cope or what to do. 1. Grow a Thick Skin For some insulting people they may really shout insults as more of a habit so you should learn not to take statements to heart. To advance in many organisations you certainly need to become insulated to disparaging remarks both from colleagues and superiors because you certainly will get them directly or otherwise. 2. Find out What Gets Him/Her Angry and Stop It if You Can Some bosses may be very much irritated by certain behaviour or actions. There are some who abhor latecoming or signs of laziness. For some others they may be easily incensed when they don't fine things where they should be. Study what makes your boss lose his/her and try as much as possible to eliminate that from happening when you work with him/her. 3. Have a Candid Chat With Him/Her For some situations it may be practically impossible to please your boss. If you notice she really does get over the top with her actions and words it might be

How to Answer ‘Tell Us About Yourself’ Question in an Interview

tell us about yourself Tell us about yourself. If you've been the candidate in one or two structured interviews, this question may not sound strange to you. What may remain a problem is what the correct answer should be. It was a big problem for me during several interviews. In fact, it became an embarrassing point for me at one - I was lucky it wasn't a panel. The interviewer asked me to tell him about myself. I burst into a forced smile and I started telling him 'stuff about myself'. "My name is Taiwo Adeyemi. I graduated from the University of Lagos..." I didn't get to complete the sentence. He cut straight into me. "I know your name and your CV has told me where you graduated from. Tell me what is unique about you." From that point, I knew I wasn't the one talking any more. My voice was making a belated effort not to shake. All I was able to say was incoherent at best. I failed. The guy knew it. He made an effort to put an end to my misery by jumping to other less 'life threatening' questions. But I had lost my composure. I didn't get the job. But I got the lesson. I read about it. I asked questions about it. I listened to tales of experience about it. Incidentally, it's the simplest interview question. But it carries heavier weights than other supposed tough interview questions. Please tell us about yourself.

3 Reasons You May Not Depend on Your Relatives or Family to Get a Job

job referral from friend and family You may have a few relatives working for blue chip companies and government parastatals and have wondered why they cannot help secure you a job in those organisations. It is worth noting that the primary responsibility for your job search lies squarely on your shoulder. You may seek help from close friends and family but ultimately it lies on you. In many cases your friends and relations can only do so much and below are some reasons why it may be difficult to expect a relative working somewhere good to help you get in the door. 1. Strict and Formal Recruitment Procedures No matter how highly placed your relative may be in some companies there are laid down recruitment procedures which involve several people in the decision making process of who to hire or not. In such cases that uncle of yours can hardly convince the hiring manager to consider your application ahead of others unless he owns or runs the organisations. Even at that for many big firms the MD cannot unilaterally hire someone; it must still be through the laid down procedure. What most can do for you is provide insider information on when the organisation has vacancies to fill to enable you at least take advantage and get called for interview. From the interview test onwards they can do very little to help you especially if your performance is not a strong one that can catch the attenti

5 Most Important Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Career Mentor/Advisor

finding a career mentor There are tons of advice out there on the importance of choosing a career mentor especially at the onset of ones career. While there may be great benefits of the right career mentorship what really determines how much value you get from it is the quality of the career mentor you end up with. A career mentor doesn't just give you advice; the right one challenges you to do better and also opens up and expands your network possibilities. Whether you are fresh out of school and need someone to help you set off on a successful career path or you are already bit experienced in a path and intend switching careers these tips are to help you qualify the key factors your prospective mentor should possess. 1. Availability What use is a mentor that is so busy he can't reply your emails or even schedule a 20 minute phone call once in a while. Time is an important part of mentorship; anyone who accepts to mentor a younger, inexperienced person already understands the implication (he/she would have to give some time). So if someone is to be your mentor and rarely makes time to even listen to your questions and stuff you need to clear with him/her you are better off finding another mentor. Building Ngcareers as a start-up has been tough and would have been tougher without the mentor we have. Our Advisor (I think I prefer tha

3 Innovative Ways of Flaunting your Soft Skills in your Job Search Process

soft skilld Wondering what went wrong in that last job you applied, even though everything on the resume was up to the mark. Well, other than the experience and qualifications, there are other things that a recruiter looks for in a candidate and having the right soft skills is one of them. The following article talks about what the employers look out when they say soft skills and how can you flaunt your soft skills to the recruiter in a new, non-traditional and non-boring ways. Introduction Most of the job seekers add phrases like ‘hard working’, ‘has a positive attitude’ and ‘can learn quickly’ to their resumes and wonder why has the recruiter not called me yet? Well, the fact is today human screening of resumes is going down and a lot of employers have started using the applicant tracking system that only shortlists the resumes that have keywords that match the job description. This is the reason most of the resumes directly fall into the black hole. Today, rather than showing off your soft skills in an old traditional way that might land you nowhere, it is important that you show them off in a more concrete way. So, it is time to change the traditional way of selling yourself and enhancing your way of looking at a job search process. Innovation and uniqueness are the two factors definitely helping you out for the perfect job search. Interestingly yo

Mid Level and Senior Level Jobs Currently Open in Port Harcourt

If you are passively looking for better opportunities in Rivers state and more precisely Port Harcourt the oil city you be sure to always see daily new Port Harcourt jobs on Ngcareers. To day we have selected a few of the best open jobs you can find in Port Harcourt now. 1. Head IT and Systems A Newly privatized electricity distribution company, eager to recruit high quality and committed professionals interested in bringing their commitment, talent and focus to changing and developing the power sector in Nigeria. The position for Head of IT and Systems is for a seasoned professional with exceptional ability and grounded professional experience You can check out the job page here for details to Apply 2. Head, Regulatory & Compliance This is an experienced legal position for a professional who will be required to create and sustain effective relationships between the client organisation and the Government as well as participate in policy formulation and implementation within the organisation. See job details here 3. Head, Internal Audit Senior auditing position at an electricit